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  1. Kinda almost get a "Crusty Demons" feel from their videos... LOL Glad they are out there having fun in their SxS's. It's something to pass the time on
  2. V-Loggers got to Glamis for Social Distancing...
  3. Video says happened near Wash 1 recently...HOLY Crap! Glad everybody was OK.
  4. Yup, I noticed that too...
  5. This is exactly why you NEVER see my posting Tech Threads about my New Auto Zone accessories on my Rhino.
  6. Interesting. A friend gave me and the wife a pair of YETI tumblers, they work great. Who knows if real or fake Buying stuff on Amazon is a crap shoot many times...

    Cabin Fever?

    VERY Nice Patio @mike dee
  8. I nominate the GD Members that are First-Responders and Essential Workers that are keeping things moving these COVID-19 Days. Hats off to you'all
  9. COVIDMc19 will put things in your life to the test... For some it's a pebble in your shoe, for others it might be the final straw. Everyone's life is in different stages.....take a deep breath, time never stops moving forward...ALL things pass eventually.
  10. I remember. Already graduated HS, was in college living on my own and working in the Motorcycle/ATV/PWC - Powersports industry. No Kids, No Wife and allot of Glamis time back then....LOL....life was good.

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