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  1. If I was good at finishing my projects...I would put these on my Chopper ATC. But it needs other items first and has a set of knobbies. Hmm.... For the price they could look cool sitting on my garage shelf like a bunch of other New After Market and OEM items waiting to get installed.
  2. The i-4WD on the Talon looks impressive. https://www.utvguide.net/honda-talon-i4wd-front-differential/
  3. Oh man, somebody is in trouble at that shop. Hope that get everything back to normal in a short period of time.
  4. Happy Father's day to all the Men who raised a child.
  5. I never use "New Posts" and just went to look at it.....yuck. It is like a preview of the thread with most recent 2 or 3 posts cascaded right below it. Not a fan, doesn't let me skim in the manner i enjoy. I mainly use "Unread Content" - please don't change anything there
  6. Good reading, interesting topic for discussion. +1
  7. Really cool "Perfect Circle" vibe to it until this chick showed up
  8. Great Chart. "Emotional" support types are the ones causing most of the troubles.
  9. Real Service Dogs would NEVER be placed on counter tops, etc. Period. I hate to see "Good" Things or Services misused or abused. It ruins it for the real people who depend on them.
  10. CRUSTY

    ATC 70

    Vegas Odds say in a week or less Poule43 will have a non-running ATC70 for sale. Maybe he will change the fenders or handle bars, etc. and make a profit $$$ This is America and it's OK. Just at .....but it could happen!
  11. CRUSTY

    ATC 70

    Congrats @POULE43 you scored on that one.
  12. I would ask @Supreme Air and @Impala Pete here on
  13. CRUSTY

    ATC 70

    I'd pay 200 roses
  14. Oh I gotta watch that....good looking out. If yore not a National Lampoon fan...I'm not sure we can be friends
  15. CRUSTY

    ATC 70

    I already have two, a Stock one and a rat rod chopper. I did send the info to a buddy looking @Ruben
  16. Got any Before / After pictures? Good work of this type is so hit and miss.....and when its bad, its really bad.
  17. Why does she look like a character from South Park? That facial Expression... Of course it is different...the real question is which videos were better. Obviously they are all "Stagged" but which did the masses like more? Would be interesting to know. Who is his following: Gender, Income, Social Status, etc.
  18. https://pics.esmemes.com/Instagram-Follow-your-dreams-7d92a9.png
  19. When it is a 3rd world country or private property...nobody cares. Downtown SD and people lose their minds
  20. We can all continue on with our lives... Honestly, FNG and @Slappy really do care about what makes this place the best, that includes navigation ease as much as content. As with all things, just give FNG a fair chance. Thank you @FNG for all you do to keep this place humming along.
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