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  1. Just left you a text if you could call me?
  2. Price on STU Sand Blaster 33-17 Picked up or shipped to Lakeside 92040
  3. According to the Washington Post there have been 509 police shootings this year 238 Whites 123 Blacks 79 Hispanics 46 Unknown 23 Others Of the 509 killed this year at least 124 were thought to be suffering signs of mental illness. Instead of blaming every cop who shoots someone no matter what color, try putting yourself in their shoes. Every time you leave your house you never know if that’s the last time you will ever see your Spouse or children. You never know if this traffic stop is going to be your last. You have no idea if some guy walking in the middle of the street making cars swerve to miss him is on drugs, carrying a gun, or a smoking handicap. Instead of rioting why not try putting yourself in their shoes, NO REALLY get off your winning WHOE is the black man attitude and apply for the police department. You can get a hell of a lot more done to make changes working from within then you can holding a sign on a street corner. Of course this does mean you would have to get a job and actually work 40 hours a week. Sorry but one of my friends was a SD police officer who was killed on his motorcycle while making a routine traffic stop and yes the driver was mentally ill. He left behind a wife and two sons. A few years later one of the sons could not take it and ended his life If he had only fired one bullet into that truck he could have saved two lives Thats just my opinion
  4. Damn you all are HARSH El Cajon is not all that bad, that’s where the tooth brush was invented. If it was invented anywhere else it would have been called the teeth brush Not sure why there are so many dentists in this town doesn’t look like anyone ever goes to any of them, But then again why go and get your tooth polished when you can use that money for another bag of "Go Fast"
  5. I can tell you this if you ever need assistance and you call a Sprint operator GOOD LUCK. They are hands down, without a doubt THE WORST Every time you call their customer service you will be on the phone with them for over an hour and they will promise you the world. Then your bill arrives and they didn’t fix squat. I will give up a little Data just so I do not have to deal with Sprints under managed, under trained incompetent operators.
  6. Thanks for the Timken Website 2011: Timken posts record sales and earnings. Sales for the year were $5.2 billion, up 28 percent from the prior year on strong demand from diverse industrial markets. With what they charge I can see how they are so profitable.
  7. So After taking my rear axles apart and completely cleaning off all the grease I noticed one of the bearing was a little colored and the cup had small hair line cracks. I have been looking all over the internet and calling around to try and find a Timken KLL-225749 bearing and a KLL-225710 cup. So far I have had one returned call with a quote of $299 for the bearing and $169 for the cup. I do not need the GOLD Version or even GOLD plated just a regular bearing. Why are these bearings so expensive and does anyone know where I can pick one up a little cheaper. Prefer to stay with American made and no China crap. Is there a way to convert these hubs over to another type of bearing?
  8. I know this is not really Tech information but I know all the smart people hang out on this Forum. So Foremost has been giving me the major run around about insuring my LS-2. First they wanted pictures then they wanted more pictures. Next they wanted a copy of the bill of sale, after I sent them all that they wanted me to get it apprised. Before I could even copy the appraisal and send it to them they sent me a cancellation notice. What is everyone else doing for insurance? Can anyone recommend a decent insurance agent?
  9. Worn engine would not be the issue if anything not broken in and sitting too long. Only had a couple of oil changes and thinking rings may have never seated. With that in mind I removed all plugs and sprayed some WD-40 in the cylinder with low compression and let sit overnight. The next day I turned motor over a few times to blow out excess WD, installed the plugs and ran for about five minutes. Removed plugs and repeated compression test. Now all eight are at 150 give or take a couple. Now figured I will have to change oil and keep an eye on it to see what happens.
  10. I just finished doing the same thing to my BFD Sandrail and it's not that hard. Looking at your pictures yours should be a piece of cake. Disconnect the throttle cable at the base by just flipping the latch over and pulling up on the cable. Looks like all three pedals will slide on the base plate, If you have flex brake lines no problem, If they are tubes you can make a few small bends to take up the slack on one of the lines, but you will most likely have to buy a little longer tube for the other. After you have the pedals where you want them you will need to remount the cable latch. Hopefully you can just move the latch back and move the mounting screw to the front hole, just make sure the throttle cable is somewhat strait and not bent. Remember you can always screw the cable ends in at pedal and at motor to shorten the cable and take up some slack
  11. Shoot some thick rear gear oil in the cylinder and see if it goes away, the Gear oil should help seal up the ring area, This is a new one to me can you elaborate? Shoot some gear oil in bad cylinder and let it sit for a while, Turn over the motor or put plug back in and actually start motor?
  12. I did do somewhat of a leak down test; using the hose from the compression tester hooked up to an air regulator. With the piston at TDC, I started off injecting 10 PSI then upped it to 20 PSI. At 20 PSI I could hear air coming from the oil filler tube I then moved it to a cylinder that was good and could not hear anything I know this was not the professional way of doing it, but it seems to have verified why that cylinder has low compression.
  13. I have an LS-2 that has been running great but after my last trip out to Glamis I noticed oil around the front seal. Just for grins I did a compression test and found I have 150 in seven cylinders and 120 in cylinder #2. After completing my home made leak down test, I can hear air coming from the oil filler tube. From what I understand that can only mean one thing “Rings” The car was built back in 2007 and was stored in a garage and only taken out a hand full of times until last summer. Is this a big concern? The seals could just be leaking due to lack of use and the rings could have never seated. If I just replace the front seal would I be asking for trouble down the road? Is there any other test I can do before I start pulling the motor and begin tearing it apart? Or should I just leave it alone and replace the front seal? If I do have to pull the motor is there any way to drop the pan and remove the piston and rod from the bottom or do I have to remove the head and take it out from the top? Then depending on what I find is it doable to just replace the rings on that one cylinder?
  14. Jake for being only 12 years old these pictures are awesome especially the sunset shot. I did notice Desertaddict kept all four wheels on the ground, I hear you get better traction that way. Maybe that was with rock crawling it’s better to keep all four wheels on the ground, I forget at my old age I duzent remember as well as I used too.

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