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  1. New CANAM X3 Turbo R Wheels & Tires. Have a total of 15 miles on them. Look Brand New. Includes hub caps. $600 760-803-0781
  2. I spend countless hours researching this. To summarize my findings, I could not find anyone to issue a policy over $50k. My advice is to take the $50k and be happy. I only keep liability insurance on my cars. It costs me ~$700 per year per car through Foremost.
  3. Hahaha, shit I thought this was Dune & Dirt. Whoops.
  4. I think you meant $40K! I just paid $33k for a used 2018 Can Am, but it has a lot more done to it than this and less than 1,500 miles.
  5. Haha I will refrain from petty acts! Pretty easy to find information on people these days... name is Dan Dworak and he owns Leigh Builders on Brea CA. Figured he would be a GD member. Can't wait to find him in the dunes and say hi.
  6. Was looking (last second before my trip) for a set of wheels and paddles for my new x3. Noticed this listing had the exact set I was looking for and he had a set of desert tires he could sell with the car instead of the paddles. Figured I would give it a shot and see if he would part ways with the padles and wheels, so I texted him. In summary, I got a call from Dan telling me how stupid I am (yelling multiple times), asking if I was from Vegas because I am so stupid... he went on and on yelling over the phone. Does anyone know Dan? I am amazed that someone is that rude to yell at someone offering them money (potentially more than they are worth) for something he had in a for sale add. I hope to see him in the dunes and I hope nobody buys this X3 from him.
  7. Looking to buy 32" skat-trak paddles (front and back) for my x3. Can be with wheels or without. Please text Reece: 760-803-0871 Thank you
  8. Looking to buy a 2018 - 2019 X3 or Turbo S (2 or 4 seat). Budget is flexible depending what you have. Can pick up in SoCal or Phoenix area.
  9. I hung upside down in a car before and was not able to get my belts off (conventional crow 5 point buckle) because of the weight on the sleeve all the belts slide on to. I was in the middle of the desert with nobody around. If I had a fire while being stuck, I would be dead today. With cam lock, this would have never happened In response to you comment about sand...
  10. I always wear a neck restraint when I am in the race car and in the dunes. I HIGHLY recommend you wear one for safety. If you wear one, you want to purchase belts that are compatible with this restraint. I run the new Impact 2' cam lock belts (highly recommend). Everyone on this forum thinks they know it all when it comes to safety and restraint systems, and everyone will give you different opinions. The best people to talk to are the professionals UPR. Give them a call, even if you don't plan to order from them. Restraint https://www.upr.com/series-182392-simpson-hybrid-sport.html Belts https://www.impactraceproducts.com/16_5_Camlock_Restraints_2inch_x_2inch_Formula_p/restraint-camlock-pro-2x2f.htm

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