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  1. I have some 2" bolt on spacers if want to try them out. I used them on my car for a couple of years and they worked well Matt
  2. I check my part numbers... And I am safe...ish
  3. Lambro

    Heats On

    Cool. I will be there probably Friday to Sun. Where do you guys want to camp? I think gecko is still closed
  4. Lambro

    Heats On

    Anyone planning on going out for Memorial Day weekend?
  5. Here is Alpers shifter. Mine is set up for a PBS S4. He also has one for the Mendi S4. It was a huge improvement over the shifter that comes with the PBS
  6. I installed a t with a bleeder on top of the turning brake. Once I got the air out of that part of the system..Never had a problem
  7. The Weldon 1100 is super quiet, but it is not the best pump for e85. So I switched to the 2015-a... And that pump is ridiculously loud. I have heard good things about the holley pumps and I think they are alot more affordable then the weldons
  8. I have really good luck with Weldon pumps and regulators. You can call Weldon directly or Kinsler injection for help with exactly what you need. I also really like the large kinsler filter housings with the stainless filters. https://kinsler.com/Shop/ https://www.weldonracing.com/
  9. Dave was great to work with on my polished stainless 2" primaries for my Alper 439
  10. Lambro

    Heats On

    Is anyone interested in a full moon trip May 8-10?
  11. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FP5Q4ZZ/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_i_42dIEbHP079CS I used this one on my car. Worked well on my car in light rain. For anything more then that I use a heavy tarp also
  12. You see some guys running narrower wheels, not sure what the width they are using. Usually on really high hp cars.. Think it is a effort to get more forward bite
  13. Plenty of people run big tires with that setup. Ring and pinion will allegedly wear faster, but the only person I know that had issues is @tjZ06
  14. Seal beach, ca. text me Matt 562 254 4353

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