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  1. DanzKawi

    Pay It Forward

    55 gallon fuel drum to good home, come and get I live in O'side
  2. DanzKawi

    Lemon Law Expert Needed

    Any body out there know a good resourse for the lemon law rules.....
  3. DanzKawi

    Lemon Law Expert Needed

    Thanks, we have already talked with jeep and they are looking into it.... we shall see..
  4. DanzKawi

    Veterans Day Weekend

    Wash 5 the 8th thru who knows
  5. DanzKawi

    This Weekend ?

    We will be out sat am
  6. DanzKawi

    17th Annual Tony Gullotto Golf Tournament

    hell yea, Rob you know i will be there....great times, great cause and great people putting it on... text me if i can help with anything
  7. DanzKawi

    Chargers Did It

    killed the broncos
  8. DanzKawi

    The Masters

    Rory Maclroy
  9. Great idea, after watch it i think you need about 100 lbs.
  10. DanzKawi

    March 17th Thru The 24th Anyone Going?

    I'll be in wash 4.5 as well that weekend
  11. DanzKawi

    From The Bar/luau

    All of you put on a great time. Thank you so much
  12. DanzKawi

    Looking For Rv Parking

    rv spot i live in oceanside and work in mira loma. the comute is not that great and very costly im looking or a spot to put my moho. and stay a few days a week. campgrounds are not cost effective. any help would be apprieated
  13. DanzKawi

    Rv Wash

    We are storing at dunes edge and looking to wash moho.. any rv washes in brawley
  14. DanzKawi

    Remeber When

    great stuff ???? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. DanzKawi

    Ob's Bash Thread......

    That was some funny stuff right there
  16. DanzKawi

    Looking For A Comutter Car

    ttt still looking
  17. DanzKawi

    Looking For A Comutter Car

    Looking for a little car or small truck Have a 02 yamamha 426 and little cash either way
  18. DanzKawi

    Any Roofers Here

    Had a guy come look at my roof awhile ago, said i need a new one. well I dont have the money for new roof yet. but i need a small repair...for now it's leaking help......
  19. DanzKawi

    Any Roofers Here

    I just talked to him he is coming over tomorrow to look at it. thanks alot
  20. DanzKawi

    Spa Repair

    Any spa repair peeps on here, I have spoke to alot and nobody seems to want to follow thru... Please help
  21. DanzKawi

    Accident On S2 By Lake Henshaw

    .v. ex·tri·cat·ed, ex·tri·cat·ing, ex·tri·cates 1. To release from an entanglement or difficulty; disengage. Sorry if that was your humor or maybe driver was in pain excruciating [ɪkˈskruːʃɪˌeɪtɪŋ] adj 1. unbearably painful; agonizing 2. intense; extreme he took excruciating pains to do it well 3. Informal irritating; trying 4. Humorous very bad an excruciating pun Im thinking he wasn't trying to be humorous when talking about lifeflight helos...
  22. DanzKawi

    Coyote Issues Around Your House?

    So you're saying that if one cuts down all the trees on his property, the coyotes will be scared off by the television? No, he is saying "he" wouldn`t change the enviroment, but the guy before him can. You know, push the dirt around to make roads, build houses and the like so he can enjoy what is left behind.
  23. DanzKawi


    nice play calling nice defense a high school team is less predictable
  24. DanzKawi

    Glamis Dunes.com Flag

  25. DanzKawi

    Golf Tournament

    The real Motley Crue where are the pics I know there was a bunch taken

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