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  1. quaddaddy

    Bitch Slap

    More investigations on the way. Dems have not figured out the more stupid caca they come up with against this guy, the more popular he gets. I say, investigate away you d!psh!ts.
  2. Looks like it would be a good idea to do some mental health evaluation of rail personnel operating thousands of tons of iron around the general public.
  3. Damn little boogers get in your heart and no matter how they misbehave or tear all your crap up, you still get your heart all tore up when they go. 🍺 to you and your pup.
  4. Had a family member in contact with the first AZ death person. Their whole family is in quarantine now. I started thinking this was all BS, but I also don’t think we’ve seen the worst of it yet. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little concerned.
  5. this....... if you’re gonna wear gloves and ppe please don’t just dump it wherever the f you are! Some Humans are just deficient.
  6. This will be my first attempt at summer sausage. Made it with pork, venison, and lots of jalapeño and cheddar. The finished product. Did I say lots of jalapeños? Nice bite to it.
  7. Bad cartridge-single pole type fixture?
  8. I would put this in the WTF category........
  9. Lots of detail. I’m no scientist, but looks very informative and non-hysterical. Thanks for posting.
  10. A couple of oldsters I found in a garage yesterday.
  11. Our crew is supposed to go next week. Would like to still make it out there. Who know what will be in the wind.

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