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  1. Some technical difficulties in the first match but the chicken is hilarious!
  2. I’ve often wondered this too. This year I went all aftermarket suspension. Next year full tube frame. Next year all aftermarket fiberglass body pats. The original car is gone now. im reminded of the race Banshees, maybe the trans case is from a Banshee? All the rest is custom/aftermarket.
  3. Am I a jerk if I say I like that second picture...
  4. Race car starter kit - wing and fender vents. Wheels and tires later...
  5. Does this count? A little mini wing on the roof...
  6. Factory wing but... I don’t know
  7. Saw this as I was leaving the Home Depot. Pretty clean especially since that is ice and snow all over the place.
  8. Let’s just screw this on here...
  9. I think he meant the gap in the railing
  10. A little E85 story I’m in Omaha and E85 is common. I had a brand new 2018 Ram with 6000 miles come into the shop with a CEL and hard start in the morning. Had lean codes, I checked the ethanol level in the fuel and it was in the 90% range...it was not a flex fuel vehicle. Informed the customer what the issue was and that it was his responsibility to pay the diag and the repair (if he chose to do so) and the guy explodes on the phone how he’s not paying and that’s under warranty ...good times, good times.
  11. I just went to the website and it does look like Tatum. The site even shows brake pistons alone. You might give them a call and just get what you need to fix that one.
  12. Ha! I went to google earth and it’s there! (41.2547038, -96.0252919) if you go to street view, you can see it also...
  13. Weird old delivery truck

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