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  1. My thoughts as well, but I’ll watch anyway. Looks well produced.
  2. Nice truck. I’d like to have a guy like that in AZ and maybe have my beast checked over. I have 297,000 and it still runs like when I bought it. It’s never had a tuner in it and don’t have a really huge trailer where I’d need it. But I’ve thought of doing one anyway. Anyway, love the post and the pics.
  3. Love it. Don’t see enough of these back yard builds. I really like seeing the project progress and seeing how different guys overcome the engineering challenges that inevitably come. Keep going. Good job.
  4. one of my personal favs
  5. quaddaddy

    RIP Sage

    Sorry for your loss.
  6. Would love to see a significant number of the non-standing folks be replaced in November. Maybe more people can see now what lying POS’s they’ve been for 3+ years and wake up.
  7. Gotta love the Trump curse. Love seeing folks post up on him and get all jammed.
  8. I look at a lot of pools for a living. That’s a really nice transformation. Looks like your guys did a great job. Thanks for adding all the pics too!
  9. That looks like a lot of fun.
  10. This is a bummer. Just another reminder no matter where you already at, keep aware of all that is around you at all times , no matter where you are.
  11. These are super machines. Very reliable.

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