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  1. D-E Insight

    Marked Motorsports

    Anyone have any experiences with Marked Motorsports ? I saw where they use to have a Honda J32/J35 to GM auto trans adapter ....... but now its discontinued. Was it a bad design ? Did they just not sell many of them and quit making them ? Thanks guys D-E
  2. D-E Insight

    Honda 3.5 Ecm And Harness

    Hey Fourty-Four , good choice on the Honda !! I can say Kraut n Rice is a really nice guy . I ran some ideas I had ( J35 RWD 57 Truck project ) I'm working on ....... He replied even though it wasn't sand rail related !!! Take care..... D-E
  3. D-E Insight

    Aem Fic6

    Thanks Guys for all the input !!!!!!
  4. D-E Insight

    Aem Fic6

    Hey guys Happy Easter We have a J35 A1..... we've got our hands on a super charger from a ford lightning and were thinking about using the AEM fic 6 . It can pull timing / advance timing , adjust injector pulse width etc.... this looks like a 'good' option for 6PSI ...... Just looking to see if anyone has had any dealings/ experiences with this unit . Thanks !!!! D-E
  5. D-E Insight

    Honda 3.0(j30a1)-3.5(j35a4?)

    WOW Hookah B That is some SICK numbers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very NICE !!!
  6. D-E Insight

    Honda 3.0(j30a1)-3.5(j35a4?)

    Hey oneqk67bug , think We can help you with this one ...... You can't use J30ecu but you can use the J30 harness with a J32 and J35 you just have to add a few wires ..... knock sensor , coil packs .... because you have a distributor . I have seen people turbo a J30 and get around 300hp..... But if you go J35A4 it's around 260hp right out of the box ... I have also heard a J35A1 is better for boosting because it has a little lower compression. There is a guy on here with a J35 I believe it's an A4 with 6 Lbs of boost with a dyno run 348 whp .... That's super awesome #s to me !!!! But ... Hopefully the B-Man... Brandon will see this and give his advice . He seems to be a really cool guy !!! Hope this helped some ..... D-E
  7. D-E Insight

    Great Obd2 Scanner

    Never thought about looking there ...... some of the stuff they sell is legit ..... other stuff well , it's just junk . Thanks for letting us know it works well !!
  8. D-E Insight

    Great Obd2 Scanner

    Wow !!!! That's Awesome !!!!!
  9. D-E Insight

    Great Obd2 Scanner

    Damn !!!! I hope it came with a free sandrail !!!!! lol
  10. D-E Insight

    Great Obd2 Scanner

    Ooops ..... found it on Amazon ...
  11. D-E Insight

    Great Obd2 Scanner

    Just wanted to share ..... We ended up buying an Innova OBD2 3040 Scanner with Live Data and it works GREAT !!!!!!!! The live data part is awesome !!! It was $79.00 this scanner usually is around $120 in stores. Just wanted to share this find with everyone ......... D-E
  12. D-E Insight

    Which Honda Ecu

    I have both .... 99 Acura TL ecu and a 99 Odyssey ecu .... which would have the better base map and over all best performance ? Thanks Guys
  13. D-E Insight

    Cutting Down Axles

    Yes sir We are 1st off We'd like to say WOW !!!! You guys have built some AMAZING sand rails !!!! Also the members here are really great !! Well Mr Flip- Flop we have a pretty cool project going . We have a 57 Chevy Truck with a Honda J35 V6 . We built an adapter plate to mate the J35 with a Borg warner t-5 5speed. It is currently bolted into place with driveshaft installed too !!! We're going to be starting the "wiring" shortly . Another project we finished was a 2004 Insight with a B16A swap . A/C works too . Need to update with a new video ..... The speedometer was off 12 mph ..." Our B16 Insight" You Tube D-E
  14. That is SICK !!!!!!!! Love Your Sand rail , that's super NICE !!!!

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