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  1. I LOL'd at the orange tag on the window.
  2. No question, anything but the superbowl. I'm going to be in Maui otherwise i'd be in Glamis.
  3. xtracrispy

    RFS love

    I miss my 520 mxc. Hell of a powerplant. If I remember correctly the cam bearing issue was most problematic on the early bikes(like my 01)? I may be wrong, it's been a minute since I've had mine.
  4. Was that you I stopped to check on Friday morning? If so I checked back after a while and nobody else was there, then when I checked again you were already out. Sorry I couldn't help. I was in the white F150 with the little enclosed trailer.
  5. My dad has the first generation Crossfire, which I guess is now the "non pro". Nice table, water tray is nice, works with his Hypertherm torch. Company was great do deal with. He's has a couple other 4x4 tables but they've been problematic, and while the extra capacity is nice the crossfire tables are a handy size for a smaller shop.
  6. Just got back from glamis. Picked up some trash, didn’t dune as much as I hoped but at least the buggy didn’t let me down this time 😂
  7. I’ve seen two trucks similar to that recently. Both had what looked like German License plates on them.
  8. Last year was my first time, needless to say I hope I can make it again this year! Lots of fun.
  9. Bought a TDI, going to be the new commuter. Who would have thought there would be so much paperwork for a used car! Tomorrow need to get the air filters back on the buggy and start loading up. Going to G on Thursday!
  10. Clean bike! I would have loved a 250r but when I was buying Honda prices were pretty high and Yamaha prices were down, I got my Banshee for a price I couldn't refuse.
  11. Just got done shooting, burger and beer for lunch, then hopefully go home and chill. Might try to put the carbs back on the vw
  12. I have 5x brand new NGK B6HS plugs I bought for my rail. Turns out I have aftermarket heads that use 12mm plugs. These are 14mm plugs 1/2” long. Free. Located in pine valley 91962 or I’ll be in glamis on the 17th.

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