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  1. What's up with the HID lights?

    1. pennywise


      I still have them 

    2. The only Batman
  2. I think those people that feel driving that fast is unsafe are those that are stuck in states that require you to only be able to drive 55
  3. Well maybe the sun had nothing to do with mine blowing, maybe it was simply because they were Carlisle tires. Next year we will see how the Goodyear's hold up.
  4. Sounds like a loaded question. Your assumption is that he's doing it in a reckless manner in traffic or something. Could it be he's doing that speed with a completely open unobstructed highway? If the tires are speed and load rated for that is that still reckless or just something you or I wouldn't do? Just ssyin'
  5. Ya, that's hardly a draw back in my book if I am getting more life from them
  6. Thanks for the info, seriously, I have 15" and like I said in the other post, I was never able to get 3yrs out of any tire
  7. No shit? That's awesome!! I am in Havasu so very similar conditions. I have got to give them a try next time. If I got 3 seasons I would be very happy no doubt
  8. I had the same thing happen.... Both of my tires that blew just so happen to be the ones that are in the sun during the hottest parts of the day. I never noticed dry rot, but the tire guy said by the time you see it, it is already too late
  9. agreed, but it did sound like a pretty nifty idea IF it really worked. LoL
  10. I believe I did read that but of course it was after the fact right. LOL actually bought them beginning of last year.. I'm glad I only put one on for sure then since it's not going to be worth my time to put more than the one on
  11. You know I wish I would have known that before I bought them......lol another board member told me the same thing. Obviously I can't speak to their effectiveness cuz I was just putting them on, and I ended up doing just one side because they're such a pain in the ass on the 930 s. I kind of chaulked ot off to doing my own test. I'm going to go out this coming weekend so when I get back I'll pull them apart and see you know how they look compared to the side that I didn't use them. BUT, it's going to take a high degree of bitchin'ness for me to go through installing them again....lol I get it, it makes sense in theory, but I'm already suspicious and I predict that they're going to leak through the splines on the axle because there's no way to close that off Oh well....lol.

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