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  1. GM beautiful car Sir Congrats !!!
  2. Thats a great looking mount!!
  3. I heading out for Veterans weekend if anyone needs some #whipsandshyt Call or txt 858 692-7211. Thanks for everyone's support so far this season
  4. That awesome. Who's cam did you go with? Who injectors? My lsa is stock except for the 2.55 upper and 8.66 lower pulley, big injectors and E85. It made this on a Mustang dyno through a PBS sequential and 934s
  5. The Dune Sport on 17" rim is 34 to 34.5 in tall depending on air pressure. @RacecaRhere on the board can get them and I think Kartek has them just not on their site. All the big Funcos are running these. I'm also running a worn out set at 550 to the wheels they lack some bite but they slide amazing. I'm hoping a new set will have more bite
  6. There is another tire that a little taller than a 33. Dune Sport 14.50 on a 17" rim. Are you wanting more gearing? more bite? more slide?
  7. I thought only women did the FB Sheet was that my outside voice
  8. So it turns out that my whip are even Customer resistant. On the RZR the whips bent the tabs and stayed in 1 piece We have all been there and done that
  9. If it not listed here it will not pass inspection. https://ssl.arb.ca.gov/AftermarketParts/catalysts I did not see any listed for your vehicle which means you would have to get them from the dealer which is why its so expensive. Additionally there is no California compliant cat on the Magnaflow website for your vehicle. I'm not trying to be negative Nancy here just don't want to see you throw money at it and it still not pass

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