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  1. Here it is in its new home.
  2. Reece

    Beadlocks w/Sand Viper II Wide 5 13.00-15

    Where are you located? Buddy is interested.
  3. Reece

    turbo Honda SOLD!!

    A buddy of mine would be interested in just the Turbo setup if you were willing to separate.
  4. Reece

    ATC70 Bent Frame Craigslist Caution

    Thanks for all the reply's! I went ahead and bought it.
  5. I went to buy this bike this morning as a project for $250, but when I got there I noticed the frame was bent right behind the coil mount. Looked like someone rode it into a brick wall. Just posting as a caution in case anyone saw it and was interested. Maybe you could cut the frame, lengthen it, and straighten it out... just wasn't worth my time. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/snw/d/honda-atc-70/6648131959.html
  6. Reece

    It's Saturday 7/7/18 What are you doing this weekend.

    I lived 1 mile from there last year. It gets hectic during the summer months.
  7. Thanks John. This car sat in my garage for about two years, and I am helping a friend finally sell it. It is a scary rocketship! Mike Mazzone drove it right after completion without the wheelie bar and almost looped it out. All wheels were off the ground.
  8. Who needs brakes? Those things just slow you down!
  9. If someone is looking for the ultimate dune car on a smooth day, then this is for you! It is truly a handful of power, and that is what makes it fun! Heck, if it were staying in my garage, I would turn up the boost and piss off some of the high dollar TT LS cars. Maybe John can comment on what this motor is capable of, because I honestly don't know. Subaru 6 cylinder 3.0 built by John at Outfront motor sports 750HP (Boost on a dial)Closed deckForged Pistons H beam rods Titanium retainers Racing head studs Stainless headersMoTec M600AiM MXL digital dashBBK performance throttle bodyCBR radiatorCBR intercoolerBall bearing turbo- not sure what sizeTiAL sport blow off valve Mendeola-MD4s transaxle 930 cvsSequential shifterFox piggyback coil overs front and backHowe performance power steering rackBaja designs lights PRP seats Chassis built by Mazzone sand cars $27,000 Located in Fallbrook call or txt if you want to set up a time to view it. Thanks Reece- 760-803-0871
  10. Reece

    ATC70 Cooler Rack

    I just bought this one for $95. I already have a small yeti that will fit too. I would have bought yours, but this one new was too good of a deal!
  11. Reece

    ATC70 Cooler Rack

  12. Reece

    ATC70 Cooler Rack

    Looking to purchase a rear cooler rack for my 70. Does anyone know where i can buy one?
  13. Reece

    Honda 70 and A+ frame

    I will have to sell mine and start over if you get a A+ lol
  14. Reece

    WTB Sequential Trans

    Call Dave McDowell 619-449-0996. He will probably know someone selling one. I just sold a refreshed S4 for $8,500!

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