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  1. quaddaddy

    Crazy things you see in Glamis

    That car parted that guys hair!
  2. quaddaddy

    Protesting milk

    Oh my good god! These people need to get a life. We have no greater cause that needs attention??????!!!!!!!
  3. quaddaddy

    It’s Saturday 12/15/18 what’s everybody doing.

    Yes Mr. RK, my favorite ones to make.... Teryaki, Jalapeño, Cheddar with a hint of Cayenne.
  4. quaddaddy

    It’s Saturday 12/15/18 what’s everybody doing.

    Okay, I’m a bit of a grinch I’ll admit, but this is my Christmas spirit. Making meat treats for all the guys I know for presents. oh, and drank rum by the fire.........
  5. quaddaddy

    Rzr Ride Pics And Stuff

    Too bad they got spooked. What area (generally) were you in?
  6. quaddaddy

    Rzr Ride Pics And Stuff

    Wow. Those are awesome pics. The deer didn’t looked freaked out or nothin.
  7. quaddaddy

    Please delete

    Very nice quad.
  8. quaddaddy

    Arabian Fun with Guns

    I laugh at the Islam silly man.
  9. quaddaddy

    Comcast Cable.... Buddy Started Working There...

    Be nice to have a COX guy here in AZ I could bribe, tempt or cajole into fixing my stuff.
  10. quaddaddy

    Pics from my last trip

    I did drive it into a fire pit once and had to tow it out............ from the rear bumper!
  11. quaddaddy

    Pics from my last trip

    Thanks! She’s an oldy but good. The 454 sounds cool with the corvette headers on it. The inside still has lots of blue velvet hence the guys call it the “Casino”.
  12. quaddaddy

    Fun with epoxy

  13. quaddaddy

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    That is a beautiful shop!
  14. quaddaddy

    Glamis camp photos

    You know I’m a Ford guy and I saw that pic and just figured it was photo-chopped!🤪

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