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  1. Hi I’m looking for a nice child booster for my sandrail if any one has one?
  2. Hey thanks for the response. So what I found was, I was running a stock power steering pump on a charlynn system. They say the the charlynn style systems should only have 1000psi going to them. So I removed the stock pump putting out 1200 psi and replaced with a sweet power steering pump seemed to fix the problem. Also I had the wrong size lines for the pressure and return so I guess that also could of played a roll.
  3. Hi I have a rail with a stock ls powersteering pump. The car idles at around 900 to 1000 rpms. My problem is when I dead head the pump maxing out the turning the car shuts off. I put a pressure gauge on the pump seems to hit around 1200 psi. I thought I read on here one time where people where adjusting the bypass valve on the stock pump?

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