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  1. Ya know I’m a “Ramblin Man”. Nice job. Glad you’re keeping the spirit up!
  2. Nice work! Time well spent there as the kitchen is the best place bang for buck to remodel when it’s time to re-sell.
  3. Well, you’re making my point for me kinda. When slow passes slow bad stuff just happens because people have absolutely no patience for anyone else on the road. None of the rules on that road are being followed anyway. Just would like to not see 4 hour backups every time somebody gets mashed.
  4. Coolest toy I ever had. Got it about 3rd grade. Just couldn’t leave it home so I brought it to school in my lunch box. Well...... I got caught by one of the nuns. Gun got confiscated and I never saw it again. The 60’s were brutal!
  5. “I got to see this yesterday driving the other way on the 5. It was about 1pm and traffic was backed up for miles both ways. Driver was towing in the fast lane and crashed and the truck was sideways across a few lanes. Several cars crashed behind him but it didn’t look like anyone was too badly hurt. Just a huge traffic jam on top of a already bad traffic jam.   So if you’re towing, stay out of the fast lane, huh?!! ” I just happen to agree. We have similar issues here in AZ. Every single weekend, the I-17 gets closed or just jacked up for some variation of ass hats who have to pass on the big hill towing +20,000 lbs. or lane changing of impatience all over the place or just plain stupid following. It’s made going anywhere north of Phoenix a major pain. While I hate more laws, I would like the hill up north be a strict lane and speed enforcement area. Just my rant.
  6. Proof we are getting dumber as a society
  7. We all are the deplorables and the establishment never lets us forget it. Trump also never forgets it. Trump is out there taking all the hits for us because these attackers hate us as much if not more than him. Everyone should to remember he’s speaking for an enormous amount of people.
  8. Ok, it’s Friday and now I’m crying in my beer!🍺 Sorry little pug pup and mr. shepherd are gone for you guys. Darn pets get in out hearts and then they just leave this world without us. Sucks for sure.
  9. So sorry you had this happen to someone close. Just sucks.
  10. “Too bad they have children” they are teaching the kids how it’s perfectly ok to be complete a55h0les...... All parties were from the same family and were uncooperative. Obviously as usual, the cops were the problem ...... another shining example of how some people should be prevented from procreating! But what do I know, I’m just another a-hole white guy.

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