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  1. That is just the way AZ works. As long as it's registered the size of the plate does not matter to the insurance. I used Foremost, but switched to Brad Siok I'm Deer Valley. They beat Foremost rate.
  2. It's time for a change. Selling my SCU Lil Bro. Thing runs like a champ with a Redline Racing Built LS2, Fresh McDowell Performance 2D. Fully prepped and ready for the season. Car handles like a dream and is under 2,000 pounds. List includes: Redline Racing built L2 Fresh McDowell Performance 2D New Kennedy clutch 930 CVs 300 M axles Howe steering Full Aeromotive fuel system Lowrance Global Maps 5000 Car to car and 4 seat intercom BlackKnight Curved light bar and 4 pods (2 are amber) BlackKnight rear brake light/amber light bar Beard Seats Crow 5 pt harnesses Fox coilovers and bypasses at all 4 corners Full body with tempered glass windshield BFGs on Centerlines Sand Tires Unlimited 8.5 X15 fronts on beadlocks Sand Tires Ulimited Sand Blaster 33 's on beadlocks Prepped and ready for the season. I love this car but I need to thin the heard a bit and ready for a new ride. Asking $45,000 obo. Call or Txt 928-941-1257 leave msg.
  3. Contemplating switching from my current car to a RZR. Have a SCU That I am looking to sell. I don't have a good pic here at work, but I can send you one if you are interested.
  4. I have for sale a pair of Bestop Supertop 2 piece doors. Fabric, zippers, and latches are in good shape. The driver side window has a small crack in it but otherwise they are great shape. $125.00- Please call or txt-928-941-1257. They are in Yuma and I can ship them.
  5. I would call Cactus RV in Tucson and speak to Jeff (Hambone on here). I know some folks have posted that they didn't have good experience with him and some folks have a great experience with him. I have met him and he knows his stuff when it comes to fitting something inside a toyhauler. Look up Rowley White also. My buddy had an awesome experience with the dealer in Phoenix.
  6. What is everyone's take on these things? Yes I have launched them at the dunes and other areas. 2 Seasons ago, I had a ranger roll into our camp as I was stomping one out that had started to burn up. He then began to lecture me on how "If that came down into someones camp and landed on their race gas and blew up the camp, I'd feel pretty bad" Well...seeing as I was a little oiled up, I asked " so if it lands on regular pump gas its o.k.?" I then explained the physics of how these things work, and he did not want to hear it, said that he better not catch me sending anymore up! Got in is truck and left. Now I see on IG this..... https://thelightsfest.com/event/southern-california/ So apparently it is o.k. to do this, in an organized event mind you, in Superstition ohv. So I guess if you give the BLM $$$$ it's now o.k. to do this? #i'mconfused
  7. We camp at Gordon's and go to Glamis all the time. Dune from Gecko to the flag, Olds, and the store and back to Gordon's with a few gallons to spare.
  8. I've fished off and on there for years with great success. Don't know why the BLM would have any right to say anything, the property belongs to the IID. They would be the ones to ask you to leave, but have never had any heartburn from them as long as you aren't leaving trash or being an ass to them.
  9. Amber posted on her FB that Jeff is out of the ICU.
  10. Would you like an exciting opportunity in Yuma, AZ. There is a need for a mechanic on a govt. funded project for DHS. Looking for someone with well rounded skills with diesel engines, hydraulics, equipment maintenance, and some electrical experience. This is a full time position, with benefits @ $28.00/hr. MUST be able to pass and maintain a DHS background investigation. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, or know of someone that is, shoot me a txt 928-941-1257
  11. Love checking out the critters. I work out in the desert north of Yuma and we have all kinds of them out here. This year has been a little slow with the snakes, usually have to evict about a doz or so rattlers. Banded Kings, Gophers, and Rosy Boas get gently relocated out of the way of equipment. Always have coyotes and kit foxes running around along with a few badgers. Had a spotted skunk kit show up recently too. Don't see them to often. Then there are the bigger ones, deer, wild horses and burros.
  12. I'm posting this for a very dear friend, who's husband lost his battle with bile duct cancer in July. She just sold their 5th wheel trailer and has no need for this hitch. It doesn't have even 10 trips on it. GW is 16K and pin is 4K. It's located in Glendale AZ. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/pts/d/superglide-5th-wheel-hitch/6711303557.html He was a fellow duner and great guy all around. We miss him terribly. DM for more info.

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