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  1. xtracrispy

    Do You Know How To Tow?

    Had a friend who rented a U haul trailer to haul his rail. No, it wasn't a car hauler, It was one of the 6x12 utility trailers. Well as you can imagine he couldn't fit the ass end through the gate, so he loaded it nose in, with the back wheel on the tailgate of the trailer. 😳 I didn't witness the tow but I heard it got pretty squirrely, was a 45mph tow after a butthole pucker incident. Same friend lost a tire on his tow vehicle in ocotillo, swapped it for the spare, and lost a second tire in El Centro. I went to pick up his trailer (not a Uhaul, thankfully) so he could get tires in the morning (this was about midnight). He only had a 4 pin plug so I towed his trailer to Gordon's at 2 in the morning with no lights, no brakes, and 2 glow sticks zip tied to the back while he camped out in the Lucky's parking lot.
  2. xtracrispy

    2019 Sandy Golf Tournament

    My small group is planning to go that weekend. We usually go to wash 10/11 but we will probably come hang out with y’all. Sounds fun and would be nice to meet some fellow duners.
  3. xtracrispy

    Looking for help

    Is it possible to convince him to write it off and try to get a different car? I know it's probably his baby, but limited mobility, limited income, and health issues doesn't sound like a good place to be in to have a project car. There are plenty of cheap reliable cars that shouldn't take much maintenance and would be more comfortable(crown vics come to mind) and reliable.
  4. xtracrispy

    It’s Saturday 12/29/2018 what’s everyone doing

    Working my second to last weekend before I get layed off for 3 months. Then it’s full steam to finish projects before I go to glamis on the 24th ish.
  5. xtracrispy

    Fix for leaky suzuki/kawi petcocks

    Also works on first gen z400/kfx400’s.
  6. xtracrispy

    Is it True? (criminal justice)

    My iPhone doesn’t like to fingerprint unlock if my hands get wet, even if dried by towel. They basically have to air dry first. Therefore, I’ll just pee on my hands ?
  7. xtracrispy

    Banshee suspension?????’s

    Also you used to be able to get full flight a arms on eBay that were made specifically to use yfz450 shocks. I know fullflight get a bad rap, but my brother has them on his z400 and they seem decent.
  8. xtracrispy

    Banshee suspension?????’s

    I have some stock shocks you can have but I’m in San Diego county. I put Alba lt a arms m, with some dual rate fox podium shocks from an outlaw 525 I scored on eBay for $240. Truth be be told I’ve never ridden on Elkas or anything like that but it’s a damn fine setup for the money I have in it.
  9. xtracrispy

    It's Saturday 10/27/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    Been working all week straight (24s) to get next week off. Hopefully I will get off tomorrow on time and can start getting ready.
  10. xtracrispy

    What’s your preference

    I prefer twist throttle, grew up on bikes so it just feels more natural to me. I find thumb throttles tiring and hard to keep steady over choppy ground. I still I’ll have a thumb throttle on my banshee but I dislike it, especially with how stiff the banshee throttle is.
  11. xtracrispy

    Before I can go to the dunes I need to...

    Bikes should be good to go. Sorting out an electrical gremlin in the tow vehicle. Trailer needs new tires, need to finish installing cabinets. Have more planned for it but that would get me rolling anyway. Most of all need to stop working weekends. Might not be until after the first of the year before I can get out(at least if I want any of my riding buddies.)
  12. Im going to print one out and present it to my wife to annoy her ?
  13. Yep stock location, bulbs are h6m. Ddm tuning , I bought the midline 35w ballasts and upgraded bulbs, I want to say it was around $60-70 but you can make it cheaper with different ballasts I upgraded because they seemed more duable, and draw less on startup I had had to cut the stock harness and wire in the ballasts but it was pretty straight forward. Wifes is an 05 so if you have an earlier one it may be slightly different but I believe they are pretty much the same.
  14. I put a set of ddm 35w hids in my wife’s 400ex. They are pretty bright, night and day from the worthless stock lights, and draw the same power. Ill probably end end up putting a small led bar on the handlebars at some point but it’s very rideable now. I would think hids would be a good place to start.

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