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    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Post of the month.

    Glamis Lefty's

    I'm left handed on rare occasion, helps change it up when needed.

    Sand Car rollover at Olds

    Agreed. Since they are GD members, hopefully they will chime in when back home. We all love a good story and this is a close-nit community, they should feel safe to speak freely. Any bashing or unwarranted negativity won't be tolerated

    Sand Car rollover at Olds

    Glad they were ok! These things happen when your out having fun, thanks for confirmation.

    Sand Car rollover at Olds

    Social media says nobody was hurt...
  6. oh man, wish you were in San Gabriel area vs SD. Could use that on occasion. Nice Mid-deck!

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    It's an event you can avoid. Simply do not go to the following Popular spots or on any well traveled path that connects them. Palapa Hut Flag Pole Sand Drags Sand Highway Oldsmobile Hill Vendor Row Wash Road Most other areas should be fine.

    Community facebook pages

    Question; can be applied here. Do you listen to the local Shoe Cobbler who fixes shoes, when they say the Brand New Nike Air Jordan's are trash? Conflict of interest or valid opinion by somebody who knows? Everyone has their own angle or perspective and reasons why they might say/post what they do, can you discern when it is in your benefit vs their own?

    Fuel Station Pump Rebuild

    Somebody could revolutionize the entire Toy Hauler industry by making a set of freaking plastic gears that did not swell
  10. CRUSTY

    Community facebook pages

    Those two groups require pre-approval to post? That is uber-ghay. Looking at the type of boring shit posted 24/7 I wonder why they even bother with pre-approval. Lame. ...and Private Groups Suck anyways, Inner-circle circle-jerk offs is all they are anyways
  11. CRUSTY

    Fuel Station Pump Rebuild

    My point has always been that Social Media is the easy quick hit type medium Don't let the AzzKlowns stop you from posting relevant information.....there is a HUGE DECLINE in anything worthwhile in any of those FB groups. It all the same stupid shit, 24/7.
  12. CRUSTY

    What're You Listening to Now?

    Just a thought.. People say that rap is dead but they aren't listening to the right stuff, this stuff gets to your head, makes you feel something. Pitty how some people don't know what good music is, Eff those Mumble Raps PUTOS!
  13. CRUSTY

    What're You Listening to Now?

    Been on an Atmosphere kick for a long time...Slug speaks to my soul....and dude drops mad ryhmes
  14. CRUSTY

    Venting a gas jug

    Nice Modifications/Hacks I know the little plastic caps on my Scribbner jubs are mashed, cracked, don't close well or don't vent well. I like the tube to bottom for air flow, eliminates glug-glugging
  15. CRUSTY

    Fuel Station Pump Rebuild

    I read on Social Media (Facebook) that you can just sand the gears down or loosen the bolts and the problem is fixed

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