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    A Slappy Funny

    A classic.

    2012 rzr xp 900. SOLD!!!!!!


    SxS's - Street Legal - Townships - Drama

    Great Idea. My suggestion is to start a "Friends of Big Bear" or FO Arrowhead type group, then apply for the CA State Grants available from the state to improve areas. Pick one area, the one closest to you and get a plan going for access and maintenance, that what the grant $$ is for.

    Thanks Mac

    Find your happy place.

    The debate over abortion

    Rape and Incest has been a shitty reality of this world since day one. Great people can come from a terrible situation, a newborn life is too precious to throw away. The problem with folks today is they want instant gratification, instant solutions, sorry but knowing both women whom have been raped, incest and had abortions ....the issue doesn't even begin to disapear or diminihs just because the child is gone. It's actually worse.

    Game Of Thrones

    4 Mini Stark Spin-offs are now possible, after the 1,000 Prequel of course. The ending to me was fine. I was surprised to see Bran take the throne and John leave, but makes perfect sense. Really Expected the Dragon to melt Snow, not the throne. Because I just started GOT this past month....I am enjoying the whole series from season 1 Thank GOD I did the same with Sopranos, whose got the patience / Time to wait each week for the next episode and then in between seasons? HELL NO! Deadwood movie is around corner, that series was cut short, last episode left endless stories dangling....I'm so glad 10 years later there will be CLOSURE. Chernobyl looks good, and wont go on forever. Atlanta and Snowfall are almost back too... ....TV Party tonight....Live All in the Family....hope they don't EFF that one up... ...tv party tonight....

    Anyone ever ride in Big Bear?

    Please post pictures and your experience, the area in Big Bear and surrounding area isn't what it used to be 20 years ago (Holcomb Valley) for most OHV....but there is a ton of area for Jeeps / Street legal 4x4. Great part of the SoCal High Dez...

    A little upgrade to the new Duramax

    Looks nice, congrats.

    The debate over abortion

    So many on point statements made in your post Well said
  10. CRUSTY

    Grumpy Cat Dead at 7yrs old... :(

    Bummer news. <---GC Fan.
  11. CRUSTY

    The debate over abortion

    Lots of things legal today that we have the rights for...I support those rights to be exercised. I do not think there is a justified reason for abortion however, even in Medical necessity or rape it should be a last resort and avoided at all costs. I am against abortion. Child has a right to live despite whatever circumstances brought their life into existence.

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