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  1. This "Most of us are either not good enough, or wouldn't be able to hold our lunch if we were pulling the Gs John is pulling on his runs. " I would bet most people would run out of talent. And when that occurs, Bad things happen.
  2. Did you confirm +12v on the two pins as I said on the other forum?
  3. New trailer to me and it has e-track. The first long trip I took (Idaho) the car was looser than I wanted when we arrived, and the e-track clips were bent over. The set up was one clip on one side and one on the other with one strap thru the frame. On the return trip I used one strap for right and another for left and also used two e-track anchors for each side. That worked fine. Right now I think I'm just going to install some floor D-Rings. I hate things coming loose and Possibly damaging the car. D-Rings have always worked for me in the past. BUT... my E-tracks are not aligned with the wheel track (they are wider) and this may be why my results were not ideal.
  4. Just Marinate the bolts overnight 😜
  5. The problem with using something like the Nordlocs is the added friction under the bolt head will effect the final torque value (ie stretch or load on the bolt) this will result in a lower torque value than you actually are getting. The best way to achieve the most actuate torque value is a small amount of lubricant (I use anti seize) under the bolt head and if recommended locktite. Remember only one small drop is required....
  6. An assembly tip I learned is to use a small dab of anti-seize on the fitting and the taper. This ensures a smooth make-up and seating without galling...
  7. A workout mat from Big 5. (Or if she will never know it's missing... snag one of hers)
  8. I seem to be the only one who carries a HF breaker bar and socket to get wheels off. I also have a test light and a jumper to bypass relays. Of course a good assortment of the stuff above

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