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  1. Dunelover

    Shock Preference for Mid Engine V-8 Car

    I suggest you talk to Mark at Mark's Sandtrans in Forrest Grove. He set up my Smith 2 seater
  2. Dunelover

    F11 topcoat

    Had my RV ceramic coated. expensive but looks amazing
  3. Dunelover

    Pbs cable shifter

    I hear they are available again from Rancho.
  4. Dunelover

    So glad this genius is our Govenor

    Do you really think a refinery wants to shut down and lose money?
  5. Dunelover

    So glad this genius is our Govenor

    Last factor, Supply and Demand......
  6. Dunelover

    Megasand trans styles

    3 speed + Reverse?
  7. Dunelover

    Two Seat Sandcar Length

    Joe Fab Sand Squirt?
  8. Dunelover

    Dash A/C in DP MH Seized - Where to go in OC

    Thanks for the feedback!
  9. The A/C compressor in my diesel MH seized up solid. So I want to take it somewhere that does honest work at a fair price and most importantly can accommodate large Motorhomes in Orange County. Access to the compressor is simple as well as the dryer and hose connections. Rick
  10. Dunelover

    Joke of the day

  11. Dunelover

    Ball Bearing Billet shifter for PBS and S4 S4D

    Thanks for the clarification, makes sense. I was told at the time I could buy either. I went with the Haggert based on others who said it worked much better than my old Mendi.
  12. Dunelover


    Well.... I didn't know so I went with HONDO's recommendation. (over a year ago). Maybe a little "firm" for dunning but feels good on a run to Duner's Dinner at 70-80
  13. Dunelover

    Ball Bearing Billet shifter for PBS and S4 S4D

    Gee I wonder why Weddle just sent me and I installed their shifter with a spring in it. Also I did switch the reverse lever to the right side.
  14. Dunelover

    Any buggy guys going to be down there this week?

    2/27-3/5or+ pad 3 or 5

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