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    Well im gonna stay off sand highway as i dont want to have to toss my beer out as i drive around it.
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    For those that are coming from the east heading to Glamis, Ogilby Rd off ramp is closed due to the construction. You have to drive up to the Gray's Well exit, get off the freeway and re-enter the east bound I-8 to Ogilby Rd exit. Or use the rest area just past the Gray's Well off ramp. Be safe going through the construction, CHP is watching it like a hawk. See Ya'all Halloween!!
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    It was like a light switch 50 hit , BAM get the eff off my lawn!!!
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    Ppppfffttt...That's nothing compared to this set-up! Photo credit goes to bmgm37 in Weird things you see at work
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    That's a good one dbart. I've had a crush on Hope Sandoval for years . . .
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    How do you blind an Asian??? You put a windshield in front of them.
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    I get accused of driving stoned a lot. I respond thusly:
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    OK Dale Looks sooooooooo much better. Amazing what some cool graphics will do for a car. You're the man!
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    Not a big fan of these checkpoints but I must say it's been awhile since I've seen a burnt couch at Comp or Old's.
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    This may do the trick! https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/ad-details.php?category=72&adid=131010
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    But the topic title on this one was written in a clever manner......
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    Floods are for work lights or scene lighting. Wide driving sounds like what you would need, from the BD website Wide Driving: BD was the first to develop a pattern specifically for cornering, dust and/or fog conditions. The Wide Driving pattern offers a 42° flattened horizontal beam for the ultimate in comfort lighting. (Lighting Zones 1 & 2) (Also available in amber)
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    What the actual F is going on with that job site?!
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    This. Just because Al Gore invented the internet...NO...you don't have a right to information. NO...your opinion doesn't matter. NO...you don't have a say. I f*cking hate this crap. As an investigator...these people hinder investigations, make people NOT want to do their jobs and let's face it...conspiracy theories are just made up fabrications of narcissist to get attention and only serve to make people stupid AF.
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    Replace the nosecone, it's an easy job. Might take an hour depending on how accessible in the car it is. Part number MD2D-605 or contact your local transaxle shop. RTV sealant and 12 ft/lbs on the bolts/nuts/studs could be called the official Weddle spec. We can dive further down the rabbit hole as well, there could be a few things that caused this: 1. First thing that comes up for me is how the nosecone was machined, many shops machine them in house. These are VW nosecones that get machined where the mainshaft bearing presses against the nosecone as the bearing stands out of the gear housing since it is wider than a factory bearing. I have seen a few nosecones that were not machined deep enough for the bigger bearing and when you torque down the bolts to seal the surface, it stresses the aluminum and cracks as shown. I "test fit" the nosecones before sealing them to check for gaps when the bolts are just holding it in place. 2. Running a lot of power? The nosecone is what holds the mainshaft bearing from blowing through the front of the trans. Under torque/acceleration, the mainshaft get's thrust forward into that ball bearing that is now pushing against the nosecone. A high powered car could certainly blow out the nosecone as pictured. 3. Lastly, an odd one but certainly possible would be if the shift linkage was binding and putting stress on the nosecone. A bent shift shaft between the shifter and trans or a u-joint that is binding are things to look at as well.
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    I would recommend a trip to Riverside Hitch and Trailer
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    The 1st Amendment "should" shut down any law that would make one be ordered by a law to site the Pledge of Allegiance.
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    A little throw back to my childhood. These last 2 songs remind me of being on Lake Havasu with my family, mom dad and bro and our family friends the Jordans. Used to stay out on the lake till like midnight, BBQ hung over the side, zillion stars in the sky, My brother Robert and me, the Jordans twin daughters, Judi and Jodi would be up on the roof of my parents old IMP, looking for shooting stars, and just hanging out. My parents had an 8-track that would play all this stuff as well as Neil Diamond, Captain and Tennile, etc...Oldie stuff that I dig! That's my story for this Friday afternoon folks...please enjoy! I don't have any pics of My parents first boat...but it was just like this one pictured. Except the green was Turquoise. IMP Aztec V My dad named it Havasu Honey! Yeah...we always were in Havasu.

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