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  1. An assembly tip I learned is to use a small dab of anti-seize on the fitting and the taper. This ensures a smooth make-up and seating without galling...
  2. A workout mat from Big 5. (Or if she will never know it's missing... snag one of hers)
  3. I seem to be the only one who carries a HF breaker bar and socket to get wheels off. I also have a test light and a jumper to bypass relays. Of course a good assortment of the stuff above
  4. A string on a leg and now you have the worlds greatest cat toy.
  5. I always punch a hole in the bottom and drain the filter first
  6. I suggest you talk to Mark at Mark's Sandtrans in Forrest Grove. He set up my Smith 2 seater
  7. Had my RV ceramic coated. expensive but looks amazing
  8. Dunelover

    Pbs cable shifter

    I hear they are available again from Rancho.
  9. Do you really think a refinery wants to shut down and lose money?
  10. Last factor, Supply and Demand......
  11. Boy that first cut thru the upholstery would have made me cringe... But $1000 for dash removal; Ouch
  12. I don't know exactly when it failed. My wife was walking around the back of the couch and noticed the shredded belt hanging out the bottom of the couch. Crap... My local Newmar dealer is in Palm Desert.

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