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  1. 2015 Yamaha YFZ 450R Special Edition in like new condition. All stock with less than 25 hours of ride time. Comes with a set of rear paddles. $5,600 OBO Located in Chandler, AZ - call or text Doug 480-231-1062
  2. I went with Toyo's on my DP and very happy with them at half the price of Michelin's.
  3. Dune Crew is at 10.5 and wherever we end up.
  4. Very cool - look forward to seeing other videos.
  5. I don't have any pictures of the filler neck or pump but the fill neck is flush mounted to the floor and inside of the fender well. I fill through the access door from the outside. The pump is a fill-rite RD8 kit purchased on amazon is mounted just behind the passenger side fender well with power to the front of the trailer. I put in an extra power cutoff switch as a precaution. For fuel output I used 3/4" threaded black pipe from the tank to the pump. In this tank my design was poor and has the drain on the bottom side of the tank so I do leave about 2 gallons in the tank unless I raise the driver side. I just added a 1/2" copper pick up tube angled down to pull from the bottom. Hopefully this helps get every last drop. The tank has 2 vents frenched in so they vent outside. In the first picture you can see the vents on each end. Hope that helps. Message me if need more info and I can take some pictures.
  6. I had a tank built for my trailer last year. A drum or mobile tank were options but I wanted to put the weight over the axles. I have about $750 total in the tank and pump. I wish I could have gone larger than 27 gallons but maybe another time I can add a second tank. The tank sits inside the trailer rails, has fill neck on the driver side (inside trailer) and pump mounted behind fender well.
  7. I prefer thumb on ATC/ ATV and Twist on bikes
  8. No regrets, started as a kid on a Honda 200 and tent camping so have seen plenty of change and dropped a lot of coin over 30+ years. Have had a blast meeting new people and seeing all the changes in the equipment. As our original group has changed many times over the years so many of the little kids from the past continue as adults. The memories we have made will last forever.
  9. Thanks - that means dune season is just around the corner

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