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  1. I run one of these as a spare for the jeep. Tall skinny mofo. https://www.intercotire.com/tire/126
  2. If the timing belt did not slip and thats common on Hondas it could be like the problem my Ecotec had. Partially clogged injector. I don’t know how you cleaned them but sand is hard to clean out. It poped at idle and ran a little ruff. New injectors from the same manufacturer will allow you to swap them without worry about the tune. Thats what ZZP told me and it fixed mine right up. I have seen the Hondas slip a timing belt tooth....Check it first.
  3. Nobody told me that you can’t mig stainless but I’m probably the last person to ask for welding advise. I just added this tailpipe extension and painted it yesterday. It welded fine.... Hijack.... Is it OK to use an aluminum O2 bung plug or does it need to be steel?
  4. When you park a Honda on a steep hill in gear or forget to take it out of gear when it’s strapped on a trailer they can skip a tooth on the timing belt. It sounds just like a burnt valve or miss like yours.
  5. My buddy just wrapped the exhaust on his latest project and since I’m about to replace my LSJ header I thought about wrapping it. Does wrap hold up in the sand or will it just wind up being a heavy clogged mess?
  6. A roof I had years ago peeled off like a beer can pull tab on an easy rollover because it was too thin. What gauge aluminum should I use for sand only? My old one also had carpet but it held a ton of sand and dust. What is a better way to keep the heat from the roof at bay? I was thinking ceramic rattle can paint but IDK. Any roof tips or knowledge much appreciated.
  7. Thanks. So how would the feel or shock damping feel running 5w vs 10w? .
  8. What is better about it? It is also sold in 5w and 10w. What weight is King oil? I think the newest Fox shocks call for a different and more expensive oil. IDK.
  9. Looks like we might get a legal crossing over to Boardmanville! Move this if its in the wrong spot.
  10. Bolt the CV’s on and use a cut broom handle or wood dowel as a mock up axle. Cut it and cycle everything checking free play. When it’s right you have your length. Once the axles are in check it at full droop to make sure the c clips are not bottomed out. If they bottom on the c cplip they will eventually pull out. Strap it or install shock spacer so the clips are not the droop stops.
  11. I buy the green Lucas at Home Depot by the case. It good for just about everything that calls for grease. It has a very high temperature drop point, made for CV’s and is about $5 bucks. Best thing is I only need one grease for everything. No pitting on the CV’s . I used to mix the bel ray but I had problems with it drying out and caking up. Everything else I tried pitted. I peel back the boot and squirt some in after a few trips or unbolt the axle every once in a while and fill the cups. Been 3 years on it and not had a single CV issue since I switched.
  12. Don sells them. http://www.donsbusbox.com/

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