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  2. Ok got any good timers that you can recommend in Phoenix? I'm in the west side.
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  4. I have a Reese 16K slider hitch I'm not using any more. I'm thinking $300 is a good deal. You'd have to get rails installed in your bed, but that's something you'd have a hitch shop do no matter what brand you buy. When I had my bed rails installed, they only charged me $300 total, parts and labor. What 5ver you get depends entirely on how much you want to spend. If you want newer, fancier models, you can spend $65k - 80k on that size. If you want cheaper, then an older, less fancy model is what you'll have to look for. Me personally, I'm not trying to impress anyone with how new or what fancy cherry cabinets I have. I like older, oak looking cabinets just fine. They all have a fridge, stove, microwave, shower, beds, etc, so the cherry cabinet wood or fancy glass bowl bathroom sink doesn't make me any happier. I tend to install my own options: inverter, LED lights, lots of batteries, HD sat dish, 5.1 surround sound, 102" projector screen, HD projector, HD LCD TVs everywhere, vent fans, remote control 12v ceiling fan, 110v air compressor, USB outlets, digital thermostat, fridge fans, etc. That's the kind of stuff that makes life easier and keeps me happy.
  5. OK, if you're sure you didn't get another bad control valve in the new pump (it happens sometimes) then what I would do is carefully check the 2 or 3 wires that go to that control valve. If you keep getting the spn 1076 (Fuel Inj Pump Control Valve) FMI 5. (High Resistance) error code then I would tend to believe that you are, in fact getting high resistance in the control valve wiring, which means an intermittent open wire to that valve. It seems like the problem only crops up after it's been running awhile or warmed up. You might have a partially broken wire that's not visible due to the insulation, or a bad connection where the wire is crimped to the pin. Here's what I'd do. At the dock, start the engine and separate the few wires to the control valve from the rest of the harness. Start firmly pulling on one wire a few inches from the connector, then hold the wire a few inches from the connector and pull on the next few inches, putting a medium strain on the wire a few inches at a time until the entire wire has been tested or until the control valve shuts off. If it does, you know you've found your bad wire. I'd test each wire one by one until the bad one is found. Cut out the bad section and replace it with some new wire and heat shrink crimp connectors. If you have access to a Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) it can shoot a signal and tell you where the break or almost break is, within an inch or less. It has such a precise display, it will show a short, an open, change in insulation type, change in inductance or capacitance and a bad connection say at an SMA, C, BNC or F type connector. You can rent them for pretty cheap from a test equipment rental shop if you don't want to pull on the wires. The signal starts from the left of the screen and goes to the right. The end of your wire will look like a sharp drop off. Any dips in the signal to the left of the drop off would indicate either a break in the wire or a near break with increased resistance. Using the scale on the screen, you can count the inches to the break. You might have to get a BNC to single wire adapter to go with the TDR to hook it up. Good luck, let us know how it goes!
  6. I'll have to look into Shipnex the next time I ship. In the past, I've used USPS Click n Ship and used Flat Rate envelopes or Regional Rate box A or B. A is a little larger than a small flat rate box and B is roughly the same size as a medium flat rate box. The regional rate boxes ship for about 2/3 of the corresponding flat rate boxes. For example, I could fit 20 lbs of heavy stuff into a Regional Rate Box B and ship it to AZ for about $9.50 instead of the $14.89 of a medium flat rate box. (I just made up those numbers, but they're close to actual costs.) You have to order the boxes online and delivered, but they're free. For Ebay specific shipments, it seems like the discounted shipping price was about the same as the Click n Ship price, for lighter items it seemed like Ebay was cheaper. The flat rate advantage comes in with heavier items. I sold a 65 lb office printer to a friend of mine and he shipped it back to Chicago. Our employer has a contract for UPS 2nd day air, so supposedly we get a big discount but that was a lot more than he wanted to spend. However, he got charged about $105 to ship it from LA to Chicago via UPS ground. Shipnex would have charged him $57.03 for ground, so that's definitely a lot cheaper for heavier stuff.
  7. Yes that inside the injection pump
  8. Just curious... have you replaced the fuel injection pump control valve?
  9. Seems like they wanted a dick pic. No problem!
  10. I have been trying to track down a intermittent problem for months it should be a very simple tractor engine but I am just stumped John Deere 4045TFM75 diesel on one of our tour boats Here is what I have done so far. 1.New filter in the Racor water separator 20 micron and new secondary filters. 2.added 5 psi marine electric lift pump between the tank and Racor. 3 New mechanical lift fuel pump 4 New injection pump ,fuel temp sensor and 4 new injectors installed and timed by John Deere marine mechanic. 5.added mechanical fuel pressure gauge at exit of secondary fuel filter before it goes to injection pump 6 changed out return fuel line to the tank 7 rerouted fuel vent hose so there it had no low points to catch fuel and block vent 8 inspected and cleaned every plug and connection through out the wire harness Including grounds. 9. Changed out Murphy power view gauge 10 New Ecu installed by John Deere Mechanic And I keep having the same problem I will start the engine and fires up fine every perfect no hesitation at all And it might run great for a few days But it dies and I can not get it started It throws code spn 1076 (Fuel Inj Pump Control Valve) FMI 5. (High Resistance) And will not restart it might fired up for 2 or 3 seconds but is pretty much dead but maybe 30 mins to an hour later if will fire up and run great again. The last time I thought I had it with new injection pump it ran good for two weeks but the just on the way back to the dock just before landing it died again When it happens I feel a small stutter the 20 sec later it dies no matter what throttle position At idle I have 6 psi fuel pressure and great flow under load it drops maybe to 3.5 psi John Deere says all it needs is 2 to 3 psi feed to run I took the return line off and found that the hose had an adapter with a 1/8 hole changed it out to a little bigger opening and seems to flow fine No change in fuel pressure. I also took the return off and put a 3/8 clear hose and just ran it back to the fuel fill to see if there where any air pockets that would show up but just some very very small bubbles hardly noticeable fuel temp coming out is 120 degrees It feels like the ecu is shutting down the fuel pump and will not let it fire back up Engine temp has never been over 183 degrees
  11. you don't even. go to Glamis !!!!!!
  12. About 20,000 hours in my plane at about 100mph. = 2 million miles in my bird. Just my trucks alone. 400,000 Wife's cars about another 100,000 Offroad vehicles about 30,000 Boats about 50,000
  13. Sad but funny example of what our world is coming to. I would have simply dropped the phone and rode away .... na i would have punched the screen out and folded that phone in half
  14. Way to step up Robert L!!! Glamis GD Hero's forum is a perfect fit for you.
  15. Shipnex...... I ship EVERYTHING though Shipnex. Just today wife stopped by UPS to ship a box to our daughter in Waco. They quoted $96.00 Shipnex was $46.00. Exact same service. You drop off at Fedex or UPS with shippeing label ready to go.
  16. Comes with Tom Face 2 into 1 headers, adapter setup for 091 trans, ecu and wire harness. $1500 Text Nick 6267867779
  17. We used to do it as kids all the time until my dad had both passenger tires blow out and it threw my friend and I across the trailer when it happened. My mom said hell no after that. Like SP said, I wouldn’t do it. My dad is in the process of buying a 5th wheel. It’s a Grand Design Solitude S. I think 3350 is the model number. Gonna tow it with a 2011 Dodge Mega cab. He got a Pullrite Superglide off racedezert for $1000 and is going to do a complete compressor/air bag combo for about $900. The truck already had the rails in the bed but that would cost you around $600 if you didn’t. Brake controller if you didn’t have one $150. I’d say you could have the truck completely set up for around $2500. Andrew
  18. Pair of front suspension seat. Both have slight tear where seat belts go through the side of the seat. $200 bucks for both Text Nick 6267867779
  19. X2 Hire a pro ... Tuning is not hard, but you need to have an analytic mind or training and experience or both ... A dyno helps if you have one of those too 🙂 Cut and paste tunes usually result in engine damage or just a crappy tune and you will spend dune weekends tuning and not having fun
  20. Open to trades , need the space
  21. "T" trailer with a wheel. It is cool to load it when you get on the wheel just take your hands off the steering wheel and drive it up to the front. DON~~~
  22. I had two, one I can't get in touch with and the other one is a camp host at Big lake and he can't leave until winter. DON~~~
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