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  1. Lambro

    Wtb. WW CL4005 or CR3905

    It was in ok condition, but had two soft spots on the roof. Plus it didn't have a inverter and solar. By the time I updated and fixed everything the trailer didn't make sense. I will look at the ad again and let you know. Thank you
  2. Lambro

    Wtb. WW CL4005 or CR3905

    Looking for a WW CL4005 or CR3905 2008-09. Billet, cherry wood or distressed interior preferred Matt 562 254 4353 Text is best way to get ahold of me
  3. Lambro

    Wtb. WW CL4005 or CR3905

    Bump... Really don't want to buy a new trailer. Fingers crossed that something pops up
  4. Lambro

    Wtb. WW CL4005 or CR3905

    Yikes.. That trailer has been forsale for a while... So I am assuming something is really wrong
  5. Lambro

    Wtb. WW CL4005 or CR3905

    Going to look at that one Saturday
  6. Lambro

    Wtb. WW CL4005 or CR3905

    Lol.. Need 16' of storage or whatever you want to call it. I said garage because that trailer had a garage
  7. Lambro

    Wtb. WW CL4005 or CR3905

    Forgot to say I need at least 16' of garage
  8. Lambro

    Wtb. WW CL4005 or CR3905

    Bump or a 09 CR3905
  9. Lambro

    what oil to run in LS1

    I started running mobil 1 0-40 over a year ago in my 416 and now my 440. Oil temps dropped 20 deg and oil pressure stayed about the same. The best part is the oil is cheap at Costco and Wal-Mart.
  10. Lambro

    Large Stainless headers

    Procharger...ooohhh my
  11. Lambro


    Look for Acefuture. He did a thread about the rebuild of his desert dynamics
  12. Lambro

    Wtb bumper pull

    I am going to have a 2009 34' fswl billet forsale soon. Matt
  13. Lambro

    Wtb. WW CL4005 or CR3905

    Yup.. and I have just out grown it. Tired of playing Tetris to pack up
  14. Lambro

    934 CV talk

    X3 for Jason
  15. I have a set of LCA and 2" hollow spindles. Plus hardware Spindles need to be re welded. Sold Matt
  16. Lambro

    What tire pressure do you run ???

    This is what I run
  17. I have had good luck with Jason's high output alternators
  18. Lambro


    Get ahold of Jason Alper. 7022497572 Great guy to deal with. I have had two motors built by Jason and nothing but good stuff to say. Lots of people on this board have used him with great results
  19. Try taking a little out of the fronts. I run 8psi in my 35" baja pros. Also try moving some weight forward
  20. Lambro

    Throttle cable?

    Control cable in Santa fe Springs 15629490455
  21. Lambro

    2018 full moon rides

  22. Lambro

    2018 full moon rides

    Probably pad 3/5... Maybe wash 6 with Tony and Albert. Might try to get those guys to come over to the dark side
  23. Lambro

    2018 full moon rides

    We will be out April 27-29 Also planning on Memorial weekend
  24. Lambro

    2018 Summer upgrades on the Desert Dynamics

    I have a 416 with a Weldon 1100 -12 to the pump and -10 to the rails and regulator. This setup works and the pump is super quiet
  25. Lambro

    What motor 415, 425, 440 or LSA

    I second this Call Jason Alper for the motor build . A lot of board members have used him with great success. He can walk you through the pluses and minuses of each motor and cost

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