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  1. Kat-A-Tonic

    This is cool

    Tight machining tolerances?
  2. Kat-A-Tonic

    Towing with Gas powered truck

    My 26 foot bumper pull is about 10,000 fully loaded and I pull it fine with a 2013 F150 with the V8. Truck has load hitch and air bags and has towed this trailer on several 2000 mile trips without issues. E rated tires on truck and trailer helped with sway and I have not had a trailer flat since I ditched the D rated trailer tires.
  3. Kat-A-Tonic

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    Yee yee, Sand Diva got it!!!
  4. Kat-A-Tonic

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    If you need a second opinion in your "research" I do live in the valley...
  5. Kat-A-Tonic

    Bought my First Sand Car

    Welcome to the buggy club, I just recently joined as well. Amplified makes a nice car. Congrats on your car!
  6. Kat-A-Tonic

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    Maybe Yarder should do some "research" at a few of the "Gentlemans" clubs. Find the best ones in all the local clubs and see who she had as a doctor. It might take a while to do thorough research...
  7. Kat-A-Tonic

    Its Saturday 4/20/19 What are you doing this weekend?

    Heading out to a USPSA match with my Ruger PC9 Carbine at Rio Salado Gun Club. Swimming and beers when the shooting is done.
  8. Kat-A-Tonic

    .38 Police Special

    Really cool blaster you have there. Great that it is still with it original family. I have a few S&W revolvers, but they are all newer ones that I shoot in competition.
  9. Kat-A-Tonic

    RIP Schwinn

    Just finished reading his story. So sad the hear. RIP duner.
  10. Kat-A-Tonic

    CNC Closed

    It probably comes down to what is their name worth to them. Once you have sold something, you have no control of what the new owners do to the business including the name. If there is not a lot of value in the machinery and any patents, the business probably does have little value other than the name. I have no idea what someone is willing to forgo monetarily to keep their good name after 34 years.
  11. Kat-A-Tonic

    Shitbag that tries to steal my F250

    I think they are used to smuggle crap from Mexico into the US. Scumbags tried to get my 2004 F250 when I had to stay in Tucson one night. They got about 50 yards before they figured out that the throttle was disconnected. Found the truck the next morning idling with the doors open and the hood up stuck on a slight incline.
  12. Kat-A-Tonic

    Crazy things you see in Glamis

    That first guy might have saved it if he had stayed off the brakes.
  13. Kat-A-Tonic

    Hi-cap mags in CA

    A real revolver shooter grinds off the hammer spur. No single action, ever...
  14. Kat-A-Tonic

    Ca and Az Vehicle registration and insurance

    I had all my stuff registered in AZ when I had houses in both states. There was only about a 7 month overlap as I intended to get completely out of CA ASAP. I know my father had his stuff all registered out of CA when he was part time in two states. He never had an issue, but he was less than 6 months in CA every year.
  15. Kat-A-Tonic

    Sand Sport Super Show 2006 Pictures

    Those pics were awesome, sorry I missed out on the HELOC glory days. Anyone have pics of the SU booth from that show?

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