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  1. Killer deal and keep the car!

    Looking for parts

    I have some 3.0x16 Fox bypasses.
  3. They tried to do that with me at first. After going back and fourth regarding the full size plate, they said I need to said I need to get a inspection, and I need to bring my vehicle in. After flirting with the lady for a little bit, I ended up not needing the inspection, and I got the full size plate. The only thing I messed up on is the value they placed on my car. They pulled up a old ad of a 80k DD car which was a lot nicer than mine at the time. Therefore, I had to pay more for my registration. This was after they handed me the big plate so I just wanted to get out before they changed their mind about waiving the inspection lol. This took place at the Phoenix MVD.

    06 DD

    When did you get this thing?! Bump!
  5. Your going to have better luck on RDC.
  6. Steve, better have unlimited Jameo flowing for me, and a baby sitter.
  7. I’m thinking about going out this Sunday-Tuesday. Let know if you wanna meet up.
  8. I don’t have a Tatum, but a Desert Dynamics. I decided to push the engine back vs messing with the fuel cell. By doing this I needed new motor mounts, a new intake built, new headers/exhaust, new power steering lines, coolant lines, and a few fuel lines.

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