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  1. https://mnmoffroad.com/ Local Mom and pop shop in Santee that do great work. They have done my shocks and if you want a valve change they after they rebuild they will take care of you
  2. I did my 930's they faired a little better then with out cryo. Still had some minor pitting but I was running a supercharge LS through a PBS to them. I feel like the micro polish does more for the parts then the cryo
  3. I'm going out Ill be in wash 4. Yes looks like it will be wet AGAIN
  4. This I don't watch the news So I'm not worried about it. Lot O media hype out there
  5. Not sure what this trans issue everyone mentioned is all about and when you have this you dont need an alarm
  6. Great write up and comparison I put them on my Mid engine went from a blaster 33 #2 pro to the dunes sports on a 17 rim and love change. I have 15 rims up front and you can hardly tell
  7. If you are talking about my standard sand jack yes I still make them
  8. Try "I got a guy automotive" 535 N Quince St suite b, Escondido, CA 92025 (858) 432-305 3 guys that got tired of the BS at dealerships and started a great shop with great service and pricing
  9. what the weather like in Dumont in April?
  10. Hi thanks for reaching out. 6ft red with quick release is $100 each call or txt to coordinate pick up 858 692 7211
  11. I have a dual disk 9" Kennedy fly wheel and stage 3 clutch for a LS and a 2D I use 1 season I'd let go for $600 call or tx 858 692 7211
  12. Heading out presidents let me know if you want anything 858 692 7211
  13. I'm heading out for presidents call or txt if you are looking for some whipsandshyt 858 692 7211
  14. The is a guy in Utah called the @tiretuner on Instagram who might do it

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