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  1. t-tate

    Pool Deck

    http://www.wrmeadows.com/wrm00157a.htm I believe White Cap is a dealer in SD. If not call WR Meadows and ask who carries it in SD. http://www.wrmeadows.com/
  2. Thanks Bill . I've been away from the Glamis scene for a little while but I do still check in here every now and then. I apreciate the nomination but there are definitely a whole lot more people more desrving then myself. This board is filled with a bunch good hearted down to earth people who go out of thier way on a regular basis to help out a fellow duner. I am not at all suprised that this thread has done so well over the years.
  3. I predict. 20% of the people on this board will lose their job in the next 4 years because their employer can no longer afford them. Many of us will be forced to find and use new doctors under our shitty new plans. Tension between Isreal and Palestine will grow to an all time high and create more kaos in that region. Just a few of mine --lets hear yours. Nothing like being optimistic on November 5th
  4. Wow, pretty sad that the only place I've heard this is GD but then again all the best finds come from this site.Unfortanately all these late breaking scandals and facts don't get the coverage they deserve and are probably all a little to late. I still can not believe these polls as 9 of 10 people I talk to every day are voting McCain. My list grows bigger by the day of Celebrities, Athletes and Musicians who I despise and will no longer support or buy their product. That is going to be tough because it seems to be most of them which I quite don't understand as they all make well over 250k a year.
  5. Then keep your word and pay it back. Quite looking for a way out so that you can maintain the lifestyle that apparently you can't afford. Sell your shiat and learn what sacrafice really is. Eff that. Why shouldnt the little guy get a bailout too? Just because people are paying on time and doing what they have to do they dont get jack?? Nope the big wall st guys get a handout and a golden parachute?? Eff that. Take what you can get from the big companies. They would roll the little guy in a second to make a buck. Eff that--Wheres the handout for those of us that have that have lived within our means. For to many years I have been watching people who make half of what i do live in a house twice as nice and drive cars I could only dream of. The only handout we get is to keep our sh*t we worked so hard for at half its original value.
  6. It says $7900 assembled but that is probably not OTD--More like $8400 after tax. I paid $9400 OTD for the Rhino so I'm not really seeing how this is such a great deal. After you factor in resale are you really saving anything? Not trying to be negative and maybe I am missing something or stating the wrong facts. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. I would like to think that I would make the right choice if ever in that situation. You hear allot of people say hell yea without a doubt but my question is how many could actually do it. Trained professionals have been known to freeze up, panic or just plain miss. The majority of us don't have this on our mind 24/7 like an officer or soldier so that makes us a million times less prepared.
  8. Good Luck in the Hunt Doug. My one and only time dealing with you was enough to know your a true professional and would be an asset to anyone.
  9. I'm guessing its gonna be a bust as well.75% of Glamis people are family people and thier spouses and kids enjoy it as much as they do.This flyer looks like a bachelor party for flat billers.
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  13. Congrats,looks real nice and should be a fun ride.

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