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  1. If I don't change up the rides in my camp, my entire family will look like the Pit Bike portion of that video Great thread. Something NEW will get me pumped up for the upcoming Glamis season.

    Too much HP

    Not having ANY sand car experience, only having been a passenger... I think a Car with an ECO-Tech or NA Honda V6 would be a GREAT / FUN Motor for a guy like me. Anything more might get me in trouble being a NEWB in a Sand Rail. Kinda wish 650HP was still a GD Member to see what his answer would be
  3. They WILL push HP, they always have....
  4. My guess is that your frustrated with the clutter of a bunch of threads yore not interested in reading, fair enough. When you have clicked on the threads you wanted to read or reply in, you can then click the "Mark Site as Read" button. That will mark all the threads you didn't want to see and remove them from your view. I use this often to get the clutter off my screen as well, i actually don't read everything here. Here is where that button is located on your laptop version, mobile has it too...but you can find that yourself.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Be sure to take a selfie, then post #YOLO on IG and the 3 dozen FB Glamis groups
  7. Old Threads are allot like Old Girlfriends, your memory of them is nostalgic....everything was perfect back then right? The you go see them, today, how it is right now.....BURN IT WITH FIRE! Seriously though, there is some real gold posted in this website, some of it tech related, some of it just friends joking around the online campfire.
  8. Already passed with majority votes twice, third time and it becomes law in San Diego. How did they come to determine this would help deter Domestic Violence and Mass Shootings?
  9. Two sides to the coin, shitbags that don't pay their tickets, fee's, etc...then there is the ridiculous amounts charged by tow companies. Kind of reminds me of Healthcare, those that dont pay, those that over collect to compensate, keep profits high.
  10. It's Berkeley. What made me chuckle was the recent Scarlet Johanson roasting she got for saying as an Actress she can play any part, any role. A Transgender Male who Identifies as Female said that she could not portray a Transgender Male, who Identifies as Female.... Umm...she is an ACTRESS, she professionally pretends to be people that she is not! Gets paid very well to do it I might add. This Gender-Spectrum shit is out of control.

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