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    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    A couple, one of our best friends have fostered kids like this for the last 20 years, they are even qualified for the high risk ones, behavioral problems type stuff. Since we spend ALLOT of time together as families.....we see allot first hand. Thank you and your wife for doing what you do, its a tough job, these kids didn't deserve what they were born from. Fosters are that second chance at a better life.

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    Opioids are killing more people then Aids/HIV did these days. Tougher Laws and Punishment is the answer, just be ready for more folks in jail. I think too many people get too many chances in Rehab type settings. Hard time for anyone with drug related criminal charges/behaviors. Homelessness was out of control in Anahiem, by the Angel stadium. What did they do to finally fix or move that issue elsewhere....its not there anymore.

    Honda Talon

    Bert's has them sitting on the floor now...might go over and look at it in person.

    Honda Talon

    Yes. It's a fun family cruiser.

    WTB-Shipping Containers

    Chris sells them and is located in Fontana if I recall @Dizzle Member name on GD is Dizzle

    A+ Build

    Nice ATC man . . .

    Lost thread

    Lots of ways to get from Point A to point B in the new forum. SIMPLEST way to find YOUR own Threads are: 1) Click Activity at top right side of page 2) Click Content you started on drop down All your threads will list for you.
  8. On my to try lists. Because RK WANTS me to have a heart attack...

    Honda Talon

    A Turbo Kit option for those in CA or AZ that want one. I do wonder how that will play into CA emissions, etc. Make it a Red Sticker, Race Only...blah blah blah.
  10. CRUSTY

    Honda Talon

    "Just the facts"
  11. CRUSTY

    Honda Talon

    Sgt. Joe Friday approves this post.
  12. CRUSTY

    REACH Air Medical Services

    Take it all in stride...don't let the paperwork overwhelm you. Good time to print up your Medical coverage files and start reading them in detail. Medical billing is a crap shoot, many times they get it wrong the first few times ad you'll get billed full amounts.....take a deep breath and keep questioning everything they try to bill you. Keep pushing back or appeal.
  13. CRUSTY

    Honda Talon

    A few things.. You should know me well enough that I am pretty open to all sides of any story or experience shared by folks. If you think I'm a Polaris fan of any sort, your not paying attention at all. Can-Am and Polaris are doing what they have always done, even since the 90's when I worked in the power sports industry with Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris and Sea-Do Bombardier. Only other major brand was Yamaha, which we did not carry. I was not in sales, i worked directly with the mechanics and parts for repair, warranty work, etc for years. I saw first hand quality product vs crap. POL and BRP were always great at their marketing "Fast and Cheaper" fun then the lager Japanese mfgs. Still true today. There is a brand out there for everyone, Biffle and RG included. I'd love to find me a sweet Joyner 800 for the right price that was not beat to shit....it could be fun at the right price point right? I'm all about $ to fun ratio for the amount of time I can spend out there using it. Everyone has their opinions, i just chuckle when you go above and beyond to discredit others for theirs. Just because YOU think little of them, that doen't amount to anything for everyone else. Just like my own "Two Cents".....its worth only what others decide to let it be worth.
  14. CRUSTY

    Lost thread

    Search Box works fine. This new version actually works better then the last one we had on the old format. Hit/Miss is on the end user experience based on whatever they input. Example: I just did a search on his thread, used "Doodle Concept" for the search criteria and his thread was the 4th item from the top of the list. 1st item was this thread as it is most recent. Search function works, its simply what a person uses to identify their item desired that can determine what they get.
  15. CRUSTY

    Honda Talon

    I putt around at 27 mph max on a "Sporty" version of farm/football field equipment modified to fit 4 people. It's reliable as fuck and does what I need it to do for the cheap price I paid. I don't pretend that it is anything more then what it is ....unlike you. While on paper the wildcat had every opportunity to be the best 2012 had to offer.....the reality of their poor craftsmanship is what make then get the ribbing that they do. Design is great, unless you can't seem engineer it to meet basic reliability expectations.
  16. CRUSTY

    El Golfo

    El Golfo de Santa Clara ?? Wow, place looks really nice, very small town.....a real getaway type location. No big city crap.
  17. CRUSTY

    Lost thread

    Best way to find your own threads is to go the way GM showed you.....using the search function is hit/miss
  18. CRUSTY

    Honda Talon

    I bet you felt really dirty after those words left your fingertips...and you clicked post. No need to call bad names to those who don't deserve it (Honda a Wildcat).....that was just MEAN.
  19. CRUSTY

    Honda Talon

    Pot meet Kettle. His comment that "You know everything" is less of a personal attack then your calling him a 4 year old. RideRed, nice offer....thank you for not making this personal. Socaldmax.... about the SxS.

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