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  1. Lambro

    2012 Ram 3500

  2. Lambro

    2012 Ram 3500

    2012 Ram 3500 4x4 Laramie 6.7 Cummins 65k miles All the usually stuff in the Laramie package with sun roof 6" Carli unchained with 3.5 king front shocks and 3.0 king 4 tube bypasses rear shocks Carli front axle truss Carli sway bar Front king hydro bumps Custom long travel airlift airbags with a 5 gal air tank and individual bag control New Carli ball joints Thuren bumper with led lights Amp Power steps 4.10 gears Trailready bead locks 37" Toyo MT 5k miles on them Full delete. Also have all the parts to take it back to stock Afe cold air Heater grid delete H&s boost tube and intake elbow Arp head studs Mm3 tuner with a fresh custom tune from Dave Matthews Amsoil bypass oil filter system. Amsoil since first oil change Double deep trans pan 100w Kenwood race radio 2018/2019 glamis pass Upgraded new oem black projector head lights Just color matched and de badged Macs VersaTie track I am sure I am forgetting something $52k obo I have the title Possible trades 2016 or newer ram 3500 4x4 dually Laramie or better 2017 Ford f350 4x4 dually Lariat or better Matt 5six2 254 4363 Text is best I can send more pics of needed
  3. Lambro

    2012 Ram 3500

  4. Lambro

    Color Change Question

    If you do all the work yourself. It should cost +/-$4k including new heims and hardware If you pay someone +/- $10k. Tearing a car down is quick...putting it back together takes a lot of hours. Take lots of notes and pictures
  5. Lambro

    2012 Ram 3500

  6. Lambro

    2012 Ram 3500

  7. Lambro

    Tire pressure for wet sand

    17-14.50 dune sports #2 I run 16-17 dry and 20-21 wet
  8. Lambro

    Thanks for the help GD.

    *****Update. Ordered a new genesis Looking for a WW CL4005 or CR3905 2008-09. Billet, cherry wood or distressed interior preferred Matt
  9. Lambro

    Thanks for the help GD.

    I didn't even know what I wanted..lol.
  10. Lambro

    Funco tires what cut?

    #2 comp cut
  11. Lambro

    Thanks for the help GD.

    Couldn't find what I was looking for...Ordered a new genesis. Thanks for the help
  12. Lambro

    2012 Ram 3500

    Thank you guys. It is a shame that truck is so capable offroad and I just use it to drive back n forth to glamis
  13. Lambro

    Thanks for the help GD.

    It was in ok condition, but had two soft spots on the roof. Plus it didn't have a inverter and solar. By the time I updated and fixed everything the trailer didn't make sense. I will look at the ad again and let you know. Thank you
  14. Lambro

    Thanks for the help GD.

    Bump... Really don't want to buy a new trailer. Fingers crossed that something pops up
  15. Lambro

    Thanks for the help GD.

    Yikes.. That trailer has been forsale for a while... So I am assuming something is really wrong
  16. Lambro

    Thanks for the help GD.

    Going to look at that one Saturday
  17. Lambro

    Thanks for the help GD.

    Lol.. Need 16' of storage or whatever you want to call it. I said garage because that trailer had a garage
  18. Lambro

    Thanks for the help GD.

    Forgot to say I need at least 16' of garage
  19. Lambro

    Thanks for the help GD.

    Bump or a 09 CR3905
  20. Lambro

    what oil to run in LS1

    I started running mobil 1 0-40 over a year ago in my 416 and now my 440. Oil temps dropped 20 deg and oil pressure stayed about the same. The best part is the oil is cheap at Costco and Wal-Mart.
  21. Lambro

    Large Stainless headers

    Procharger...ooohhh my
  22. Lambro


    Look for Acefuture. He did a thread about the rebuild of his desert dynamics
  23. Lambro

    Wtb bumper pull

    I am going to have a 2009 34' fswl billet forsale soon. Matt
  24. Lambro

    Thanks for the help GD.

    Yup.. and I have just out grown it. Tired of playing Tetris to pack up

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