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  1. That’s so sad. Love the bbq pic. All my dogs bbq with me. Wonder why?
  2. pic 1 a B-29 flew over my house this past week. next 4 are some pics of some extreme bar stool racers I saw yesterday.
  3. Sounds like the driver ran out of talent. Pretty major car to take such a badass road like you stole it. Lack of safety equipment sounds pretty stupid too. What if sand cars ran without harnesses and cages.
  4. I was so bummed to hear about this today. Sucks to get old and see your rock idols die.
  5. Passing the sketchy trailer looked bad.......... then it went worse!!!!!
  6. Very cool. Have to make Vets this year!
  7. Nice job catching a crucial birthday.
  8. Dessert for the soul. POS in pain from being a POS.

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