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  1. You are clearly new to the sand car scene. You are supposed to put the extra CV's, axles, starters, tie rods and gear oil in the wing to allow you to wheelie on the smallest bump. Come on....get with it. It looks nice anyway.
  2. Vegas race for us this year. Haven't done Phoenix in years. Too hot for country folk.
  3. I know you have to use flux when you solder. Does that help?
  4. I can tell you from what I know Chris had trouble with his cup holder spilling his drink and Funco swooped in and added a sway bar and fixed the spilled drink issue. Again Funco to the rescue.
  5. $1.72 just east of Portland Oregon. Of coarse this is if you are trading in two beaver pelts and a buffalo skin at your local Costco.
  6. Sad for the family. It's been a few years since I took a drivers license test but I don't remember three lane changes between big trucks shown as a recommended practice. If you decide to take risks when driving then you have to accept the results of risky driving.
  7. Yep, I'd buy up Gecko land holdings then I'd grab a new Funco for me and all my friends. I'd then hire all the guys of the HP wars to service the Funcos between duning runs. Then....
  8. Not sure why I have three pics of the same ticket.??
  9. Just had fraud on my longtime Capitol One CC, the one that has the super chip. They said someone in Cal was using my card to buy stuff at a Nordstrom store and a couple hotel lobby stores?? I asked about it cause I haven't been down south in 6 months or so. The gal said it's common for thieves to just pick random numbers and see if they stick. They buy stuff not too expensive, like under $10 and see if it goes through. Then if it does they spread the number around the city fast and buy everything in sight till it gets flagged. Then they start the whole thing over again with new numbers. My thieves made 4 purchases over a couple days at various locations using just the numbers. They never had the card. Less than $40 total and Capitol One caught it with their algorithm. Funny thing is I had legitimate purchases inter laced in time with the thieves and Capitol still figured it out. Jedi stuff.

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