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  1. jjoseph99

    Hand Made Led Whips

    I will be at the Sand sports swap meet this weekend Give me a call if you want me to bring something up for you. Thanks everyone for a great season Already looking for to the next one Jeff 858 692 7211
  2. Looking great Hondo. Are you doing the body work?
  3. jjoseph99

    Commuter car recommendations

    Buddy just bought a 2020 Corolla Hybrid for 22k OTD and he is getting 58mpg from LA to SD
  4. jjoseph99

    I got pummeled on Wednesday

    Goats are cool if they are nice. I have 11 goats 2 of them think they are dogs
  5. jjoseph99

    2d leaking into bell housing

    When I had the 2D it was this and the grove was deep. I may have the shaft laying around some where if I do I'll take a pic
  6. jjoseph99

    Best Jack to lift sandrail in the Dunes

    There is this option as well
  7. jjoseph99

    Sand Jack

    PM sent I'm in San Diego Thanks Jeff
  8. jjoseph99

    Graphic Warning! Seat belt injury

    WOW thats really from a seat belt????
  9. jjoseph99

    Identify this car?🤔

    The back cage kinda looks like a Tatum Mid eng
  10. jjoseph99

    New aluminum body by KATG Motorsports

    I like the orange and white. Everything else is to busy. KISS! (its and acronym bruh!!!!!)
  11. jjoseph99

    Buyer be aware of Acefuture

    He has helped me out on many occasions!!!! The nerve of this guy being true to his word !!!!!!
  12. jjoseph99


    He actually does a lot of Motorhome service so he good with the big diesels. The tech was a Ford tech before so he is really good with Fords. Tell him Jeff from Ramona sent you.
  13. jjoseph99


    My buddy owns a Shop in Tucson he has a great diesel Tech, Xpert Automotive on Oracle Rd (520) 818-1780
  14. jjoseph99

    New alignment plates I made

    I know a guy who has some of these laying around ..... just saying 😏
  15. jjoseph99

    Affordable Quality Tools

    Great post I love my Grey Pneumatic sockets. Have been using them for years and have all kinds wobble, magnetic, ect. I order mine from Tooltopia they have good deals on quality brand name and off brand stuff

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