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  1. Looking to buy a 2018 - 2019 X3 or Turbo S (2 or 4 seat). Budget is flexible depending what you have. Can pick up in SoCal or Phoenix area.
  2. I hung upside down in a car before and was not able to get my belts off (conventional crow 5 point buckle) because of the weight on the sleeve all the belts slide on to. I was in the middle of the desert with nobody around. If I had a fire while being stuck, I would be dead today. With cam lock, this would have never happened In response to you comment about sand...
  3. I always wear a neck restraint when I am in the race car and in the dunes. I HIGHLY recommend you wear one for safety. If you wear one, you want to purchase belts that are compatible with this restraint. I run the new Impact 2' cam lock belts (highly recommend). Everyone on this forum thinks they know it all when it comes to safety and restraint systems, and everyone will give you different opinions. The best people to talk to are the professionals UPR. Give them a call, even if you don't plan to order from them. Restraint https://www.upr.com/series-182392-simpson-hybrid-sport.html Belts https://www.impactraceproducts.com/16_5_Camlock_Restraints_2inch_x_2inch_Formula_p/restraint-camlock-pro-2x2f.htm
  5. I love that car, and both are amazing rides, but they are completely different beasts.... Billet spindles, boxed trailing arms, boxed lower arms, pro am hubs, new style S5, etc...
  6. Thank you! Lots of interest, but the car is still available!!!!!
  7. Yea, hard to believe i am letting it go. I will build another Alumicraft in the coming years. I have a guy coming to look at it tomorrow morning. It shouldn't last on the market long.
  8. I'll likely wait a little before building another car. Life is busy right now, so I will probably be in a SXS for the season.
  9. Thank you! It is a blast to drive. Perfectly balanced and tuned.
  10. 2 Seat Alumicraft prerunner for sale. It is a class 10 chassis, so it is perfect to take in the sand, prerunn, race, or drive to the supermarket (Arizona street legal). You could even replace the AEM computer and wiring with a factory harness to race 6200 (perfect car for that). This car really gives you the optionality to do whatever you want! The car was John Cooley’s (owner of Alumicraft) personal prerunner and previously had a chevy v6. I had the opportunity to purchase the car from John approx. 3 years ago and had Alumicraft install a LS3. Alumicraft is the only fabricator to touch this car. The car went straight to Mike Porter at Redline Performance for an AEM computer and harness. I put a big computer in the car to leave options open… potential to add boost or build the motor. I used the car for glamis trips and some prerunning of local races. I am OCD about preventative maintenance and never skip corners with prep. Last season I had Dave McDowell build me a brand new Weddle S5 transaxle and replaced all cv’s. As of last week, the back end of the car received a full prep... new heims, bushing, prep cv’s (with AGM cv savers), powder coat arms. The car is ready to run and serviced/maintained as if I would never sell it. I would love to keep the car, but need to focus on family and my career. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. The car is located in Fallbrook, CA. Details LS3 (LS376/525) – Came off Redline dyno at 444rwhp (approx. 600hp to crank). AEM Infinity computer with data logging Redline Performance harness Redline Performance tune Race wiring with Cannon plugs UPM airfilter Weddle S5 Transaxle (1 season) – 5 speed sequential with 4.63 R&P Digital gear indicator CBR Radiator & Oil Cooler Fox bypass and coil overs PROAM hubs with 2” hollows PROAM 934 Mid board Hubs (MS2000RN) Billet spindles HOWE Steering rack Storage compartment large enough for tools and large ice chest Parker Pumper New Optima battery Baja Designs lights Kenwood radio PCI intercom MPI Steering wheel with buttons Comes with a set of BFG projects on method wheels and sand tires unlimited paddles on 17” beadlock wheels & More
  11. OP right here. That's why I asked what I was missing about the asking price.
  12. That's why i'm so salty about the price. HAHA I really want a real A+, but don't want to pay that!

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