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  1. Please continue to keep a look out for this trailer... thank you everyone!
  2. Sorry to hear it... just had my trailer stolen Jan 22nd seems like this is happening a lot in industrial types of areas.
  3. I did have a tongue/coupler lock and a cable through the wheels... but it was nothing a pair of bolt cutters couldnt take care of. I should have gotten a better coupler lock. The trailer would probably still be here but the contents would have been wiped out... thats the real lesson learned.
  4. Thank you... it wasnt hooked up to anything at the time. Ive learned a valuable lesson: buy several expensive locks for the tongue and latch and buy a boot for the tire haha. Thank you Bill I appreciate it.
  5. If you see a grey trailer in the desert that looks similar please try to catch the license plate number; look for either 4GA9906 or 4EU9287... $500 reward if it is found!
  6. TTT please keep a look out for me...
  7. Unfortunately she did not win but thanks to everyone for their support. Props to Stacey for the courage to get up on the stage in front of all of those people while freezing her gluteous maximus off... Good job Stacey!
  8. We have until 8am tomorrow to vote... vote as many times as you can throughout today. And if you can come down and support Stacey in the pageant tomorrow morning at the Slidebar in Fullerton. http://www.kroq-data.com/kevinandbean/missdd09/#
  9. So Stacey's talent portion of her interview (video) is on the website... check it out and vote a couple times too... http://www.kroq-data.com/kevinandbean/missdd09/
  10. Ok because LA traffic sucks so much she got there a little late and they are recording her interview right now and will air it on the 5-6pm show... so tune back in if you remember and KEEP VOTING!
  11. Shes going to be interviewed on the radio here in a couple of minutes (8:05 ish)... listen up and keep voting. For those of you without a radio you can stream the station... www.kroq.com

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