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  1. They dig down deep and have less wheel spin. If you want the most traction go with the pro’s. The pro’s are a lighter rotating mass too so it will save your transaxle. I run an S5D so I’m not worried as much. The 14.50x17 dunesport will cost you twice as much because you will need new rims. You can run the pro 2 on your current 15” and save some cash.
  2. No the diameters are different. The 33 blaster pro 2 on a 12” wide rim is really a 35” tire and has a high crown. The blaster doesn’t slide like the dunesport. The dunesport is a 34” tire with a flat profile and will slide 100x’s better. If you want to play out in the dunes and drift your car in the bowels go with the dunesport.
  3. I went from a 33” Blaster pro 2 to a 14.50x17 dune sport II. They are a night and day difference in performance so pick your poison.
  4. Is that at the carcass and on what size wheel?
  5. Pair of STU 1300 Plus No. 1 cut shipped to 93536

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