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  1. Nothing new about that. He said the same thing about the US when 9/11 happened. Him and Billy Grahms daughter both got on TV and said we deserved it for letting god be removed from our schools, courthouses, etc. Blah Blah Blah. I always wanted to ask them about Pearl Harbor. That was as devastating back then as 9/11 was, and god was just about everywhere back then compared to where he is now. TV evangelicals have always given Christianity a bad name. IMHO
  2. My dad used to say, "Ok Hotshot, I'll show you what side your bread is buttered on...." It was my que to get lost
  3. A report I heard said that Florida law does not require it. Florida citizens have the choice, most of us don't....
  4. casaz

    Rv Length

    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that it is 65' here in AZ. Nevada is 75' That is IF I'm remembering well... On Edit, this was taken off the AZ Legislature webpage. 4. If the length of a semitrailer is more than fifty-three feet, the overall length of a truck tractor-semitrailer combination shall not exceed sixty-five feet on all highways, except for the national intercity truck route network designated by the United States secretary of transportation as required by the surface transportation assistance act of 1982 or on a system of highways that is designated by a local authority.
  5. It's easy, I think, to think conspiracy. Hopefully it's a lot of coincidences, but if it walks and talks like a duck ??? If it is true, it's gonna get really ugly. Just not quite sure what the average joe can do about it. Like some important guy once said, Control what a people read and hear and you will control what they think and do. Interesting info thanks for posting
  6. My wildest theory is that there is some ultra powerful secret society that is pulling ALL of the politician's strings. Not only did they put him in power, they are ensuring he stays in power. One plausible theory is that they want to destroy the US economy and gov't in order to advance a New World Order. I have a lot of "indications" of that type of thing happening, but no solid proof. SoCal, I at times "think" this could be happening. Google what David Rockefeller and New World order and it's pretty easy. The one thing I can't figure out is why? The only thing that makes America great is "our beliefs". Take away the freedoms and rights of the people who live here and their is NOTHING special about America. What would a New World Order achieve, if America is wiped out? Is the land we are sitting on really all that valuable? OK, we got some coal, and a little bit of oil, but a whole lot of beauty, such as our National Parks. I believe that one of americans greatest assets is our ability to come together in the face of REAL adversity, such as the days right after 9/11. If a New World Order really did try to take over America, I would hope the New World Order would see a unity it hasn't seen in a couple of generations. The old saying of Give me liberty or Give me death would truly be "awakened", hopefully. Like I said, I'm fearful you are correct, just asking?
  7. Wow, what a interesting article. Remember the cause of Argentina's fall, it was the LACK of it's government ability to pay back it's loans. We, AMERICA, have no money of our own, only the FAITH that we will go on... go on paying the interest on the money we owe. We are a debter nation. If the worlds "other money" loses faith in us, as they did with Argentina, they will pull out and there will nothing left to hold on to. Oil won't be worth anything if everything else has "crumbled" . Who needs gas if you have no job.... Look how far oil fell when it looked like we might go "over the cliff" just a few months back. Did anybody go to other parts of that website?
  8. Fantastic ! Great Vid, and the music was perfect, nice to hear something besides Angry beat my head against the floor stuff !!!
  9. I learned you can bust your A$$ your whole life and have it all taken away in less then 5 seconds because somebody takes their eyes off the road....
  10. I understand your frustration, along with everything else, (ie: glamis goers) the quality of "some" truckers has deteriorated. My nick name for THOSE truckers is, "trucker on speed". BUT most do have my respect. Most people have no perspective to how tuff their job really is. Remember, everything you see, touch, and use, came by truck... some how, some way! If trucks are pulled off the road, peeps would end up bein naked.... which could be good or bad, depending
  11. I had the same issue and called and they said NO ! I asked her if she was sure that was going to be "banks" official final answer. She hesitated and said, "Yes". I said thank you. and then sent customer service a request by email to remove the "Paid Late" and the Fee. The next day they replied with, "We have removed, as per your request. Please try not to do it again blah blah blah" The funny part, is I had just flat out forgot and missed it by one day and I told them that also, no excuses just a mistake, but it probably helped that I had never had a late payment before.
  12. been in flooring for 30 years. "coin" flooring requires a 2 part epoxy. Once the epoxy is set, you will not have anymore issues, guaranteed! Just make sure you roll it a few times while the epoxy is "setting" There is no way, a trailer manufacturer has anybody who actually knows what they are doing when it comes to this product. If you have talent with your hands, do your homework and buy the required epoxy and follow the directions exactly! Have them reimburse you for the cost of epoxy. Not all that hard if flooring is already cut to fit, just time consuming mixing, applying and waiting for the 'set'. Make sure to remove any excess BEFORE it set's !!!!!
  13. I bought a couple at Glamis beach store last year
  14. I have no prob putting REAL terrorist somewhere and training peeps to detain, just don't want to be LABELED a terrorist, just cus I think bama is a bozo That rex 84 thing is crazy, Never heard about that had aweirded out customer com in to the shop, his name is TRAPPER KILLSMANY. no bs even said it on his credit card. he starts tellin me about how the govt is purposely puttn us in a depression and will soon put chips in our hand as the new monetary system, those who refuse will be put in these camps. then he says read up on the rex 84 for more info so i looked it up.only read it for a little while but it is crazy. TRUE i dont know but very creepy Sounds like Revelations 13:17, gimminy crickets, I think I will go back to sticking my head in the sand... btw, I gots a friend who told me today that the government has over a hundred million plastic caskets to put all of us who are going to die from this swine flu thingy, cus he says, they can't afford to pay the boomers retirements... Said he's seen them with his own two eyes. I asked him how long it took him to count them. LOL but seriously, sure hope its all a bunch of hype. Or a HUGE misunderstanding
  15. I have no prob putting REAL terrorist somewhere and training peeps to detain, just don't want to be LABELED a terrorist, just cus I think bama is a bozo That rex 84 thing is crazy, Never heard about that

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