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Found 11 results

  1. When you think you are all of that, and are too big for your britches, it just takes someone to slap you upside your head to tell you that you aren’t that important, and the world does not revolve around you. The world will go on without you even if you think you are king of the world. It just takes a backhand (or torque wrench) every once in a while to bring you to your senses.
  2. This time of year can bring happiness, but it can also bring sadness. It could be something personal, maybe between you and someone else. Whether you are in the right, or the wrong, be the person who steps up to try and make things right. Even though you might not get the result or answer you are looking for, at least you made the attempt, and because of that, you were the better person.
  3. As the holiday season approaches, don’t forget that family means everything. WAIT.... The last time we had Thanksgiving at the Slap house, Slaps Uncle Splif put TURBO LAX in the gravy, and when we played twister two hours later, it was an ugly scene. So, Slap highly recommends that you double check them ingredients and what the in-laws bring over. Cuz if you plan a game of Twister with Grandma McSnazzle, you don’t want what happened to Slap happen to you. We still having trouble with da smell...
  4. With the Dune season coming close, the heat is up, and so many things on the to do list, don’t forget The most important thing during times of stress and confusion..... . . . SLEEP!
  5. As we go through this hustle and bustle in Life, don’t forget to have some common courtesy and respect for others as we travel. Life is not all about you and your own little world. Practice some common decency, and show some consideration for others. That is the way of Slaps Neighborhood.
  6. Life has a way of throwing things at you, and most of the time you are not prepared. Think ahead for all the things that MAY happen on your journey, and you just might be ready to handle that unsuspecting event. Bottom line: Be prepared, for it can happen in a split second.
  7. Most folks are very proud, and ego can have a dramatic affect on ones demeanor. When you finally come to the conclusion, that maybe, just maybe, you were the one that effed it up, the world seems a bit easier. Move on.
  9. Don’t be afraid to make a change, even a little one. Give it a try, you may never know where the road takes you unless you make that turn...
  10. While life speeds up faster and faster each day, we can get caught up in ourselves to a point of blindness. We tend not to see the things around us; what troubles might be affecting others, our friends, our family. All it takes is for them to hear, "are you OK my friend?"
  11. Throughout our lives, most of us do our best to get through the day smiling. But there are some that no matter what you do to make the day better for them, it just doesn't work out. Accommodating, trying to please, trying to work things out for their better interest, and even all you do, it just doesn't work. So maybe in the end, after all that effort, you might just realize that the person is an A-hole.

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