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  1. I hope it is only broke .1% of the time, but I do not have the greatest track record. 9 day long trips can be hard on the gear.
  2. Most of my group is in SxS's so I will be using mine when they insist on going on rides in the small stuff. A couple of my riding buddies like to ride their SxS's more like a sand car anyway, so on their rides the sand car will be perfect.
  3. No one needs that many straws! Was there a waiting period?
  4. I have both, and will be bringing both to the dunes next year. You know, in case I wad something up...
  5. Just don't play too loud, I don't want you drowning out all the Ranchera and Mariachi music in the washes.
  6. A little USPSA match at Rio Salado, a few beers, and set up the new patio furniture before a refreshing dip in the pool. Great Saturday funday.
  7. The steering wheel did look like a fiberglass clipboard. That engine in a rail though...
  8. Come on, tell me you saw the sarcasm in his post.
  9. I used the rinse version of Nu-Calgon on a plugged up radiator in my SxS. That stuff worked awesome, so I bet it would work well for its intended purpose in the A/C world.
  10. Thank God you posted that, thought it was just me and that I might be turning ghey. 🏳️‍🌈
  11. State Farm did a new policy for my new to me buggy. I think they had a 6 liter or 600 HP cap, but they did not ask for a dyno sheet.
  12. I would agree if it was winter, but I prefer it not to be baking in July and August. I guess if I dont find one, in the yard it will sit.

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