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  1. Dunelover

    Stanley vidmar cabinet ( like a lista )

  2. I've had these guys do work for me. in San Clemente http://www.rincontrucks.com/
  3. Dunelover

    What did you get yourself for Christmas?

    just a little bling...
  4. Dunelover

    How to handle breakages deep in the dunes?

    XX on vice grips. Used them many times for "get home repairs"
  5. Dunelover

    2015 F250 Super Duty Powerstroke 4x4

    I've seen this truck It's super clean.
  6. Dunelover

    Need to move a Lathe

    Thanks. Bryan did contact me. Plus I don't think I'd ever get it on a trailer with two floor jacks. Cribbing would be a little too sketchy for me.
  7. Dunelover

    Need to move a Lathe

    He asked me to move it by the end of the year. His been emptying his shop as he sold the building.
  8. Dunelover

    Need to move a Lathe

    Already brought a whole pallet of tooling home. Hoping OB gets in touch with me. Lots of guys on Craigslist but not sure what you get out of them. Also bought a Bridgeport mill from a GD member and have it in storage. Everything goes to a new home I'm going to build in Havasu. (thanks Big Dub!) Rick
  9. Dunelover

    Need to move a Lathe

    I bought a lathe. It's at a shop in Montebello . I need to get it moved to Garden Grove. I only have an enclosed trailer so that's not going to work. Plus, the guy does not have a way to pick it up. (his forklift is too small.) I do have a forklift that can offload in Garden Grove Anybody here do this? I will send a message to OB Rick
  10. Dunelover

    Losing volts to injectors???

    Absolutely. My point was I don't think the ECU is the problem because it only supplies the trigger, the voltage drop is from all the other power users; which will affect the injectors supply voltage
  11. Dunelover

    Losing volts to injectors???

    Yes, Voltage drops from all sources. BTW the injectors are powered up with +12 as soon as you turn the key on. The ECU only provides a ground trigger to open the injector.
  12. How often does fox offer Plaster city tunning
  13. Dunelover

    School me on Fortin Transaxles please

    Yes I know; Any Trans can fall victim to secondary failure like this. Big Dub will have more to say once the car motor comes out and the trans can get back to Fortin. I feel for him because I saw the GoPro from the car the was parked facing him when he backed up and he didn't do anything stupid.
  14. Dunelover

    School me on Fortin Transaxles please

    That was my conclusion too. Unfortunately he is still has a cracked case now.
  15. Dunelover

    School me on Fortin Transaxles please

    I'll have to let BigDub reply to this. I do know the car had sat for several years and the sale price was too good to pass up.

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