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  1. Figured I would update now that the project is almost done. I ended up trying to drill them myself since I had a lightly used bushing to try it on. As I figured, even though I too great care setting up the drill press and vise, it was just not quite up to the task. The bushings were hardened and even a cobalt drill with copious amounts of cutting fluid struggled. Once going, it cut pretty well, but eventually got off course enough to bind up the drill press. I ended up using a machine shop in Mesa to drill them out. He confirmed that they were hard, but carbide and a good lathe had no issues. He charged me $50 to do all four and got them done the next day which was awesome. I enlarged the bolts to 1/2" grade 8 from 12 mm grade 10.9 and no longer have any threads in the shear planes. I was also able to torque the bolts more, so everything should pivot like it should and not move around. Thanks for all the advise, GD rocks!
  2. I don't see an issue. I have seen people jump on our rides pretty often. Depends on the mood of the leader and the skills of the jumpers as to how long they stay. I have seen Andy really get after it when we get joined. I have joined several rides, especially when I am out by myself.
  3. Mac, you should follow shark sometime in your rail on a fast ride. I guarantee you will have a great time even in the smaller stuff. Just do not follow him back to camp if he is using GPS, LOL.
  4. That is awesome that you guys are going to get to build it together and save it.
  5. Not really sure if Mark (Batman themed Sand Limo) was a member here, but that guy could lead a ride. I was on rides with him that had 5 or more buggys, 15 SxS's, 5 quads and 4 bikes that just flowed through the dunes like a giant sidewinder. He would even lead epic rides in 35 MPH winds with no tracks to follow. Sadly, he is shredding the big dunes in the sky. As far as SxS ride leaders go I vote Sand Shark for his ability to lead a ride that travels 2 miles as the crow flies but puts 20 miles on the car on a really great line. Hope he does not get a big head. Our buddy Andy just flat hauls the mail when leading, and even pulls it off on epic night rides.
  6. Yeah, 1:00 in Late May you might as well drive with your eyes closed. There are almost never any tracks either. It was fun right up to where it wasn't.
  7. I have a buddy that gives me shit because I have rolled or endoed 3 times in the dunes. Thing is, I was leading every time, and two of those were in the high sun of late season. He has also rolled or endoed 3 times, but he was following. He somehow thinks that makes us even, LOL. I have followed some really great ride leaders in Glamis, and they are few and far between.
  8. Anyone with the name Flip-Flop really does not need to explain, LOL.
  9. Oh, he was a scum bag, but so were his customers. Who benefits the most from his silence.
  10. The loudest ahole in the room is seldom the biggest threat. Who among us is not on some list?

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