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  1. I remember the thread. This was the site I liked best. https://www.toughtopawnings.com/Patio-replacement-fabric.html
  2. A lot of our nites went exactly like this movie.
  3. I buy my old school 19.5’s from the guy a Firebird. Also had the long valve stems put on. Good prices and they know their stuff.
  4. I like the post for this subject. The working/tax paying class in this country SHOULD refuse to acquiesce to the endless rules and red tape designed to control those who will never conform to societal norms. Example, we all only hear more about controlling gun access to legal honest citizens while nobody wants properly punish the a-hole lawbreakers who always have a gun don’t care. There will be no real punishment given to them.
  5. Uh......Ya! Good job with the new board changes tech guys!
  6. Good job. Love seeing you vids. Weather had to be epic.
  7. Not worry about the Sedona temps, just all the tourists. Cool way to Jeep into Sedona is take the Schnebley Hill exit off I-17. Nice trail that goes all the way into Sedona. Cool views there. There are some very cool trail areas around the Snow Bowl road that will take you to some underground lava tubes (if you’re not claustrophobic, that is. )
  8. You gotta know there’s bunches of folks who really know the real story and just can’t say so out loud. I always feel like we have no real idea of what the hell really goes on behind the scenes. Reacting to the news or ANY “information of the day” is just plain stupid and being the sheep they all play us for.

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