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  1. depends on amount for me.. cash always wins, if they dont want to carry cash then a wire transfer, but if its not a huge amount ill take zelle.
  2. i put a 2 ton unit in my garage here in havasu. 900sqft. fairly easy to install. keeps my garage at 72 easily when its 115 outside. garage is fully insulated and drywalled also. i wouldnt worry about brand soo much, just pick one off the jungle website and hook it up.
  3. that IS wildbills old car.
  4. alot of the higher end cars a lot of the stuff on them are cerakoted. the coating isnt bulletproof and will wear from abrasion (sandhitting it) just like any other coating.
  5. cerakote is a ceramic coating.
  6. cruised my new to me goin campin van to phoenix on a test run to make sure everythings working properly (did a bunch of mantinance stuff) before i embark on 3k mile trip in it and also hit up the bank (b of a closed all the branches in mohave county) hit up costco and visited with some close friends.
  7. bill burr, tom segura, bert kreisher, joey diaz.
  8. theres some very creative ways people are doing the "van life" deal. the ones that are made form used uahul vans are pretty neat.
  9. Working on my brothers desert dynamics doing some mantinance stuff.
  10. the only pellet grill i would ever buy :thumbup:
  11. i ran out to glamis to grab my brothers sandcar. working on stuff in the garage rest of weekend.
  12. Here’s some pics from my cook I did on Tuesday..

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