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  1. quaddaddy

    Funco summer graphics project

    Cool project. Thanks for the pics and drawings etc. I like using can paint, especially after all my expensive powder coat flaked off. (Very poor job I paid way too much for). So it’s rattle can for me also. As long as you prep well, do a good application and not overspray you can’t tell the difference. IMO.
  2. quaddaddy

    Excellent Analysis by Victor Davis Hanson

    I love Rush but, VDH............. one of the most articulate conservative thinkers of all time.
  3. quaddaddy

    Song Of The Day

    Love the Floyd
  4. quaddaddy

    21 years today

    Congrats to you 2. the only thing that gives me peace about thieves is to know they can NEVER have what I have because I earned mine and I don’t have ever doubt who I am or where my success came from
  5. quaddaddy

    Firearms in your car

    Amazing people have such little regard for storing or keeping firearms. The last thing someone should find accidentally IMO. I carry when I travel but it’s not in a place where people will just wander across it. If I think somebody is close, I tell them or remove it. Just common sense that’s not so common I guess.
  6. quaddaddy

    Next Project

    He’s not really racing at this time. He had number 412.
  7. quaddaddy

    .38 Police Special

    Same gun I carried in the 80’s. Had to put combat grips on it to make it a little more badass even back then.
  8. quaddaddy

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Nice job on the install. Totally out of the way mounting. Those little units do an awesome job.
  9. quaddaddy

    RIP Schwinn

    This sucks. Looks like he was a cool dude. So sorry. Prayers for the family. He’s duning in hereafter now.
  10. quaddaddy

    Next Project

    Been a while but got the cases split. Amazingly enough, carnage wasn’t too bad but most of the trans gears are cooked. New cases and transmission coming now..... ..
  11. quaddaddy

    05 TRX450R for sale

    Nice quad. Looks like a dune couch. GLWTS.
  12. quaddaddy

    Using what you got to bust a nut.........

    Wow! Those are really big nuts!🤪 Fascinating to see what you can do, what needs to be done to get the job done. Pretty cool.
  13. quaddaddy

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Please post up some pics if u would.
  14. quaddaddy

    New build in progress, The Handful

    Nice post. This is an amazing build. What engineering it takes to make a car like this. Props to all who do these type builds.
  15. quaddaddy

    Shitbag that tries to steal my F250

    Dude , my son’s duramax was stolen last month. This little camera was a great idea I wish he could have had. Post this idiot all over social media is a stroke of genius. This shitbag can’t even go buy a pizza without somebody knowing who he is. Public humiliation (next to prison) is all we have to punish these scum! Good Job!

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