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  2. The pusher idea is out for a few reasons. First, my wife doesn’t want one so happy wife happy life. Second, I just bought a new 3500 duramax 4x4 to pull my trailer. Also, when I go camping, if anything was to happen, I just unhook my trailer and take my truck to town. I like being self sufficient. So I’m pretty much stuck with a trailer.
  3. If you pave it they will come. Let them come and get off gecko so I can find a spot on my beloved gecko. The truth is the washes are great for big groups and kids. If people would park like they care about others on gecko 🦎 it wouldn’t be so bad. The old days everyone pulled in off gecko instead of paralleling. I’m getting off topic.I voted yes to pave because I’m selfish. Wherever you park be neighborly and think of others. That’s what duners should do.
  4. Spent time on the buggy today. Started making new oil and fuel hoses. Mocked up a new throttle cable mount and then cut all the metal for it to weld together tomorrow. Made some brackets and tabs to route some hoses and electrical in the engine area better. Bought an adel clamp set and started routing things the right way.
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  6. Buttoning up more stuff on my car. Filled the trans, took the old fuel system completely out to replace with PTFE hose and new fittings. Seems like it will never be done! Hung some body panels and now it's time to start drinking.
  7. Hey I get my turbos for 500$ from a turbo shop.
  8. A few years back, I bought an enclosed trailer from a school district auction. Wasn’t pretty but it worked. I was the high bidder at $50, used it a few months and sold it for $900...
  9. So according to autometer I should only have the brown wire cut on the back for a 6 cylinder. But since this car originally had another motor in it (I'll assume 4 cylinder since both brown and orange wires are cut), it looks like a new tach will be in my future. The wires on the back are seriously short, probably on purpose to make you get a new one when upgrading your motor. https://www.autometer.com/media/5795_5610_5620_5795_6809_6811.pdf
  10. First Motorcycle I ever rode, learned on the beaches just south of Ensenada MX. Memories..
  11. kenc17


    Hey all... this is still taking up room in my garage. Someone make me an offer, want this gone
  12. 2005 18.5’ Sea Ray with 115HP fuel injected Mercury 4 stroke outboard. This boat only has 33.9 hours with only 29 hours on motor and 10 hours of that is at idle. Single axle trailer with break away tongue. Boat has sat for close to 5 years and has always been garaged. Just picked up today from being fully serviced and 2 new tires over 2500.00 in receipts. This was my fathers n Laws boat who has passed away and It’s time to sell. Show room condition I promise you will not find a cleaner boat this age! 16k OBO
  13. Perfect restoration to stock appearance...Owned by my Mechanic.
  14. Prepping Motorhome / Powerwash / New air Filter and giant 12 foot hose. Clean / wax / Paint / Clean / wax / Paint some more...Pound 2 modelos…..keep on prepping and cleaning......About to install a winch in the 24 foot cargo trailer followed by a visit from gds own STUGOTS tomorrow to do a full tricked out epoxy floor in the 24 foot cargo trailer Finish prepping 2 quads and 3 atc 70s for glamis….then take my son to Long beach for Lacrosse tryouts for Mad Dog West Pound 2 more Modelos and get back to getting all this CHIT ready for Glamis......Purging all the JUNK out of the moho and Cargo...Listing anything not needed for sale and for Give away...Then Pound 2 More Modelos……...Then Finish 2 reports for work and then start cleaning up all this crap......when all that is done Pull seats out of rail.....Installl new to me Jet Trim seats and then look for replacement seat belts/…..Install a new Push to talk in the rail....sort all spare parts for the trailer....Complete the BLM Ranger / Registration book for the trailer.... I am Exhausted!
  15. The local real estate guru held his "24th Annual" block yard sale. (About 40 square blocks) Turns out it was a total bust. Zero customers, a wasted morning. Tonight, steak and fresh corn on the cob,
  16. I have some beautiful ones. There are 7 Rims total $250 for all 7 / Came off a 38 foot Dune Chaser 5th wheel. Very Nice ones 760-443-754 EIGHT I will only sell all 7 wheels together Andy
  17. A single fan will be more than adequate to cool your engine, especially one that size. Although my radiator has 2 smaller fans, only 1 of them ever comes on to cool it back down. I've never had a situation where both of them came on. If after your finished with it and buggying () you may want to pick up a Spal and keep the one you have as a spare. The benefit of 2 fans is redundancy.
  18. Yes I know that. I wasn't comparing the two. I was actually discussing an alternative metropolitan area outside of California in relation to the dunes.
  19. I’ve been looking for a decent truck right around a 79. It’s what my dad had and I want to have it just as a grocery getter and cruise around town in. I think I have a lead on one. I’m happy for you, That thing looks great. What do you have in mind to do to it?
  20. Well, now you know, it was an adventure. Having fun yet?!
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