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  1. We are at wash 13 with a can am  looking for a group  to ride with   Alex and. Vicki

  2. I am in wash 6 since yesterday. Beautiful out here. Most of my group canceled, but flip flop is here so I will be staying through Sunday even if all the others cancel. Beats being stuck in the house.
  3. A friend in CA had it early on. She was exposed to a large gathering of Chinese in San Francisco. One of my wife's friends had a good friend that died from it again in the bay area. Other than that, I do not know of any.
  4. Just tell them you are ghost camping and it will all be OK.
  5. Getting the car ready for some isolation in Glamis next week. Will be there Wednesday thru Sunday.
  6. That looks like crazy fun.
  7. Very nice car.
  8. Congrats to you and your family. Love your spread!
  9. I have a buddy that lives in Laguna Beach. He shoots CB shots in his house into a stack of phone books while cranking Death Metal music to cover up the noise. Edit to add... Do not do the suppressor in CA. They are Federally regulated and always illegal in CA without some very specific permits. If you want a "solvent trap" for TEOTWAWKI get one but do not use it until there is absolute breakdown of society.
  10. Not my best showing by a long shot. I discovered new and exciting ways to screw up a stage. I had a gun malfunction that wrecked one stage, I wore the wrong shooting glasses on another (I wear uncorrected for shotgun and corrected for pistol so I can see the sights. Seeing the sights on pistol is important ...) I miscounted during a shotgun stage and ran out getting a 15 second penalty added to my 47 second run. Used my 200 yard scope line on 500 yard targets and wondered why I was missing the shots. Finally figured that out and had to contend with swirling wind. I did step on the podium, but only after the winners were long gone, LOL. Was one of the most fun and most challenging matches I have ever shot. It was my first major 3 gun match and exposed several weaknesses I need to work on.
  11. Shot the Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun match at Rio Salado Gun Club. One of the biggest 3-gun matches in the country. Had a great time over 11 challenging stages. Over 100 shooters dropped out due to Corona concerns. Figure I will know in 2 weeks if I chose poorly or not. Trying to decide if I am going to Glamis next weekend or the weekend after.

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