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  1. I have used it on my dads yfz450 for about 3 years with no problems with the bike or the clutch!
  2. Yea the summer is the time of year when work is the best for us. But i do know what you mean by hack jobs thats why i want it done right last think i want is my rig catching on fire or worse. Im going to talk to toy collector and see what he tells me
  3. Hey glamisdunes people i am in the market a new speakers system and head unit for my semi truck. I am looking for someone just to do a nice clean install and build me a custom box for two 12 inch sub woofers, i will buy all speakers and amps on my own. Can anyone recommend me someone that can get the job done and stands behind there work. I would prefer a individual instead of a shop so i can get it done at my yard but my ears are open I am willing to travel up to 100 miles from Los Angeles to get the job done right.
  4. A diesel would tow a lot better than your current v8 gas truck. Im sure it will get better than 6 miles per the gallon but the biggest advantage i see from getting a diesel is room to Grow! In the future if you would want a bigger bumper pull or even maybe a 5th wheel you dont have to worry about purchasing another truck. Now the downfall (kinda) is that these 6.0 are more reliable once you get them bulletproofed, but that comes at a cost not sure exactly how much but i know it isnt cheap if you want it done the right way. Many people get away without doing it while others have had bad luck with it. You may want to ask if it has been done. If you get the truck for a good price id hop in it especially since you know the seller and that it was taken care of properly. Hope this helped.
  5. I saw a HUGE difference in the oil after i deleted my truck. When i would change the oil after 5k it would be very very dark. After i deleted my truck the oil was still golden after 5k. Schaeffer's oil is top notch too.
  6. Dmaxguy


    It will help me out with the downpayment of a semi (truck & trailer). If not i would probably keep it for another 10+ years. Its been a great hassel free duramax. All i have ever replaced on this truck was a $20 glow plug.

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