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  1. It's time to buy my a new watch and grow a beard. I hope their campaign secures them a large host of vaginas for their shaving products for years to come. Social Virtue Signaling at its worst if I have ever seen it. (by Gillette) - I weep for America's future.

    Smudge pots

    In today's day and age, why don't MORE FOLKS file actual complaints when the sucky-ass poor job done by some of the BLM/LEO in the ISDRA? Everything is captured, shared and goes viral on Social Media.....same needs to happen when stuff goes sideways. This is in reference to LEO Hermes and the bs ticket.

    TRX 250 Honda sputtering

    ok, so it is a TRX250EX that has a plastic tank, once that tank is clean...its clean. Have you checked the Fuel Filter on the petcock? If that is missing or all gummed up......it will run for awhile and then clog, sputter, die. Easy item to check that can stop or mess with your fuel delivery.

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    Good trick in case you just can't wait to find that perfect spot on Gecko...

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    This could work in Glamis

    Teacher Strike 3: Freddy's Revenge

    Mr. Perez (USMC Staff Sgt - or something, i forget) - Mechanical Drafting and illustration. Influence was on setting personal goals, how to hone something you love to do into a skill you can get paid for. How to love your job, excel at it. Mr. Covellone - Marching Band, Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble. Influence was on finding joy in life when everything around you was shit. Life will never be perfect, but certain moments will, enjoy them.

    Chinese Lanterns

    You need to camp with Bansh88, he knows all the choice spots

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    Living the dream . . . Thank you President Trump? I'm not surprised it is San Felipe, the ATV Rentals there make a KILLING off the American Tourists......so does the local Emergencia

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    I could have sworn that was Arizona
  10. CRUSTY

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    Sweet sweet Waldo...
  11. Enjoy your trip back to the homeland....while some of the BS is same.....So is the beauty of G...get your ride on bro.
  12. CRUSTY

    Chinese Lanterns

    For every person that posts a picture of them picking up trash in glamis on Facebook, there are at least a dozen that hate on it or just troll. Kuddos to the folks that take time out of their day to pick up trash, they earn the right to post cool pictures for others to see how its actually done. So MikeDee likes the Chinese Lanterns huh? @mike dee
  13. CRUSTY

    Hot New X-3 Assessory......

    That plush LT suspension would be nice for . LOL
  14. CRUSTY

    Chinese Lanterns

    They are cool, kids and women enjoy them. But just like fireworks, they just end up as more trash, so in that aspect they suck. I was more worried about this guy in camp shooting off his crow/bird flare gun at us...LOL.
  15. CRUSTY

    It's Saturday 1/12/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Dunno yet, woke up late... need
  16. CRUSTY

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    I have family and friends that teach and administer in public schools, i appreciate the work they do, but despise their Unions. There is big similarity to Construction or Utilities Unions, they represent their members all the while pushing politcal agendas not directly related to their industry.
  17. CRUSTY

    Steepest tall Dune in Glamis? Foot climb challenge

    Cool pic, cool thread. Wish I could ride my on it.
  18. CRUSTY

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    I read today that the School board was at a 6% raise and the Union was locked at 6.5%. I also read that the biggest issue was classroom size, no max on classrooms is just bad policy. My district used to be pretty good, its gone down, glad my kids are almost all HS age.
  19. CRUSTY

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    Debate the topic - Teacher Strike Please refrain from making personal jabs at each other, that will not help a healthy discussion.
  20. CRUSTY

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    Rhino, in H/L in trailer, Parking brake on with ratchet tie downs.
  21. CRUSTY

    Border collie lab mix to good home

    I was a no dogs in the house person for years and years... When it's cold or the weather is bad they come in....hell they come in all the time... They are simply not allowed in bedrooms or on top of furniture... Part of family...

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