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  1. 119 gals or less per container is the maximum you can legally transport without a hazmat endorsement
  2. Sold as a set only brand new in the box decided to go another route on my car. Raceline RT291M Buggy Beadlocks 17"x6 1/2" 5 Lug 205 MM 3" back spacing $1200.00
  3. I have brand new in the box Raceline RT291M 17x6.5" beadlocks there 5 lug 3" backspacing never used just decided to go another direction $1300.00
  4. any updates on this make over?
  5. Great info guys thank you. My car has never had a heat issue at all. Always ran 180-190 just was thinking while I was updating the radiator I would do the water pump as well with the windshield going in. Pretty sure it’s original water pump 08-09 when my motor was built. Cbr is doing the radiator I’m doing the fans and shroud as well.
  6. Couple things have changed on my car first is I put a windshield on it. Second I had a slight leak in my radiator pulled it and had CBR build a new one. Motor is Twin turbo LS from CBM. With the coolant system apart im thinking about up grading the water pump as well. Only real upgrades I can find for the LS Motors are the Edlebrock victor pump and the Meziere WP419. Current pump appears to be OEM.What are your thoughts any experience with Meziere WP419. Are they worth the money?
  7. dd619


    nice cars! im in san diego
  8. dd619


    My car is close to being done with sheet metal. Thinking of wrapping it. Anyone recommend someone to either design the wrap or design and install? Thanks
  9. Motor was done by turn key. Its a twin turbo ls2
  10. My car is currently in the shop getting some sheet metal updated. Should have it back pretty soon and I will figure out what I have for spindles.Here is a side pic
  11. I don't think there combo spindles I think that have been upgraded if I remember right. Like I said im rookie when it comes to these cars lol. The center cap says Saco over the hub if that helps? My sand tires are 37"'s and my S4S trans has 3.09x2.14x1.67x1.37 gears in it. Not sure how the trans would do with 33"s My bulkhead was also re done at the same time the arms were done to help with the wear and tear from the 37" sand tires.
  12. I was told my car has the newer style arms.
  13. Im not sure what spindles I have on my car. Ive only owned it a season. still a rookie lol

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