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  1. I like his style. Stopping by the whips and Shyt table to by stuff is a great idea. I thinks Its on @Lil'Moni77 list of things as well See you all there
  2. Gearing up for the season and Ssss
  3. Can bring to the sand show
  4. Can bring to the sand show
  5. Can bring to the sand show
  6. Mac There is an old school Machinist that I use in Santee works out his Garage very reasonable prices and very good. Let me know if you want his number
  7. Therwas some pitting on the body's and stars. The cages looked great. But when I did the cryo and stuff I was preparing them for almost 600ft lbs and a 34" dune sport tire. They survive the season but I dont think I would have run them again if I didn't upgrade to 934s 20190609_183817.mp4
  8. Awesome glad it was a simple fix. With the Tach sometimes there are dip switches inside of it that tell it how many cylinders you have. May be worth a look
  9. I had a Honda that sounded like yours and I checked all the same stuff and came up empty. Then I check the timing marks and discover it was off a tooth. There are little windos in the timing cover, just line up the crank pulley to TDC and look through windows
  10. Mac if you want to drive to Ramona you can borrow mine

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