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  1. Well done GD Members... it's truly a community here.
  2. Thing I want the most, is the thing I can't change, stop or even make any better in the slightest degree. But I'll be by her side doing everything and anything until I die.
  3. @Bansh88 That's actually pretty rad set up. #Jelly
  4. Supply chain is slow as some warehouses were not "Essential", that is only reason supply of certain items is running out. I had to drive 2 cities over for the couple extra cans of paint I needed to finish my pool fence Retail APPS that show store inventory are GREAT.
  5. Lowes is doing just fine...I bought Lowes and HD Stock mid-march and they are both doing just fine...I hope they keep going up actually. COVID-19 has been interesting to the Stock Market
  6. Great pictures and sharing....I do NOT know JV like I would like...need to get out there again.
  7. Hungry Valley OHV is now OPEN for Day-Use Riding. http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=1192 Overnight camping is not yet permitted.
  8. Stuff breaks, fix it. 19 years was a good run, quit yer bitchen!
  9. @realbadlarry Glad your family is safe today....stuff can always be replaced. Eff that AzzKlown, hope that he didn't take off...was he DUI or just speeding like an idiot?
  10. Don't do anything but take it back to their shop for them to fix it and make it right. They touched the clutch, you took out and didn't even get 1/2 mile outside of camp - first ride since their work. Their issue to fix.
  11. Cool find...hope your feeling better.
  12. Can you buy an OHV wif EBT yet?
  13. So crate motor is better or cheaper option vs redoing just the bottom end? What is the short reason / answer?
  14. Call Benchmark Performance in Ramona CA
  15. The Glamis related FB pages are the BEST/WORST of what FB offers....LMAO Sometimes it's a little World Star Hip Hop, other times America's Funniest Home Videos, Hillbilly Nitro Circus and even Housewives of Orange County. The "Commercials" or 03 second snippets of info are actual Glamis stuff that can be great at times. and like Cookie said...tons of info for School Sports, Clubs and Recreational stuff as well.
  16. I think @Yarder has one...he should read this thread
  17. Welcome to the New America
  18. CRUSTY

    La Rams

    @dbart Perfect MH for you Bruh... https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/rvs/d/fontana-amazing-mobile-tailgate-vehicle/7126839477.html
  19. Back to my normally scheduled daily activities....
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. You pissed off this man...
  22. Yup, got the same "Hackers are gonna steal your life, name, credit, etc.." message this AM too. #MeToo
  23. RIP Pier 1 (One) Imports (Retail Store). All locations will remain closed - cease operations notice has been filed.

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