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  1. breeze99

    Sandrail Modern Transformations

    Yes..Robert did a great job on all the upgrades. Everything was done exceptionally well..If you know or have seen their trucks, you know what I mean..
  2. breeze99

    Sandrail Modern Transformations

    Thank you!
  3. breeze99

    Sandrail Modern Transformations

    My SCU transformation...Almost finished
  4. breeze99

    Lets see those SCU's

  5. breeze99

    Lets see those SCU's

    Thanks for the nice comment...Remodel work..Turning out better than I had hoped
  6. breeze99

    Fox Shock Coating

    Not the greatest lighting for the pictures, but here is gun metal and black Cerakote on my shocks
  7. breeze99

    Lets see those SCU's

  8. breeze99

    Lets see those SCU's

    Very nice car!
  9. breeze99

    Lets see those SCU's

    Thank you very much..
  10. Need to move a couple of my rolling tool boxes...Approx 24 miles...Lake Mathews area of Riverside/Corona to Canyon Lake/Lake Elsinore..Anybody know of a company that I could reach out to? Happy Holidays
  11. breeze99

    Lets see those SCU's

    Here is mine..Almost complete
  12. breeze99

    Lets see those SCU's

    Since we no longer have the Sand Cars Unlimited subforum, post some pictures of those SCU's out there..
  13. breeze99

    New 5 seat build. Ground up.

    Great job!

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