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  1. Toe in is stable on the straight. Toe out makes a car turn better. Castor is similar. Mercedes gets it and this vid explains why their F1 drivers can adjust it constantly on the fly by pushing and pulling the steering wheel.
  2. I’d need to adjust the top coil nut up to lower the car 1.5” and remeasure toe. Higher speed due to air and G conditions drop the car. Some cars change toe drastically thru the travel and you may not want it to be toed out in those mentioned conditions. That is why I’d measure at slightly reduced ride height as well so you know. Also if you are looking for 1/2 adjustment from tire to tire you may only need 1/8 or less material removed from that tube. Use a flapper wheel.
  3. Do that. ^^^ You do not need to be on the top spring for much of the stroke. My car is 2 seat lightweight ecotec as well and it needed 350 pound on top and 450 on bottom on the rear but every suspension geometry is different. Since I do not run a bypass either I installed jounce bumpers instead of the thin hard rubber stops. That way I have a good ride but have the safety of the jounce bumper on the big hits. You can fool with valving later. Once you make a few changes you will wonder why you did not make changes all along. It gets stupid simple in time but you do need to start with spring rate and adjusting those collars affects just that. Random Jounce bumper link. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/aaf-all64500?seid=srese1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsMju_YTm5wIVhBh9Ch1I0goFEAQYCSABEgIGJ_D_BwE
  4. .....sorry for the ^^^^mess. I could not find a delete key? Don’s bus box builds my tranny so they looked over my tranny and it shifted fine on the bench. I left it to seal up a leak and give it a once over while it’s out. I love my light weight 091 and with the Pro-Am shifter. It shifts like a crotch rocket in the middle of a slide. Don helped me get the perfect combination of clutch disk and pressure plate and gearing. It works absolutely perfect and I love driving it. Next I headed over to see Matt at Foddrills (another great place) to buy one star and had him look over my CV’s. I’m a ho and throw whatever parts looks best into them but last time I used one empi star in a GNK CV. It worked fine since I built the car but Matt noticed the empi part and said that will cause a CV lock up. Funny that empi star was also a new star when I put it in but looked the worst..Of course I would have never brought him the CV’s with out the advise on here so manny thanks to those that participate on this forum!
  5. Yes they were full and is why iI was reluctant to disassemble the axle assembly.
  6. I have one star starting to pit but I’ll go thru the CV’s and replace as needed. The shock length, axel length and all that was well taken into consideration when built and it has been performing fantastic. There was what I would consider only normal fine mud on the magnet. No chunks in the fluid at all when but it did look a little more sparkly than I like to see it. Kinda like it was due for a change. I change it after every 4-5 trips and probably have 8 trips on it since last rebuild and 4 on the gear lube.
  7. Your not the very first to say CV so I took them apart. All looks great.
  8. Yes and it went thru all 4 gears on the jack stands. I rowed thru to 4th on the driveway before it bogged and it seems normal. No extra noise on the jackstands either. It feels like it’s dropping into foward and reverse at the same time. I’m sure it will scatter if I do any of this above idle.
  9. That’s what Dan said. They are not binding plus it frees up and rolls fine when the clutch is pushed all the way in . I just pulled the nose cone and the pinion nut is tight.
  10. Weird 091 behind ecotec problem. It worked fine at the dunes but coming home off the trailer it goes into reverse and starts to move and as I let the clutch out further it locks the tires. If I dump clutch faster it works but locks up solid when the clutch is half of the way back in. It seemed to work on jack stands but on the ground it does this every time. The clutch, pressure plate, pilot and throw out look great.
  11. I run one of these as a spare for the jeep. Tall skinny mofo. https://www.intercotire.com/tire/126
  12. If the timing belt did not slip and thats common on Hondas it could be like the problem my Ecotec had. Partially clogged injector. I don’t know how you cleaned them but sand is hard to clean out. It poped at idle and ran a little ruff. New injectors from the same manufacturer will allow you to swap them without worry about the tune. Thats what ZZP told me and it fixed mine right up. I have seen the Hondas slip a timing belt tooth....Check it first.
  13. Nobody told me that you can’t mig stainless but I’m probably the last person to ask for welding advise. I just added this tailpipe extension and painted it yesterday. It welded fine.... Hijack.... Is it OK to use an aluminum O2 bung plug or does it need to be steel?

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