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  1. Thanks. So how would the feel or shock damping feel running 5w vs 10w? .
  2. What is better about it? It is also sold in 5w and 10w. What weight is King oil? I think the newest Fox shocks call for a different and more expensive oil. IDK.
  3. Looks like we might get a legal crossing over to Boardmanville! Move this if its in the wrong spot.
  4. Bolt the CV’s on and use a cut broom handle or wood dowel as a mock up axle. Cut it and cycle everything checking free play. When it’s right you have your length. Once the axles are in check it at full droop to make sure the c clips are not bottomed out. If they bottom on the c cplip they will eventually pull out. Strap it or install shock spacer so the clips are not the droop stops.
  5. I buy the green Lucas at Home Depot by the case. It good for just about everything that calls for grease. It has a very high temperature drop point, made for CV’s and is about $5 bucks. Best thing is I only need one grease for everything. No pitting on the CV’s . I used to mix the bel ray but I had problems with it drying out and caking up. Everything else I tried pitted. I peel back the boot and squirt some in after a few trips or unbolt the axle every once in a while and fill the cups. Been 3 years on it and not had a single CV issue since I switched.
  6. Don sells them. http://www.donsbusbox.com/
  7. No but since you guys are dwelling on the mere attention grabbing word you are starting to make me wonder.....
  8. I knew that would get somebodies attention. Lol.
  9. I just built my new car without power steering because it’s not needed on a light car unless your a pussy. The feel, resistance and control you have in slides and drifts is much better especially leading up to and around a bowl slide. Reducing the steering effort is the way to go on light cars. Ways to reduce that effort are by reducing the castor to as little as you can get away with. A normal sized steering wheel gives a lot more leverage than a small wheel. The steering wheel makes a big difference. Another big and best way to reduce steering effort it is to get rid of the common 1:1 gear ratio steering racks that are in 99.9 percent of cars. Go with a 1:1.2 ratio box that reduces effort another 20%. Call Bob at RBP and ask him for a box with the right ratio in it. All these things add up to almost effortless steering while retaining ALL the feel and control that makes dunes fun. Those boxes also make high speed runs less twitchy to steering input. http://www.rbpmfg.net/
  10. Lowest unemployment in 50 years and record high 401k stock market . I don’t care what people for or against call him. I call him a Rock Star!
  11. Fix what you have a run it is what I’d do. Go have fun and show the fancy cars that you don’t need shit to hual ass.
  12. Mine was $1000 as well but I brought in a new/used build with a barely running take out engine with mods. They installed and wired a mefi compatible knock sensor, fixed a non working supercharger bypass valve, and a bunch of little crap like relays I never knew had problems. Don’t let the 1000 fool you. They know sand cars and will tune it so you don’t blow it up. They said they everybody loved my car. WTF I paid 10k for the cobbled up junk? They said because all the race and sand cars they work on are worth 1/4 million plus and mine was a working mans car that the employees could afford. Even the manager drove it around their hood to test it. The did it right, it hauls ass and except for a bad injector over the years I have 5 long hard seasons on it. Take it there. They are straight up guys. It has a great reputation and was full of bad azz sand cars. I don’t know much about other shops but that place blew me away.
  13. This place did my supercharged mefi tune. They had to fix a few thing but updated me and were just great to work with. That was 5 years seasons ago and it still runs like new. I was told they were the best in Phoenix at the time. A very impressive operation. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat. https://automotivediagnosticspecialties.com/hp_customtuning.htm
  14. Do you guys mean lighter rebound damping when you say more free bleed? He has a single 2.5 fox.

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