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  1. That would be awesome. Here is a video that has some cool footage of the car
  2. The only problem with that is the goosebox over hangs the ball by approximately 9”. You could just place something something there to help you line up. Rams bed cam is useless....Maybe the fords is better
  3. I have been using the goosebox for year now on my 44ft vortex and love it. Using a magnet stick with the ball makes hitching super easy
  4. I have some 2" bolt on spacers if want to try them out. I used them on my car for a couple of years and they worked well Matt
  5. I check my part numbers... And I am safe...ish
  6. Lambro

    Heats On

    Cool. I will be there probably Friday to Sun. Where do you guys want to camp? I think gecko is still closed
  7. Lambro

    Heats On

    Anyone planning on going out for Memorial Day weekend?
  8. Here is Alpers shifter. Mine is set up for a PBS S4. He also has one for the Mendi S4. It was a huge improvement over the shifter that comes with the PBS
  9. I installed a t with a bleeder on top of the turning brake. Once I got the air out of that part of the system..Never had a problem
  10. The Weldon 1100 is super quiet, but it is not the best pump for e85. So I switched to the 2015-a... And that pump is ridiculously loud. I have heard good things about the holley pumps and I think they are alot more affordable then the weldons
  11. I have really good luck with Weldon pumps and regulators. You can call Weldon directly or Kinsler injection for help with exactly what you need. I also really like the large kinsler filter housings with the stainless filters. https://kinsler.com/Shop/ https://www.weldonracing.com/
  12. Dave was great to work with on my polished stainless 2" primaries for my Alper 439
  13. Lambro

    Heats On

    Is anyone interested in a full moon trip May 8-10?

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