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  1. Gary Marot

    2 seat supercharged sequential LS6/S4 sandrail

    Had some offers and trade offers but nothing went through yet thanks guys but will consider all offers!
  2. Gary Marot

    Turbos setup

    TO4E family size Compressor wheel is C61 Turbine wheel is F162 So the turbos are 61/62 Journal bearing turbos
  3. Gary Marot

    Turbos setup

  4. Gary Marot

    Douglas Beadlocks 15x12. 3.5 BS

  5. Gary Marot

    Turbos setup

    I have a setup we pulled off my car - Nothing wrong, just went SC instead. Twin Turbonetics with Precision Wastegates and a Tial BOV (blow off valve). All top of the line pieces. He has a Turbosmart boost controller as well (useful if your ECM cannot do variable boost like a MEFI or GM ). Ideally sized for 383-427 engines. Makes good power down low on pump gas (6-8lbs), and can turn up the boost (up to 20Lbs) on E85 or 116 Race Gas No headers, since you will find they are not universal and you will want a good set made for your car. Same with the intercooler and tubing, it's almost always custom to the car, why pay for parts you won't be able to use. exception is the Turnkey engine top intercooler assy - it has limited cooling but its really easy to buy and install. Asking $1500 obo
  6. For Sale 2004 2 Seat Sand Buggy Supply Long-travel Car (Sand Rail Fabricators) Light weight (2350Lbs wet), but Heavy Duty, Fast, and Reliable Strapped to 21” travel all around Completely repowered in 2016 and gone through – 4 trips since then Clean Car overall with no issues King Coilovers and Bypasses all around Suspension Rebuilt and Tuned by ED in 2016 Supercharged LS6, pump gas 500RWHP Only 6lbs of boost for reliability Holley HP ECM and Turnkey harness and Turnkey tuned PBS S4 purchased new with 4 trips on it GM style large clutch (Weddle) Setrab Trans cooler and pump 930 CV’s new RBP axles (4 trips) RBP Microstubs Rear RBP Hubs front Xtreme 35’s on Beadlocks rear Xtreme 8.80’s on Beadlocks Front New PRP wide seats and Harness’s LED Lights Billet mirrors 120” wheelbase 92” wide rear, 82” wide front (78” when sucked up) $42,500 or OBO 7142673151 Gary
  7. Gary Marot

    Douglas Beadlocks 15x12. 3.5 BS

  8. Gary Marot

    Douglas Beadlocks 15x12. 3.5 BS

    I have a set of 15x12. 3.5 back spacing satin black powder coat good shape never gooped( no tire sealant ever used) $450 obo at 7142673151 Gary ? wheels only no tires
  9. Gary Marot

    Ls engine twin turbo headers and regular x pipe headers

    Interested in turbo headers 7142673151 Gary
  10. Gary Marot

    15x12” Douglas Beadlocks Wheels

  11. Gary Marot

    Tires Tires Tires!

    Pair of 33 pros

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