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  1. OP right here. That's why I asked what I was missing about the asking price.
  2. That's why i'm so salty about the price. HAHA I really want a real A+, but don't want to pay that!
  3. I think it is worth much more than $190, but $1.9K seems crazy. Is that really what they are worth?
  4. Alright guys, what am I missing here.
  5. What is your phone #? I am interested, if it is still available.
  6. I did it in my car last off season and could not be happier. I rebuilt and sold the old s4, and built a brand new s5. It is almost impossible to gear a s4 with duning gears and also have enough top end. I only have 444rwhp (mid-built ls3), but geared it very high (130mph) and the car still dunes great. In the sand my top speed is 119 and I am not sure what it is in the dirt. I expected to add horsepower in the future so I didn't want to run out of top end. I run to duners diner at +80mph the whole way and love having the top end. R&P. 4.63 1. 3.09 2. 2.14 3. 1.67 4. 1.32 5. 1.04
  7. Buggy Whips cost an arm and leg, but they are worth it. I broke three @safeglowhips.com whips before going to a Buggy Whip. https://www.buggywhip.com/
  8. Wish we never sold this car. The engine was all aluminum, built for +600hp, and coupled to a bad ass Porsche gear box.
  9. I used to get them at B&R buggy back when Garry used to own it. No clue who made them.
  10. Awesome cars. My father and I built a SV-16 together when I was growing up and later converted it to an SV-20. They dune very well and slide well given the rear a-arms. One thing that was a pain in the a** was the rear bushings. I had to replace them every other season. IMG_2671.MOV
  11. Yes, both were DWT 12" wide before narrowing. Cost to narrow them is $150 each (without powder coat), and typically takes a week or 2 to get done. You have to dismount the paddles for OMF. Contact Bones... OMF Performance Products, Inc. 8199 Mar Vista Ct. Riverside, CA 92504 P - 951-354-8272
  12. Letter late than never! I had OMF cut my wheels down to 10" wide and my dad had his cut down to 9.5". Mine are 17s and his are 15s. Both cars now fit in our trailer, look much better, and still slide in the dunes. Thank you OMF!
  13. Purchasing a Lowrance HDS 7 Carbon for my car and was wondering if there is anyway for it to display engine diagnostics from my AEM Infinity computer. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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