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  1. Unfortunately I think every “racial” event is going to result in an increasingly violent outcome. The perpetual notion that cops and white people are still out to get minorities is going to continue to divide the country.
  2. At my brother in law’s indulging on some adult beverages and trying to ignore the covid and riot news.
  3. That thing is badass, I love Ghias so naturally I like that sandcar. Would love to own it but definitely don’t have near 50g to drop on it.
  4. Now that I have weekends off decided to go on a motorcycle ride out to banner grade and back Sunrise Highway. Beautiful weather, never seen so many people out in the mountains! Parked almost everywhere you could fit a car and walking down the road to get to trailheads. People must be getting tired of being stuck at home.
  5. Correct. If i recall correctly there were 2 stages of implementation for the ammo background check. Last year it was not as strict, but I don't remember all the details to be honest.
  6. I've never handled a tanker but always thought they looked like fun. I've toyed around with getting a Tanker Garand or an M14/M1A, but I don't need more guns to store and feed 😂 If you ever get the chance to buy one (in any configuration) I recommend it. Makes you feel like a real American, and the "ping" never fails to make me smile.
  7. I’ve been trying my best to help consume beer. But then I have to go to work and for some reason they frown upon drinking there.
  8. One of my favorite guns.
  9. Stuck at work, but that sounds like a lot more fun! I got to see a crick too 😝
  10. AR family portrait. My 20” m16 clone. Wife’s light weight 16” dissipator, and my 10.5” pistol, currently running with a .22 conversion.
  11. Just water, seeing as how I’m at work. Might try to stop by the store on the way home tomorrow and get something for my off days, I’m all out of Laphroaig and vodka.
  12. Crazy week at work, got to ride in a helicopter. Just got off this morning, went shooting, now hanging at home with the wife.
  13. SOLD Reluctantly putting my Banshee up for sale. Looking to consolidate our desert toys into a nicer trailer and sand rail/sxs so this has to go. Stock engine internals as far as I’m aware. Runs and idles great. Replaced the water pump(metal high flow)/gear/seals couple seasons ago. Boyeson 2stage reeds last season. Toomey T5 pipes, k&n Pod filters with pre filters. I’ve always run it on premium pump gas 32:1 with either 927 or super techniplate. Alba long travel +2+1 a arms. Fox podium front shocks, tusk 4” widened axle. Twist throttle. Newer chain/sprockets, swingarm linkage pivots/bearings all replaced 2 seasons ago. 200w stator, DC conversion with trail tech reg/rec and battery, lights can run with engine off, and no more dimming/flickering. Also includes moose racing billet thumb throttle and cable. Includes second set of paddles(pretty worn), f&r knobbies, And whatever other stock/ spare parts I can find. It is not a perfect bike, but has no serious issues. Kick starter rattles, some surface rust on the frame, plastics are pretty clean but do have some scuffs, etc. located in East San Diego county. Green sticker just renewed. SOLD

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