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  1. 2005 Predator Sand Car For Sale (Fresh Fortin 5-Speed & Supercharged LS) Fresh Fortin 5 speed – Just refreshed by Fortin 2" hollows with rpb hubs and willwood brakes all 4 corners Redline ls1 with supercharger New rpb rack with electric steering Coilovers and bypass all 4 corners Fully prepped for season and ready to roll Full 5 seat car Suspension is dialed in runs like a caddy Posting for a friend that just bought a 2 seater Call or text Pete @ (858) 342-6551 $35K
  2. Reece

    WTB 33" Baja Pros

  3. Reece

    Skat Traks paddles for sand cars

    They appear pretty aggressive and hard on the transaxle. Also, I couldn't imagine they allow the car to slide like a STU. I could be wrong though!
  4. Reece

    Duners Diner

    Diner will be open the 26th. This sign was posted today.
  5. Sold to @GlamisGreengo
  6. Reece

    Momo Corse Steering Wheel

    Momo Corse Steering Wheel $120. I believe it is a 13.5". Took it off my buggy. In great shape.
  7. BFD Combo Spindles, Hubs, Rotors, & Tatum Calipers. $500
  8. Reece

    Gear indicators

    Nice! I just had one mounted on my dash
  9. Reece

    Gear indicators

    I highly recommend wiring the light source so it dims.
  10. Reece

    Sand rail Insurance

    Does Don Kent only write policies for CA? I currently have Foremost in AZ, but they will only cover me for liability. I do not have any theft, damage, or fire.
  11. Reece

    35x10x17 cst tires in the sand

    New S5 wont hold anything larger than a 33" with how hard I drive, and 33" rear tire will look awkward with a 12.5 front.
  12. Want to get some opinions... I run 10.5 x 17 sand tires unlimited razors, but think the tires look small on my car. I don't want to run 15" wheels and go to a 10.75 x15 because I like the look of the 17" wheels. Going to a 12.5 is not an option (look funky with a 33" rear). I ran across these 35x10x17 cst tires and was wondering how they would work and look if i shaved down everything on the tire except the singular tread in the middle. Do you think it will have enough bite compared to the razors? I know people like the Mickey Tompson tires in the sand, and I think this might be a similar setup, but a 17" wheel option. CST CH68 Tires -Reece
  13. Any finished pictures?
  14. Reece

    Video - Who can keep up!

    I had a few rzr's and a dirt bike behind me on this run. You were at the drags looking for victims.... BUT YES IT IS ON!!!
  15. My buddy just upgraded to 14.50 x 15 comp cut paddles on his bug. It has a 3.5l honda and ebox transaxle with deco case. Will that trans hold up with a comp cut paddle? Any recommendations to keep the trans alive?

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