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  1. cudabnu

    People that are too lazy to work

    It was very well said!
  2. cudabnu

    How About Some Gun Porn

    AZ gun Porn is like Playboy/Hustler CA gun porn is like National Geographic
  3. cudabnu

    3D Gun Printing Files?

    The Libtards will find a way now to make 3-D printing illegal, or put high tariffs on imported 3-D printers
  4. cudabnu

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    On my way in to work this morning. Anti lock brakes do you NO good if the guy behind you doesn't have them!
  5. cudabnu

    Caption contest

    Can almost reach the screw I dropped down there!
  6. cudabnu

    WTB 30-32' Class A

    What size lcd did you put in the front? I measured about 28" between the 2 side panels doors
  7. cudabnu

    WTB 30-32' Class A

    What upgrades do you guys suggest? This is our first motorhome. Already have on order 200w solar kit, and upgraded rearview camera kit. Is it worth it to upgrade to an electric awning? Also want to put in lcd tvs.
  8. cudabnu

    WTB 30-32' Class A

  9. cudabnu

    WTB 30-32' Class A

    Having it detailed tomorrow
  10. cudabnu

    WTB 30-32' Class A

  11. cudabnu

    WTB 30-32' Class A

    Bought a 2002 Fleetwood Bounder 33R Saturday!
  12. cudabnu

    WTB 30-32' Class A

    Have about $15K cash for a 2000 or newer Class A 30-32 ft , hopefully dual slides on a workhorse Chassis. Missed a few on craigslist in the 13-14K range. If you know anyone selling let me know. Up in Ventura County, but have family in Oregon and Mesa AZ so have been searching those areas too.
  13. cudabnu

    Calif Vanity Plates, lets see?

    The CUDABNU used to be on my 70 Cuda
  14. cudabnu

    Stormy Daniels

    Does she know what Non-Disclosure means? maybe Trump should have gone for a "gag" order, but i'm sure Stormy doesn't "gag" either!
  15. cudabnu

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    Look at the shadow under the car and then under the trailer, appears the sun is at 2 different angles

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