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  1. gray

    Prp door bags

    Clovis ca. I can cover shipping if needed
  2. These fit the 1000 or turbo models. They are new never used. They have the built in knee pad. Asking $100 for both.
  3. New, never used Gibson exhaust for a turbo car. Sold the rzr before I could put it on. Still all wrapped up in the box. asking $285
  4. Glad it work out. Drive it around the block. Make sure they work. There is really no brake in.
  5. It is a pretty simple job. Hardest part is going to be getting the lug nuts off and then getting them torqued back down. Most shops use a 1 inch air gun. Here is an example of what the tag on the shoe will look like. (This is new shoe) you will probably have to clean it with a rag to be able to read the number.
  6. Drums and shoes will have numbers on them. Some have them stamped and some are stickers. You can have them turned. Personally I would buy new ones. Take them off and take them to a truck supply store. If you have questions or need any help let me know. I work for a truck dealership in the parts department.
  7. First one. I have had an 04.5, 08 and a 2015 Cummins
  8. The mileage is what sold me. I guess I could always add leather.
  9. Well I found a 07 lbz unicorn and bought it. Paid 29k. I wanted an Ltz with leather, but I could not pass this one up. It is LT with cloth.
  10. Wow impressive. I thought you had the lbz also.
  11. His truck is one of the reasons I was looking for an 07 or 06.

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