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  2. These are professionally restored to New condition, It was $3500 new but don't need it anymore and it's taking up space so I'm asking $1000 everything pictured is included
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  4. Phoenix7

    Where to go ?

    Thanks very much!
  5. big_daddy_jp

    Where to go ?

    Plaster city has a lot to offer also but it doesn't have the dune ridge that superstition has. Basically get off at Dunaway rd and go North. Take that to the end and you run into Evan Hewes. If you turn left on Evan Hewes that will take you to plaster city. Turn right on Evan Hewes if you want to go to Superstition. Then turn left on Huff rd. Lastly you will turn left on Wheeler rd. Right away you will be near the mud hills. If you go further down you will be closer to the dunes.
  6. Phoenix7

    Where to go ?

    I'm seriously thinking about adding Superstition to my Memorial Day Weekend and I'm studying the map tonight. It looks like Superstition is the small range in the middle of my image, but I'm also wondering if many people go to the much larger mountain range where it says The Trestle? Or do many people go to the valley in between the Trestle range and the other range close to Plaster City? I'm trying to keep it sensible and go where the quads and SxS's go, not where the Jeeps go, and not in No Mans Land.
  7. hondajimz

    King spring info

    The difference is you will have well over 25k into building up a 6k chassis. So now you've spent over 30k on a non "name brand" car that you'll be lucky to get back 1/2 of what you have into it. It's been said a million times it's cheaper to buy a completed car than it is to build one. The other issue is that you have no experience with long travel buggies and everytime you reached out and asked for advice you seemed to ignore or argue with those who gave you advice you didn't want to hear. Everybody that buys their first car always learns what they like or don't like and things they would do differently now that they have experience. In your case you will be paying dearly for that experience.
  8. Squatcher

    Ball Bearing Billet shifter for PBS and S4 S4D

    Mine got installed this week. waiting to pic up the car and try it out. Kevin McMullen said it was a very nice shifter. I will give reviews once I try it out. BTW this is a much taller handle than the older shifters. really don't think people will want it much higher. think is is 10" long. thats what I told her atleast. lol
  9. Squatcher

    Best Jack to lift sandrail in the Dunes

    I found these online out of south Africa. getting a quote for one here. Nicest air jack I have ever seen check the youtube video out. I will post prices if we want a group buy. I ask for pricing on one and ten http://www.takla.co.za/products/takla-air-jacks/
  10. Squatcher

    King spring info

    Jonesin you just keep it up. Make that rail yours. everyone warning you has done the same thing . I for one have done it many many times., it is all part of the sport. Every sport you get into is a money pit. talking to my buddy he just spent $1500 on baseball bats and gloves for his two boys. top level play but travel, weekends, equipment, training etc and who knew you can have your boys in competitive baseball or own a rail. if it is fun it will cost a lot of money. Jumping the gun on the springs right now. keep an eye out for some bypasses. should be able to find some used ones for around 700 bucks. might even look at the SxS take off shocks. lots of travel and internal bypass shocks on the new ones. If that car in the pic weighs that much now you might add over a 1000lbs once you are done.
  11. Flip-Flop

    This is sand drags

    Very cool. If you know anybody that can put that kind of gathering together, I'm in!
  12. Jonesin'

    King spring info

    I’m not trying to start a chit storm here or make enemies. Just trying to get as much info as possible and use good parts on my car. I do appreciate help when I can “salvage” parts and save them from blindly tossing them and buying new. Like my CV fiasco. I would never “not finish” this car. I knew from the get go it would need a lot. It was originally built in 2003. Many new and “cool” parts have come along and I want to be a part of that with my project.
  13. kofire

    The debate over abortion

    I know it’s comedy but it’s a big pile of shit. I hope that you don’t get your opinions from him. Miscarriages and abortions are not a funny topic.
  14. Big Mikey

    Barstow Memorial Day Weekend

    Cali Kid, if I didn't already have the big Glamis trip this weekend, would love to take a desert ride... Love Slash X Catch the next one!
  15. fortyfour

    King spring info

    Nothing wrong with your logic Jonesin' ,and because you keep coming back here it appears you have learned to get over the negativity that has surrounded your project from the beginning. I've got a shit ton of money into mine already and like yourself I'm not building mine with resale in mind. There would be some things I'd do differently the second time around but that's neither here nor there at this point. Reactor Operator huh? Neato. I know a guy who is an Operator at Palo Verde but he won't talk about it much.
  16. Jonesin'

    King spring info

    I understand this. However, I am looking to get the big stuff out of the way so I can enjoy this car. As I said before, I am not putting this together to resell it and make money. I am putting it together for my family and I to enjoy.

    King spring info

    Your project is going to nickel and dime you to death. At the end of the day, if you spend $25K, you're going to have a $15K-$18K rail. But, if you enjoy it, who gives a eff*. They're all money pits essentially. Every hobby is.
  18. Jonesin'

    King spring info

    Let me ask this... “What is the difference of dropping $25,000 on a complete car or building one up from a $6,000 chassis?” Im not getting into a piss out. Just asking what the difference is? I am a Reactor Operator and I make decent money. I consider myself mechanically inclined as I turned wrenches professionally for about 5 years. I just like to work on my own projects. It’s just that long travels are new to me... I am not taking it as a personal attack. Just curious why everyone is asking “why are you putting this into it, or why are you putting that into it? It is not needed.” It’s a hobby. I am not putting this together to try and make money off of it because, I know that will not happen.

    King spring info

    If you're going to do that, do piggy backs. You have plenty of room.
  20. cwarkenton

    Honda 3.5

    Please make build thread! Nice meeting you as well!
  21. I'm Sorry

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    gets his free lube job
  22. I'm Sorry

    A Slappy Funny

  23. fortyfour

    King spring info

    Just for the sake of good conversation, have you sat down and calculated what all of your reliability and performance upgrades will cost when it's done? When I did my V8 upgrade I had 15k as my budget to work with, keep in mind I am a Chevrolet tech so I don't need to farm out mechanical work AND my best friend owns a metal fabrication shop. My Honda to LS project went very north of 20k before we had a car we could take to the dunes. I think you've heard us all badger you enough with this, I don't think it's a personal attack though. And Yes you will likely need to respring and revalve your car when finished
  24. JGSturbo

    New build in progress, The Handful

    Just 5psi for now, getting huge knock retard with proper AFRs and conservative timing. I believe knock setting need some tweaking, no way is it detonating. First time tuning a truely modern EFI, love the onboard logging. Base map I started with had loads of wrong stuff.
  25. Jonesin'

    King spring info

    Most likely remote resi
  26. Rockwood

    New build in progress, The Handful

    Nice! How much boost? Looks pretty flat under power. Should spin the tires well.
  27. chopshop

    King spring info

    If you don’t add bypass I would at least consider remote revisor or piggy back . Over your current emulsion coil over
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