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  1. Hope this works out in your favor and everyone heals up.
  2. Last night saw a Commercial for a special on DTV....thought wow, dude looks OLD...but wanted to watch it... Then saw news this AM....bummer....guy was really good, will have to watch now for sure.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Nice, I need to do the New House in abut 3 weeks. Please PM me their Contact information.
  5. Amazing how these stupid things blew up in popularity with teens...
  6. Wife's Ride, Never raced....etc. His Wife never rolled it....Asian guy however...rolled uphill?
  7. Looks cool, don't know if I would fit in it though...
  8. I can understand why folks won't or just don't want to talk about this...everything in our sport has inherent dangers, you just don't expect those dangers to come straight off the factory assembly line.
  9. Distributing the days workload and one of my Tech's started to freak out, his daughter called him, she was near ground zero....blocks away. We all went to the lunch room and stood watching in disbelief and shock.
  10. Already feeling that I won't make it this year If you see me there, buy me a beer like I just got out of jail...don't be sad if the conversation is quick as well. Nothing Personal. Slammed with much less fun things to be done.
  11. When Football was a Real Sport and Fans loved the game... RIP to the GOAT American sports journalist!

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