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  1. Sounds like a CA issue. I was always more than happy to lie like a dog when buying or selling used vehicles in CA. Starve the beast. Never got caught. You would not believe the vehicles I bought for $500 from private parties in CA. No longer worry about that bullshit.
  2. I have a 2016 Dynamax DX3 37TS that I bought used last year. I wish it had the overhead bunk, as the only bed in it is the king in the back. That is fine for my wife and I , but limits inviting buddies out for a quick dune trip where they just flat bed their cars out and stay in the moho. 20,000 pound towing capacity and drives real nice. I think Dynamax makes a bunk model, we just did not like the floor plan. Ours came with the theater seats in place of the hide-a-bed. way more comfortable to sit in them, but again no spare bed. We have 200 gallons of fresh water, but would have to dump gray to use it all as it has 50 black and 50 gray holding capacity.
  3. Gun show Friday, AR-15 match Saturday, Off Road Expo today. Busy weekend.
  4. That was a very smart decision. It is tough to make intelligent decisions with regards to care, cost and outcomes when you are emotional in times of sickness. Insurance gets you through all that with much less to worry about.
  5. One still might be... Oh, and voted.
  6. In that case, put some palm fronds on it and call it the new tiki hut.
  7. It has been a long time since I had anything painted, but Sid's Auto Body always did a real nice job on the several cars I had done.
  8. If all those athletes and celebs could refrain from running their suck on politics, they might not alienate 1/2 of their potential audience. Those that do deserve whatever drop in revenue that comes their way.
  9. Most 19 years olds could stand to hear a differing opinion. What, was there no safe space to retreat to?
  10. Can't watch, it has that douche bag De Niro in it.
  11. I have to take the pan off to do anything to it. I would have to go to too large of a bolt to clean out the threads. I ended up just buying a new pan. I may have the old one welded and re-threaded. Thanks for the ideas guys.

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