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  1. Oh yeah I did that once showing my neighbor when I first got it all wired up. He didnt think it was very cool when it turned into the wall separating our garage and broke a 2x4 and some drywall lol. Look into the heat shrink label makers. They are nice. I just redid my motor harness and used one, then did clear heat shrink over it. Think Im gonna end up re-wiring the rest of the car and using it.
  2. Found these dimensions on pacific customs if this helps... King and link pin spindles Dimensions:Diameter of shaft where seal rides: 40mmDiameter of shaft where inner bearing rides: 25mmDiameter of shaft where outer bearing rides: 20mm Combo spindles Dimensions:Diameter of shaft where seal rides: 44.5mmDiameter of shaft where inner bearing rides: 32mmDiameter of shaft where outer bearing rides: 25.5mm King Kong spindles Dimensions:Diameter of shaft where seal rides: 48mmDiameter of shaft where inner bearing rides: 38mmDiameter of shaft where outer bearing rides: 30mm
  3. I ran my Switch-Pros outputs to a terminal strip. That way if it fails I can jump 12v to each circuit I want on easily. I run my ignition and starter on it. It’s pretty cool, people always trip out when I start my car with my phone. I used my battery cutoff switch to the switch pro blue ignition wire so it turns on the unit. I wired one on another car where we used that wire for a hidden switch. Make sure to set a radio name and password in the app. One of my favorite things to do on a holiday weekend is browse for units in range and turn on lights at the hill at night 😂😂😂. People think their switch pro is going crazy. Someone could also essentially set a password on your unit and lock you out of the Bluetooth. The sp8100 had no password recovery but I heard there’s a way to reset it on the 9100.
  4. Yup! Boosted mine after 1 season NA with stock ecu and missing link. Took it out 2 weeks before Halloween. Made it to the hill Friday night. After a couple runs really enjoying the new power I thought, “I bet I can wheelie this off the starting hill”. Hauling down olds I punched it at the bottom in 3rd and heard boom! Put a nice viewing window in the side of the block. To add insult to injury, my buddy had like a 5’ tow rope and the roost was spraying right in my face the whole tow back. 2nd one I put an aem in and lasted most of the season. Rode all day in super hot weather and made it to the drags. Must have raced 10 runs down the drags when my dipstick shot out and sprayed hot oil all over me (mid engine). I could hear it pre-detonating right before it happened. Melted the corners of 2 pistons on that one. 3rd one I put a hole in one of the pistons going down the drags.
  5. I never was bothered by the rattle when driving but I put a sub woofer in 2 seasons ago and the rattle drove me nuts. I used a dynamat knock off on all aluminum panels that got rid of it completely. Made the stereo sound much better!
  6. travelah

    CV Temps

    I was measuring some friends cars at the end of last season with an IR gun on beverage breaks. Would generally see 140-160 with the trans side usually higher. I was running some cheap grease (Red n' Tacky) on my car and saw up to 190 on trans side after some long hard runs in the end of season heat. They didnt look bad or pitted when I took them apart but I'm going to switch it up this season and see if the grease is what caused mine to run hotter than the other cars in our group.
  7. PPV works. Paint protection vinyl. Clear bra.
  8. I run a powder coated aluminum tube over mine with just big enough opening to fit snug over the CV boot. Just another option...
  9. Car is just pretty close to being torn down to frame for summer prep and mods. Going to uni ball on the arm ends instead of bushing since I kept cracking mounts. Got the trans serviced and needed a new R&P and a few other small things. Took apart my engine harness and changed some branch points. Got rid of some splices and ran wires all the way back to the ecu and re pinned it there. Moving all fuses and relays to the front of the car instead of being scattered in different places. Sheathed it in some cool red and black PET braided sleeve. Got a heat shrink label maker and used clear heat shrink over the labels. Messed up a few connectors and terminals in the de pinning process but got em down now! Didn’t realize some of the connectors had pull to seat terminals so shoving them through the back of connector wasn’t a good idea... oops. Motor harness is close to being done.
  10. Got it. Never had an issue with map overlay in Glamis without a subscription on Leadnav even with 0 cell service. I always thought it cached it on the ipad after viewing it with cell service.
  11. What is the subscription for? Ive been using leadnav and just saving my own markers and tracks but I only ride in Glamis. I really like the app, its great. My only complaint about the ipad with leadnav is the daytime glare (dont really need it in the day so it doesnt bother me much). If you are using an ipad just make sure its the cellular and not wifi only. You dont need to have a data plan or cell service but the cellular model has a gps chip where the wifi only model does not. You would need a bluetooth gps puck if you have the wifi only model.
  12. Stopped by transworks today. Looks like the input shaft had slight grooves where the seals sit. Eric said the input shaft can be salvaged but the ring and pinion, side gears, and synchros not so much... About a $2500 rebuild. 💸
  13. 9FE2818C-32C7-4E56-B33F-A8C2E03B7F55.MOV
  14. Thanks for the replies! Trans is in the shop now for a refresh and hes gonna check it out. Gonna replace the pilot bearing as well. Learned a cool trick on getting those out... Instead of using grease and getting it everywhere, use bread and a bolt. Shove a bunch of bread in the hole and use a bolt with some electric tape to get as close to the diameter of the hole and hit it a few times with the hammer. I think it was harder to get in than it was to get out with that trick!
  15. Yea there was 2 in there but I only replaced the outer one and did it without removing the bell housing. Didn't know what replacing the inner one consisted of at that time.

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