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  1. We remove them a lot and re-install the ones that don’t get the film put back on usually look like the front end got hit with a shotgun shell. The product I use is from xpel comes with 10 year warranty, will not stain from bugs all self healing etc.
  2. Here is my number (619)654-7441 give me a call tomorrow or whenever your ready and we can set something up for me to come out there and take care of it for you
  3. It depends on the coach I used a ceramic film on Lrs Moho and for his 40ft coach in that particular material runs $750. A non ceramic film is about $400ish for the same coach. Either one will still make a huge difference in comfort from having no tint on it at all.
  4. Message sent I’m not getting notifications from the site. Bw Willy I do windshields all the time, stay light and you will be ok 70% I run a 50% on my seasoned clients as well as my personal vehicles and Motorhome’s all have to be done makes a massive difference to the comfort when driving. I feel the visibility is better at night because it just knocks the glare down from other traffics headlights.
  5. The funco quality is top notch they built mine i wouldn’t use anyone else. Also leave the motor stock they are plenty fast enough stock. Do the mods like cage, tie rods, radius rods, bulk head etc to make it strong also have funco do the shocks their guy makes the car work killer offroad and in the dunes
  6. tintman

    GarageTown Arizona

    The one off enterprise place in chandler
  7. tintman

    GarageTown Arizona

    28ft x 90ft biggest unit by far asking $560k
  8. tintman

    GarageTown Arizona

    My good friend has one their that is for sale prime unit with ac and heat extra wide and deep.
  9. tintman


    2007 Special construction title. That motor would be a perfect match for this car Craig 🤘 thanks for the help buddy
  10. My wife and a few of her friends used a dr in Del Mar(I will have to get the name) very professional easy to work with only down fall is I want to see them way more then she wants to show them She and I were very happy with the work, they made them look proper to her body not fake I will get you the info if you want
  11. Have some buggy parts accumulated from a few sand cars I did this year full set of jet trim seats and full set of black crow padded harnesses $1500 full set of 17” champion wheels powdercoated black, Stu 12.50 fronts, 35.5 rears( ok shape hold air for about 3 weeks or so some chunks taken out of the paddles here and there from normal use) asking $2500 for the full set not looking to separate. Albins sequential shifter and cables for a tatum prerunner ($make offer) price is obo (619)654-7441

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