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  1. Old Guys in a cage have no place to talk their crap on Quads, 3 Wheeler or MX guys. Unless you ARE still rocking the single port VW, non IRS beam car...most of my respect goes to you and your spine... LOL 3 Wheeler's have some clout...they earned it. 2 Wheeler's are young thugs, they'll get old one day too
  2. 0 MPH, your estimated ETA is Never hours and Don't hold your breath minutes.
  3. My Kids laugh...that mean I'm young or they just mean?
  4. <----Owns Slow Quad and even Slower SxS Not Ghay and never had those GHAY Tribal Flames on either Quad or Rhino.... I'm not sure where I fit into this confusing thread...
  5. Our camp is easy to find....Weekend Warrior and White Ford Super Duty 4x4 . . . It's funny how much camps really do all start looking the same...
  6. It's all in fun. It's actually a good post/reminder that there are good people out in the Dunes. We all know it, but its a good reminder because if you read much of Social Media related to Glamis...it's not a very pretty picture sometimes. Funny story, my kids all Rollerblade....one day I went around the neighborhood with them and after a good 20 mins had to sit down on the curb and re-tie my skates. Car pulls up and lady asks me if Im having a heart attack...or need help?
  7. @BaBaBouy @Retired Thank you for returning them back to camp. They tend to wander away...
  8. Prayers for that little girl to make a full recovery......sounds like they found her in time........just WOW they are a very lucky family.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Towards the end of day, when dust is up and sun is about o set....I have seen plenty of kids get lost just riding around camp. Why is a 10 year old driving a SxS alone anyways? Hope that kid was found safe.
  11. Guy in FORD Super Duty has obviously been in yore shoes...(Walking on side of road)
  12. Was not in "Glamis" so the stuff I did wasn't very interesting

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