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  1. The fuel injection isnt working correctly. The funny thing is they told me neither they nor the workhorse shop they sent it to could figure it out. i decided to pay a visit to the shop and spoke with the foreman there. he told me they havent found one they couldnt fix yet and that they have narrowed the issue down to one or two possible causes, La Mesa just doesnt want to put out any more money. Thats where the prudent part kicks in "it isnt prudent for us to put any more money into your coach sir." In other words fix it yourself and sue us, if you want us to take care of it. I told the customer service manager there, do you have any idea how many people i talk to a year that are in the market for RV's? He really didnt care.
  2. Even though it is used it may qualify as a lemon. See the following website. http://www.mtrlaw.com/index.htm 1410899[/snapback] I spoke with them today and I like what I have heard so far.
  3. The first repair came in the first 30 day warranty, they tried to fix it 3x since and cant get it right.
  4. I bought a $40,000 used class a from La Mesa last year. I put less than 100 miles on it and the check engine light came on. They have tried to fix it 4 times, it has been in their shop over 40 days. Today they called me and told me that they cant fix it and the shop they sent it to couldnt fix it, so they are giving it back to me. I asked them if they would pay to have another shop fix it and they said I am on my own. They told me the coach had this problem before I bought it and that it's my problem now! Essentially their customer service manager said that it wasnt prudent for them to throw any more money at reparing my coach and I should take it somewhere else. Just an FYI to all you duners looking for a place to buy an RV.

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