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  1. Ocotillo Wells
  2. Got the skis on the cub. Now if it would just stop snowin and blowin, I'd go fly it.
  3. I had a RZR before I got the YXZ and the RZR in 4 wheel drive applies torque to the front wheels when IT senses you need it. The YXZ has constant 4 wheel drive. I found on the fire roads up here, if you stuff the RZR into a corner there is a lag between throttle application and traction results. This was partially due to the main clutch lag and the front torque lag. I also found that if you keep a bit of throttle in it and rotate with brake application it helped, but the front end control was iffy. With the YXZ, you stuff it in, lift a bit or stab the brakes as needed to rotate the car and it takes a set in the turn. Apply copious throttle and you end up in a 4 wheel slide that is very predictable. Control your trajectory with throttle and minimal steering input. If hanging the ass end way out is your style 2 wheel drive works fine, but you will be going around that same corner not nearly as quickly. As for the dunes, I'm running smoothies now but are going to switch to razor type because it isn't always prudent to mash the gas to turn in the dunes. and the smoothies push a bit. Just remember if you're hauling ass sliding and you lift and dig in, or hit a deep rut you can flip anything, 4 wheel drive or 2. I went to the flagpole from wash 22 following Rob and CHEFF one time in 2 wheel drive and it was a hell of a lot more work keeping up . Hope this helps.....Chuck
  4. In 2 wheel drive on snow it pushes bad. In 4 wheel drive you keep your foot in it in the powerband and it goes right where you point it. It has 2600 miles on it, including lots in the dunes , and about 10 of those miles were in 2 wheel drive. just don't lift. I did roll it back outside to thaw out...LOL it was 30 degrees out.
  5. Sure made for some nice controllable slides. The pasture isn't pristine snow now.
  6. Did some sweet 5th gear powerslides in the pasture this morning.
  7. Going off at 5:44 pst from Vandenburg tonight.
  8. I always wanted a wench to pack up my stuff for me
  9. You crack me up Phil. I gotta get out there to see you guys.
  10. I won't be able to make it this year. The motorhome is in the shop and won't get done in time.
  11. mudpuppy


    Yeah. I had a friend that had a place two docks down from Badenochs. Best hangover breakfasts ever.
  12. mudpuppy


    I'll se your border collie and raise you a springer. Yep, that's me and Sam
  13. Nice write up. Thanks for sharing.

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