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  1. I always punch a hole in the bottom and drain the filter first
  2. I suggest you talk to Mark at Mark's Sandtrans in Forrest Grove. He set up my Smith 2 seater
  3. Had my RV ceramic coated. expensive but looks amazing
  4. Dunelover

    Pbs cable shifter

    I hear they are available again from Rancho.
  5. Do you really think a refinery wants to shut down and lose money?
  6. Last factor, Supply and Demand......
  7. Boy that first cut thru the upholstery would have made me cringe... But $1000 for dash removal; Ouch
  8. I don't know exactly when it failed. My wife was walking around the back of the couch and noticed the shredded belt hanging out the bottom of the couch. Crap... My local Newmar dealer is in Palm Desert.
  9. Thanks Chris, I talked to the Cummins repair center in Downey and they wouldn't touch it. That got me a little concerned. MH is a 2011 Newmar with an ISX on a Spartan K3 chassis Does your facility (and I'm assuming so since you commented) do AC service? Rick
  10. The engine A/C compressor for dash air on my DP seized up. I'm looking for some feedback on what to expect. Last season I had a shop replace a leaking hose between the condenser and the compressor. The system was evacuated and recharged. everything worked fine then. However I suspect he didn't add enough oil to compensate for the size of the system and my compressor seized. Just a guess on my part. The coach is a 2011. So... one guy said the Condenser Coil is probably contaminated with debris and will have to replaced? I assumed I need a new dryer but what about the expansion valve and the Evaporator? Also can they can flush the 40' of hoses. I want to make sure I'm at least a little knowledgeable before I find a place to bring it in
  11. An automatic is fine if it's a Jeep like the Wrangler with a transfer case

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