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  1. Been prepping the kitchen the last week. Got the cabinets up (minus the fridge surround, we need to wait for taller sides). Got the pony wall built for the breakfast bar, just need to screw it in place. Time for a beer.
  2. It’s good when parts fall off your engine right?
  3. House has been out since 8 yesterday. Been at work in dulzura and lost power at 9:30 yesterday. It’s definitely been blustery!
  4. Are some of those Mogillon Rim? One fo my favorite times camping was there, we were set up on the ridge watching some very active thunderstorms about 30 miles south. They came over us the next morning, so we decided to pack up 😂 Thanks for the pics, I like that area.
  5. In theory yes, you are correct. If someone looked at them close enough they would notice. I had non-CARB cats in my Xterra when I moved back from AZ. Had it smogged twice before I sold it with no issues. Your mileage may vary. My opinion is, if you roll into a smog station with a car that passes, they aren't going to crawl underneath and search for a carb number. Although, a little mud and rust on the new cats may not hurt.
  6. Not that I would EVER do this... BUUUT, you could buy some cheap ones from RockAuto and have them sent to someone in AZ or NV and install them yourself... I've uh... "heard" that they work just fine.
  7. Sad, never got to see either of them... who cares so much about that to destroy it.. I've been trying to find them as a lunch spot.
  8. Out of town for work. In my spare time shopping for stuff for the new toy the wife brought home.
  9. It baffled me when visiting Hawaii that gas there is not much different than in California, I think it was even a hair cheaper. They need gas taken over. We produce gas, yet we pay so much in taxes it’s expensive.
  10. Working. As of about 01:20 this morning we are in beautiful Devore.
  11. Bought our townhome in El Cajon 2016 for $212 sq ft. Sold 2019 for $243 sq ft. Bought new house for $278 sq ft. We were buying and selling simultaneously so we didn't have the option to wait for market swings.
  12. One of the main problems IMO is how well publicized gun violence is (well, except black on black violence in Detroit, Chicago, etc.). If deaths by DUI were on the media as much as "mass shootings" people would be afraid to go near a roadway, and would probably forget about "gun violence". Mass murders won't stop even if guns could be erased from history. Humans have been killing each other from the beginning of time. But guns are hyped up to be these super scary evil things. Mental health is obviously a big problem. Many of the recent mass murderers seem to have a history of instability with no corrective action.
  13. Just hanging out on the border last night enjoying the sunset.
  14. Leave it dirt. Other than the dust there’s nothing wrong with it. Some people think the washes are the Wild West and stay away, and I’m ok with that.
  15. Remind me to never come over for a sleepover... 😂 I've definitely had some experiences that I would call "ghosts". I remember one time I was driving home late at night in some pea soup fog. Was driving pretty slow, saw a woman looking figure in front of me in tattered clothes, blinked and she(he, it, ze?) disappeared. I locked my doors and got the f out of there.

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