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  1. I never used one but they sponsored the bbq competition i competed in for 4 years at santa Anita. I would consider them if I was after a pellet smoker. Just off the top of me head the pellet smokers I would go with if I was buying one are yoder blaz n grill works mak rectec There’s a couple others but I can recall them
  2. I was trying to burn up a dewalt grinder yesterday. 11 death wheels and 4 flap disks down so far. Need to go get a few more flap wheels to finish.
  3. i have a kill switch on the battery cable going to starter so it couldnt even be jumped at the starter.
  4. used to have several great threads with spring rates, so whats everyone got on their car? also include the car specs and weight 🙂 heres what mine was.. desert dynamics dual sport, setup midengine 3245lbs FRONT kings 2.0 coil carriers 2.5 triple bypasses 14-350/12-250 REAR king 2.5 ext reservoirs 16-500/16-500 3.0 triple bypasses.
  5. no clue.. luckily i saved them when they were posted as all the info posted was lost on this site. wish i had saved all the pm's as there was some really good info i had gotten from a few people here.
  6. i found some pics of a version of the newer bulkhead. im currently making this change to my car.
  7. https://www.dailywire.com/news/carhartt-an-unvaxxed-workforce-is-a-risk-our-company-is-unwilling-to-take
  8. as far as the question.. well Eff around and find out comes to mind..
  9. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/england-ends-all-covid-passports-mask-mandates-work-restrictions
  10. how is checking valve seat going to tell you why theres oil on the pistons? and how would they contribute to your oil psi issue?
  11. i "think" i recall the dimension but am not positive. had all that stuff saved in im's before the site crash. think it was 14 1/2? 15? im redoing my car now and plan on updating the bulkhead.
  12. thought the updated bulkhead was boxed deal with the upper pivots being wider than the lowers?
  13. depending on wheel offset and tire diameter they will hit what ever arms are the car. there was usually a stop placed on the steering rack rams to limit the turning depending on who built the car.

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