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  2. jwest2sh

    Chenoweth SV-16 repairs and upgrades

    Awesome upgrades....subscribed! As far as the cage bracket your looking for...I don't think I've ever seen them commercially made. I've seen guys make them though. I looked around on Tabzone and didn't see them. Could you take a weld washer and just weld a piece of .120 wall tubing to it then put the bolt through the inside of the tubing? https://www.tabzone.com/TZ01-60675-BOLT-SUPPORT-_p_499.html ~jw
  3. Kraut_n_Rice

    Battery Charger recommendation

    Keep in mind gents... Most new chargers have to "sense" a voltage to start charging. If your battery is below a certain level of charge, it won't turn on. You will have to parallel it with something that will reference a high enough voltage to get it to kick on.... You might need to run jumpers to a "good" battery to give it enough V-ref to turn on.. Analog rules the....
  4. X2....this is what I do too. ~jw
  5. 2turbofords

    Adding bypass to existing coilover set up recommendations

    I love doing Fab, plus I have a good plan of attack to get it all done. I plan on leaving some valving in the coilover just didn't want to spend Any money rebuilding perfectly good coilovers if not needed. Thanks guys
  6. This thread has been cleaned up twice now. If you are interested in this item, contact the seller. Buy And Sale Is Not A Discussion Area...
  7. raptorrush

    Ottawa Canada travel advice

    Wear a Detroit red wings jersey every where! That will make some new friends! EHH!😀 Just kidding... My half sister lives in Windsor. Used to go camping at Algonquin area, and played some hockey many years ago in Toronto. See as much as you can, Beautiful country everywhere you go. May need to carry some extra Canadian bucks in your travels. Have fun!
  8. evantwheeler

    Shocks Leaking Badly with Minimal Use After Rebuild?

    One question - how much should I expect the 3.0" OD coilover springs to grow in diameter when they are fully compressed?
  9. Buggydave

    Sand Limo Squirt Plus ***SOLD***

  10. Buggydave

    Opinions on selling my buggy

    Sold it today! Thanks for all your input.
  11. socaldmax


    When you bring that special bottle of wine for the wife, and you forget the corkscrew... You bring out 3 tritips, but all of your propane bottles are empty! You leave your fridge running on propane in storage in between trips with a bunch of steaks in the freezer. Of course the propane runs out 2 days before you get back for the next trip. You go on a dune run and leave "someone" in the trailer. "Someone" decides to run the front AC without turning on the genny and runs the batteries down with the inverter. This damages the inverter, but "someone" doesn't tell you. You turn on the microwave and it blows up. You turn on the surround sound stereo, and it blows up. So does the powered subwoofer, and the TV. Then you figure out the inverter is damaged. $800 later, you're still not speaking to "someone." How many times do you have to tell "someone" not to slam the trailer door? Apparently 2,000 times, because 1,000 times didn't make any difference... You used to put your cooler full of beer outside your trailer door but then you notice the same guy has brought the same warm beers in the same cooler without ice for 4 trips now and you realize he's been drinking all of your beer all weekend every time and he never seems to catch the ice truck... so you're forced to lock your cooler inside your trailer whenever you go for a dune run... The guy camped next to you has locked all of his family's toys up with a cable lock and the next morning, he finds out he left his keys at home. So you whip out your little battery powered Dremel and you're BOTH shocked to find out it only took 4 seconds to cut through the cable!
  12. evantwheeler

    Shocks Leaking Badly with Minimal Use After Rebuild?

    Thanks for all the advice. I'm going to have to have my bypasses rebuilt again, likely with new shafts this time and both top caps need to come off as they are both weeping. Thanks to Race Dezert, I found a much better permanent solution (I f*ing hope so) to my shock problem: Need to do a a little adjusting to the mouting points of the top of the coilovers with some weld washers, but it should be easy fab. These are going to give me the look I want and also perform better at 3.5" w/ 5 tubes vs. the 3.0" with 4. Definitely overkill, but I couldn't pass up the deal. Got some 3.0" fronts as well to replace my 2.5's, but that will wait until the summer as I think I'm going to have to have new top arms made to clear all the tubes.
  13. SVrider

    Brand New In Box Toy Hauler Cover

    Still have this?
  14. socaldmax


    It's Sunday morning, and you agree to go on "one last ride." You know immediately you just jinxed yourself!
  15. socaldmax


    The only way to buy the sand rail you really want is with cubic megabucks. That's megabucks, stacked on top of megabucks, completely surrounded by megabucks.
  16. Looking for stock front tire and rim for a 2019 razor 1000 for a friend. Pm me if you have one available. Thanks
  17. vary nice DP and nice ad GLWTS
  18. With shock technology today i would sell them all and buy internal bypass shock and keep it single. unless you planning on doing a bunch of fab
  19. I say you should have a shock expert dial in your coilover valving and bypass valving to work together and share the load of damping the spring compression and rebound. The coilover can give you speed sensitive valving and the bypass can give you position sensitive valving as well. If you take the valving out of the coilover you're losing a great deal of damping while keeping the weight of the shocks. Why have the weight of the coilovers on the car just to mount the springs? They can act as shocks as well, since that's what they are.
  20. punkur67

    1987 Commander 18'8" Runabout ski and bass

    Nice boat. Very clean
  21. fastcorvairs

    Adding bypass to existing coilover set up recommendations

    You want to remove all valving from the coil overs. If not then you have two shocks fighting each other. Let the bypass do it's thing on compression and rebound and let the coil overs manage your ride height only. Depending on how heavy your car is will equate how much gas to put in the coil overs.
  22. Oh man too bad. I though to myself “this guy is a gangsta” jk
  23. onanysunday

    What is my boat worth?

  24. I have owned this boat almost 8 years. (July 2011) Always garaged and in great condition. Super fun boat that will yank a full size adult skier out of the water and run 55 mph. Enough V in the hull to do well in rougher water but yet sits nice and low. Oil injected Mercury 150 HP XR2 Black max outboard. Mercury High five (5) blade prop. Boat sat for the last approx. 3 years so the (3) carbs were just rebuilt with fresh gaskets and seals. Fresh water impeller and housing. New tires on the trailer. Interior carpet and upholstery are in excellent condition. Optima red top battery. Bimini top. MP3 player with nice Rockford Fosgate marine speakers. There is a cover that came with the boat but I have not used. Very light and easy to tow. Sips fuel on the lake. Lot of fun for your dollar. Only reason for selling is work schedule and don't have time to use it. Hate to see it go. Fun boat!! $7000.00 Call Kurtis 602-326-5720
  25. I ran a light stack in the coilovers to take some of the load off the bypass
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