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  1. stumpalump

    What do you consider full bump?

    Yeah like Alper was saying 8” height....Some may say OMG that is high but he runs Dumont at times. I was there yesterday and it now has sliders all over that end directly on to flats. Cars almost stop in front of you going down or they bottom hard. The trick is to nail the gas a little before the fromt hits but not so hard you carsh the back of the car down. We just dont have much of that at Glamis. I also like the removed or limited skid plate that was mentioned. If I nose dive into a witches eye I do not want to slam onto a front skid. I want those tubes to carve into the sand a little to avoid an abrupt stop. I guess similar applies to the rear so we should limit skid size it to engine protection only. .?.
  2. stumpalump

    What do you consider full bump?

    “Full bump” is metal to metal of suspension components. No rubber like bumpstops, airbumps or bottom out bumpers. Tire clearance is just that. Tire clearance. The term full bump is specific to metal to metal suspension stoping point and not metal to ruber. Thats all I was pointing out.
  3. stumpalump

    What do you consider full bump?

    “Full bump” is what you asked. That measurement is made metal to metal up and down without any rubber bumps. It’s to test axle plunge, break line stretch, tire clearance and any suspension,steering or heim joint bind. No rubber or urathane bump are factored in. If you want the frame 5” off the ground with tires on then start from there.
  4. stumpalump

    What do you consider full bump?

    Full bump never includes any ruber. That includes the ruber bottom out bumper on the shocks. Your car is probably probably perfect 1” off the ground because it would probably be an inch lower without the shock bottom ot bumper.
  5. stumpalump

    Stuck 930cv to stub axle

    Put an old c-clip on an axle. Put the axle in backwards from the outside and tap on the axle with a real hammer.
  6. I was fooling with ride height yesterday and was wondering what your take is on it. I’ve heard that you want 30% of your shock travel compressed at ride height but I see a lot of cars lower in the rear than in the front. How do you set yours and why?
  7. stumpalump

    Engine Swap Ecotec 2.2 to 2.4

    I have just a little bit more power with the 2.0 supercharged LSJ version. I like the stage 4 pressure plate with a 6 disk clutch. I can stay full throttle and downshift if needed and it slips and hooks up just right. Reallly nice if you want to shift on a long power slide or blast up a climb and bang down a gear while under full power. It just feels right because the heavy pressure plate is really fast and the disk slips just enough to be smooth under full throttle. Hopefully you have a great shifter like a pro am that you can really trust. You know its right when you can shift it without lifting up or down and the transition to full lock up comes on like a dirt bike or an automatic when you side step the clutch. The 4 puck will do the same thing but only under full throttle shifts without lifting. You have to let the cluch out slow unless you are under full power or it just grabs. Try the 6 disc and your stage two and if slips too much when you beat it then up the pressure plate not the clutch disk.
  8. stumpalump

    2" Hollows

    Combos should be welded over a hole so you can weld the inside and the outside. If done right then they don’t fall off. The plate that the spindle or hollow is welded too can break off the rest of the spindle. The whole spindle and not just the stub or hollow takes a beating on all cars. Here is combo that broke in right front of me Thursday that was made right and was beaten for 10 seasons with 10.50x15 STU 3 rib. 4 seat LS car that hauls ass with a fast driver. I’ve heard that if they get too hot during the weld they break like this or that there was a small run of combos and a lot of them broke in the same place along the step. In this case it was just run hard for a decade with a big azz tire on it. You can see it was cracked for a while. It got run over by the back tire and did not bounce up but trust me if you see a wheel come off crank the wheel and get away from that bouncy mofo before it hits you in the face.
  9. stumpalump

    Front tire size

    Fixed thanks
  10. stumpalump

    Front tire size

    They buff or shave off the outside treads to save weight and give it a pointy profile in the center to work in the sand. Speaking of weight....From what I’ve read here over and over Baja Pros are heavy. The Thing has 28 pound tires? Thats light as hell for a tire that size and beef. I want to borrow a set now....The 8.50 STU tripple razor weighs 23 pounds used so call it 24pounds. A spun aluminum non beadlock rim is 8 pounds for 31 pounds total. Post more tire weight please. 8.50 STU Razor is 24 pounds BAJA Pro 35” shaved is 28 pounds.
  11. stumpalump

    2005 tech 3 mid engine

    That shock has a steep angle and new mounts would be best. Swing by pad 2.5 on thursday or friday. One guy there converted to coil overs. He can tell you all he went thru trying to get air shocks working and what to expect if you swap to coilovers. Look for a group with white van and a white Dodge truck among the class A’s. Post up some more pics of your front end.
  12. stumpalump

    Flutter on rebound side?

    Very Cool! Thanks! The foam bump stops are on the way but I did not mention that. I do want the car to be stiff so I can huck it sideways at will. Turning breaks are for pussies imho. LOL. I’ll back off the rebound and throw one or two of my extra small shims on the compression side as you suggest. Thanks but what is the ifp plunge? I set the internal floating piston in the resivior to the middle when I rebuilt and filled them. Is that what you are talking about? I was never really clear on that pistion anyway because I read different things. Worst case is I’m bringing a vise and a buddy has the complete Fox shim kit that I can use.
  13. stumpalump


    Primer http://www.steel-it.com/polyurethane-stainless-steel-coatings-10 FWIW Rustoleum makes a similar paint product as well. https://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/industrial-brands/high-performance/urethane-coatings/steel-tech-aerosol
  14. stumpalump

    Flutter on rebound side?

    2.0 fox coilover front 10” 150/250springs. No bypass or limit straps. I blow thru the travel when running hard. G-outs or down hill onto the flats I have to slow down and bang 2nd gear. 3/4” preload just barely gives it enough sag so I do not want stiffer springs. I may run almost no preload and am OK with that. Compression valving is being changed from standard Fox #60 valving to, #75 so I can run a little harder. I thought this stiff stack might make the chop bad so I added a mild flutter between the large disks. .9” diameter .01 thick shim. My first rodeo with a shutter. The rebound is stock Fox #60 and is going to #75. With no straps it tops out. Not hard but I know when it does it so I thought I’d move the rebound the same amount as the compession to keep things even. The pic was with a 200 pound upper before I went to the 150. It sat way too high.
  15. stumpalump


    Recomended four coats plus the primer. http://www.steel-it.com/images/documents/steel-it-polyurethane-application-instructions-for-motorsports.pdf

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