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  1. i dont see why they wouldnt work. Not much different than a standard fender washer. Id suggest welding the nuts to the back of the bracket or using a threaded weld nut.... otherwise your gonna need someone inside with a wrench and one person out side unscrewing the screws.
  2. i called beard a year ago to get some seats re done they told me they were in the process of moving back east but were possibly setting something up to have a company around here help with repairs and re covering. Might worth a shot to give them a call- i didnt want to deal with them at the time and just bought a new pair of seats.
  3. Ive had my fair share with issues on used tires. lessons ive learned.... i dont buy used tires unless its a super good deal and you have to be cool with spending the money and possibly having the tires be bad. In numerous occasions i have gotten tires from offroad swapmeets and on CL and offroad classifieds that have had issues and been useless. Tires are a tough thing to buy used becasuse they are a wear item with limited life span and can hide potential issues (leaks/pinholes) that you could not know about until after having them mounted up. Of course every joe blow is going to say "yeah they hold air no issue etc" With that said those tires dont look nearly as bad as some of the ones ive ended up with. I would run those in a second and i have run way worse damaged tires with no issues. That chunking you are showing in the pics is minimal unless there is futher underlying damage...
  4. I have spent alot of money at PCI. Theres alot of positives to go with Pci. theyre close by, best customer service and quality products. Rugged is cheaper or used to be havent bought with them in some time. Buy once, cry once. Get the good stuff first time around. I dont think rugged is bad and all my stuff from them still works, i have both personally and rugged and pci have no issue crossing over comunnicating between the two. But i think PCI is higher quality.
  5. so i had a 3m speedglas pretty basic helmet that lasted for about 8 years. I just switched to the miller elite and got maybe 10 months out of it before it died. The whole lens assembly is dead. New one is about 80$. Not the end of the world but still should last longer than that for how much they cost..
  6. Hey Guys, Looking to sell my 2010 SR1 Rhino. Looking to downsize my setup a bit and i have a few other builds im working on Tig welded chromoly chassis Weller racing drivetrain kit- one piece rear drivetrain, summer brothers axles, recently rebuilt cvs, upgraded 10mm weller racing super hubs Tig welded long travel front and rear fox 2.0 bypass and 2.0 coilover on all 4 corners fronts are double bypass rears are tripple 2010 r1 engine with power commander and secondary fuel module- stainless intake with 3" cbm filters Weller racing stainless header with magnaflow race muffler aluminum fuel cell, weldon pump, aeromotive fuel pressure regulator beard super seats, prp 4.3 harnesses, momo quick release wheel with sweet disconecct 2 optima red top batteries, icom 60 watt race radio, rugged in car intercom, rugged carbon 2 person air pumper 40" led bar on roof with 30" led brake light bar 14" itp beadlocks 30" duro all terrains 14" sand stars with stu blasters #2 cut and front razors Full aluminum beadroll paneling, thick 3/8" aluminum panel floor, stock rhino front and rear plastics trimmed.This car is well maintained and extremely fast. Ive done well over 100mph in it with more to go. Will pull all 6 gears with no issue revs to 13k rpm. I have done alot of upgrades in the last season and it needs nothing its 100% ready to go. Fits easily inside my toy hauler.. front suspension can be strapped if your working with a narrow setup. Asking 18k OBO Let me know any questions you have 562 685 2731-Colin
  7. New owner changed the exhaust setup? i had some pictures of this car it used to have a badass looking center exit
  8. All white looks badass! Does Emil still do the aluminum for scu?
  9. sr1 rhino- strapped in neutral inside toy hauler
  10. ive done a bit of riding up in mammoth and June lake the trails are pretty tight. i took my SR1 rhino up there last year i believe its 74" wide if i remember correctly and it was a pain in the ass. Things dont run as good in the high altitude and shifting sucked on those tight trails. There wasn't much room to get any real speed, most of it is 4wd geared trails better for dual sport bikes or Rzr/ can am etc.
  11. i just installed this pumper in my buddies rzr. It has built in adjuster for air speed. Super nice unit and is alot smaller than their standard (parker pumper race air system) https://www.pciraceradios.com/collections/raceair/products/raceair-boost-dual

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