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  1. Steve, better have unlimited Jameo flowing for me, and a baby sitter.
  2. I’m thinking about going out this Sunday-Tuesday. Let know if you wanna meet up.
  3. I don’t have a Tatum, but a Desert Dynamics. I decided to push the engine back vs messing with the fuel cell. By doing this I needed new motor mounts, a new intake built, new headers/exhaust, new power steering lines, coolant lines, and a few fuel lines.
  4. Im running Tom Face headers with two of his small bullet mufflers. I had two into 1 at first, but I like how the duals sound. I'll try to upload some photos and sound clips this weekend. Pictures and video added. 9C9772E2-4511-4F75-8B06-8475D8EF9EB4.MOV
  5. Mine, Jason Noren @ JNF in Montclair.

    934 CV talk

    Thanks for all responses. Also a shout out to Jason from Alper answering all my questions on the phone.

    934 CV talk

    I gave them to a friend who had new stars, cages, and balls.

    934 CV talk

    Thanks for the kick ass response!

    934 CV talk

    I just want something that will last me with proper maintenance. Open ears here. Sounds good.
  10. So I have good news and bad news. I sold the Skat Traks due to me finding a great deal on some OMF beadlocks that had new STU tires on them. In order to purchase them, I had to move some money around so my wife wouldn't kill me. The good news, the guy that purchased them will be weighing them, and I'll relay the info back to this thread. I really wanted to try them out, but I didn't have the slush fund to play around. The only bummer is the guy is going to run them on his son's prerunner truck (454motorsports) and not a car. Maybe I'll grab another set later down the road to test them, but for now I'll be running the STU 36s.
  11. Well, I replaced my 2D with a S5, and after taking my CVs and axles off it looks like I need new 934's. This is my first car, so I've never had to deal with CVs in the past, and I have searched the forum. I've been told to run EMPI's, then told they are junk, told to run the Kartec race preped, but then to run the Lobro stock 934s. So I'm reaching out to you season vets for advice on this. My car is a heavier Desert Dynamics 1" 3/4 car with a CBM 383 and the S5 now.

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