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  1. What type and weight engine oil are you using in that Honda ?
  2. So I’m looking to getting my car prepped and worked on for next season but his location closed in Mesa, Az . Is Glamis Fab the only place he has.
  3. I’ll take them if you make it out New Years weekend .
  4. So I was out this past weekend and man I felt like I was driving through train tracks on the sand. Maybe I was running to much tire pressure on my car. what tire pressure do you guys & gals run?
  5. Man awesome advise just what I was looking for . Thanks to everyone’s opinion time to get some fluids changed .
  6. I have a 3.5 Honda Engine , Ron Davis radiator and 002 bus trans . This is my 1st time changing fluids since the sand rail is new to me and don’t know what the previous owners used.. I need best advise from experiance on what brand/ weight oil ? The oil factory cap says 5w30. Which engine coolant ? I hear that Honda coolant is very corrosive to aluminum in the long run . Last what trans fluid on a 002 trans. I would appreciate your advise if you have similar set up

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