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  1. EFF that entire family. Scum bag had it coming.
  2. Curt made the hitch on my super C. It is 20,000 rated, I would check with them.
  3. I was helping a guy trouble shoot his electrical issue in the dunes once. His ground had so many connectors attached that the nut literally had one stinking thread engaged. Turns out, that was not the worst thing I saw.
  4. Arizona gets paid to take excess of CA's grid. I kid you not.
  5. I will be with my group in 22, but could lead some rides.
  6. Very generous Steve. I will be there the entire week and could lead them on some rides. I should have my SxS and sand car there.
  7. Great write up and pictures, thanks for posting them all.
  8. Most guys do not do air travel with enough stuff to camp for any length of time. Yeah, I have slept on the ground in the dunes and just had an ice chest, but those days are long gone for me. I like washing the sand out of my crack and having a roof over my head.
  9. Yup, saw one completely flat out in Glamis when they first came out. I think they were one of the worst stock cages on the early years.
  10. Are you just going for one day? If not, you will also need to figure out if you are going to stay in town, or rent a trailer. Do not wait on booking the trailer rental either as you could end up in a really clapped out rig. You also should probably hook up with someone that knows Glamis well. It is not the place to just jump in a SxS and start tearing around with no idea where you are or what you are doing. My group will be out there, but we camp in wash 22 for Thanksgiving and I do not think the trailer rental guys deliver that far out. I am sure you can probably find someone on this forum to help with where to camp if that is what your plan is.
  11. Where is it shown to be over 65 feet allowed? I only found this when searching length in AZ. 28-1095. Vehicle length; exceptions; permits; rules; definitions A. A vehicle, including any load on the vehicle, shall not exceed a length of forty feet extreme overall dimension, including front and rear bumpers. This subsection does not apply to any of the following: 1. A semitrailer when used in combination with a truck or a truck tractor. 2. A truck that is equipped with a conveyor bed, that is used solely as a fiber and forage module mover and that does not exceed forty-eight feet in length. 3. An articulated bus or articulated trolley coach that does not exceed a length of sixty feet. 4. A bus that is not articulated and that does not exceed a length of forty-five feet. 5. A recreational vehicle, a power unit, a farm vehicle, a horse trailer or wheeled equipment as defined in section 28-2153 if used in combination with two units and if the combination does not exceed sixty-five feet in length. 6. A recreational vehicle as defined in section 41-2142, paragraph 30, subdivision (b) that does not exceed a length of forty-five feet. My other problem is that Glamis is in CA, and I for sure do not need the headache of getting caught and told to drop my trailer and have someone else pick it up. Not a likely outcome, but it would totally suck if it did happen.
  12. 99% sure that is also the case in AZ. I just passed on the perfect trailer that would have put me at 73 feet.

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