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  1. Molly I've been on a plane I've been in a car I've been in a truck i've stayed in a trailer I've been in the snow I've been where it's really hot I've been where it's really cold I’ve been on TV i've been in California I've been in Arizona I've been in Nebraska I've been in Colorado I've been to Missouri I've been in Iowa I've chased bunnies I've chased birds I've been chased by birds I've chased opossums Ive had a piece of a wild moose in my mouth I've played hide and seek in the woods with my mom and dad I always had a ton of toys I've been in a pool I've been in a lake I've been in the ocean I've been in a dirty pond I've had enemies I've had friends I've run around in traffic I've worn jackets I've worn sweaters I've worn silly outfits for holidays I've worn boots and shoes I've protected Dylan from a bully I've protected my mommy from a robber I’ve been loved
  2. I like #1, it’s got a moat 😀
  3. Mine was found through a routine physical at the doctors. I was feeling fine. Get a checkup once in a while, it’s for your own good (and your family) .
  4. Trying to redeem myself for the ugly Ferrari comment. This one is dead sexy
  5. I got to meat him at Olds hill a long time ago. I didn’t know who he was, just some nice guy covered in sand with duct tape on his goggles. Through the conversation, he told me he was the owner of Funco... surely he could afford a new set of goggles... (I’ve since learned what the duct tape was about). Super nice guy. My condolences to the George family.
  6. Ugly azz Ferrari. Never thought I’d say those words together but here it is.
  7. The doctor said there is a chance that I’ll go into remission, at this point we’ll talk about going off the medication. But that will be years at least.
  8. Here goes nothin’ So I had the bone marrow biopsy which is a treat - for those that are not squeamish, there are videos on YouTube. I just have to say, if anybody is going to have this done, make sure they are going to numb you up as much as possible. luckily (?) the CML level is as expected so I had to go to treatment class... huh? Aren’t I taking a pill? so I go to this class and the nurse has a big binder of a few different subjects like side effects of course and some personal care like diet and I have to stay away from Tylenol because it can be toxic with the medication I’m going to take. She ends the class at the in-house pharmacy where I get my meds. A quick look at the breakdown shows before insurance, this medication is $12,575.00 per month... that’s right! tonight will be the first dose. A little worried about the side effects but they are supposed to be low percentage. here goes nothin’
  9. I’m 50. I felt fine. My wife just worries, she said I’m getting old and need to go to the doctor more.
  10. So I hadn’t been to the dentist in a bout 3 years so my wife made me an appointment. It was on a Monday so I took the day off since I need to burn up some PTO. On the Friday before, my wife says, oh, I made you a doctors appointment also since I hadn’t been in a bout 4 years. The doctor visit was first, they took blood, felt my neck, listened to my heart and lungs and it all looked good. Went to the dentist and the lady scraped on my teeth, did the cleaning and no cavities. I was done by noon and I enjoyed the rest of my day off. 6:30 AM the next day the doctor office is on the phone with my wife saying there is an issue with my bloodwork and they’d like to send me to a specialist. When does a doctors office get back to you that quickly? They said my white blood count was high, it could be an infection, they need to see me to determine the cause. That was Tuesday morning and now I have an appointment at 2:30 that Friday. Has anybody gotten an appointment that quickly before? I try to stay positive through the week, I feel fine! Maybe they are being overly cautious, maybe there was a mistake? Friday comes, my wife picks me up from work to go to the appointment. We’re not going to the doctors office...we pull into the Nebraska Cancer Center... I feel like one of those people in those videos where they slip down a hill and they are desperately trying to stop themselves from falling...but here I go... My wife and I go into the examination room, I’m trying to stay strong on the outside. The doctor comes in, we talk then he pokes around my stomach. He told me what he was looking for but I can’t remember, all I could hear was “this can’t be happening to me” over and over in my head. He said whatever it was seamed fine... now it’s time for the reason I’m here. He starts talking about white blood cell levels and the different types, what they look for when they see certain patterns. I have leukemia. “There has just been one blood test could it be a mistake?” “No, a mistake wouldn’t hit all these markers.” The good news (???) is that it’s Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML), a slowly progressing cancer that should respond well to a pill treatment. The next step is a bone marrow biopsy to determine the true extent then make a treatment plan. What a difference a week makes. Even after the above, I consider myself lucky. I should be able to treat this with a pill, some people are worse off.
  11. That looks awesome. I’d follow the build thread if there was one. 😉
  12. Depends on how the law is written up. Maricopa County, Az has emission testing but other counties don’t. If you regularly drive into Maricopa County for work, you have to get and pass emissions testing. (At least that’s how it was when I lived there 10 years ago). Another law that will drive up cost to the consumer...some of which are California government agencies, like road maintenance crews and such I hope they looked at the big picture and didn’t just focus on “less emissions, this’ll be great for everybody”.
  13. Sounds like the road is at fault. It’s responsible for many bad accidents....

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