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  1. I saw the smoke plumes from 2 this weekend. Saw a video on FB of one of them being dragged out by the snow cat, but don't know who paid for that.
  2. In central Oregon enjoying time with friends, some hiking, and plenty of craft beer. Get home late Wednesday then getting ready for glamis.
  3. Hanging out in Maui. It’s not Glamis but still pretty nice.
  4. I have an Orca now that I’m really happy with, made in USA and cheaper than yeti. but I had a Coleman extreme 60/65qt before that worked nearly as well for $60 off amazon. Also rtic coolers and nice for the money if you don’t care if they are made overseas.
  5. I think I found Slappy’s side hustle in Maui.
  6. I can say one thing for sure, my beam/ swing axle buggy doesn’t pass any bumps without letting me know they are there.
  7. I fill up on the way so I can fill all my cans too, then I don't have to stop on the way home.
  8. I LOL'd at the orange tag on the window.
  9. No question, anything but the superbowl. I'm going to be in Maui otherwise i'd be in Glamis.
  10. xtracrispy

    RFS love

    I miss my 520 mxc. Hell of a powerplant. If I remember correctly the cam bearing issue was most problematic on the early bikes(like my 01)? I may be wrong, it's been a minute since I've had mine.
  11. Was that you I stopped to check on Friday morning? If so I checked back after a while and nobody else was there, then when I checked again you were already out. Sorry I couldn't help. I was in the white F150 with the little enclosed trailer.
  12. My dad has the first generation Crossfire, which I guess is now the "non pro". Nice table, water tray is nice, works with his Hypertherm torch. Company was great do deal with. He's has a couple other 4x4 tables but they've been problematic, and while the extra capacity is nice the crossfire tables are a handy size for a smaller shop.
  13. Just got back from glamis. Picked up some trash, didn’t dune as much as I hoped but at least the buggy didn’t let me down this time 😂

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