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  1. Never notice the wing on a Cadillac is also the third brake light! 🤯 <—mind blown
  2. Haven’t seen one of these in a long time. Almost looks like you wear it...
  3. It said 396 on the fender (as it passed me)
  4. Does it count if it’s at the dealership that I work for? I haven’t seen this color scheme on a Challenger yet, I thought it looked pretty good. P.S. it got here on a Friday and on Monday morning it was sold.
  5. The Polaris pic came out a little blurry because I have an IPhone 5 🙄, but there is a giant wing there. the Crossfire was just a pic of the movable mechanism.
  6. Anything new on this subject? would like to dump cox, wondering what the options are currently. Thanks for any updates.
  7. For some reason the kids like these

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