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  1. Kat-A-Tonic

    Shout out to Sausage450r - Why I love this place

    Matt made the same offer for me, although in my case I only had a six hour drive. The important question is did you get the rail?
  2. Kat-A-Tonic

    SU Mid-Engine

    Thanks, I just need to learn to drive the car and not wad it up on the first trip. I am used to a SxS that makes extra noise when you smash the gas and maybe a little extra power.
  3. Kat-A-Tonic

    Where to buy a rail?

    Mission accomplished!
  4. Kat-A-Tonic

    SU Mid-Engine

    I believe it was.
  5. Kat-A-Tonic

    SU Mid-Engine

    Thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for and more. Glad I passed on a car a few weeks ago that I really considered. I would be in the process of selling it had I bought it.
  6. Kat-A-Tonic

    SU Mid-Engine

    It was great meeting you today Dave, cant wait to pick her up!
  7. Kat-A-Tonic

    SU Mid-Engine

  8. Kat-A-Tonic

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    Hit up the dealers in Casa Grande and Prescott. I was offered a killer OTD price on a 19 XRS Max through a buddy but have decided to keep looking for the rail I really want. I have heard from others that they will deal.
  9. Kat-A-Tonic

    Plastic welding water tank

    Yup, I built and installed all new frame brackets as they were bent and or broken. I also installed thicker tubes to support the tank and added a few extra tubes. Good to do when the tank is out getting repaired.
  10. Kat-A-Tonic

    Plastic welding water tank

    MGM/FRP fixed mine 2 years ago and it has been perfect!
  11. Kat-A-Tonic

    So did it rain last night?

    Well, did the dunes get some more un-needed moisture?
  12. Kat-A-Tonic

    Sweet Marie’s

    I think it is or was 760-996-6918
  13. Kat-A-Tonic

    Where do you get fuel at Glamis?

    From the South dunes, I go to Yuma. The fuel is cheaper and I figure CA got enough of my tax money the 55 years I lived there. From Glamis, Brawley makes the most sense and I usually go to Kennedy's and get some carne asada to throw on the grille.
  14. Kat-A-Tonic

    I cant believe the flood of sandrail sales!

    Front end is not rigid, it has almost horizontal shocks that are actuated with that frame attached to the lower arm. Not sure how it all works though.
  15. Kat-A-Tonic

    Sand car pre-purchase inspection.

    There are several things that I do not like about it that would take a decent amount of money to change to my liking.

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