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  2. DirtBikeGuy

    ** BFD Revo 2 seater **

    BFD Revo Car was purchased as a rolling chassis in 2014 and finished at the end of 2017. Have well over 60K into this car and is a steal at $35,000. This thing will crush rzrs with double the power and weighing only 1200 lbs. Looking to get a bigger car now that we have a bigger family. The only Trade I would be open to, is a 4 seat, “name brand” sand car. Looking to move the car somewhat quickly, send your offers (please be respectful and reasonable) Contact: Corey 95I-2O5-44I3 ** Can also help with Financing if needed ** Outside: · Fully TIG welded 4130 Chromoly Chassis · All aluminum body built by BFD Offroad · Custom valved walker evans coil over shocks build by Ed Nielma · 30” Single Row LED light bar · 2 LED Pod lights · 930 CV · 4 wheel disk brakes · Method beadlock wheels with Sand Tires Unlimited 1300 plus rears and 8.5 fronts · Jeffco Reverse diff box with cutting brakes. · Full Aluminum skid plate · 12 Gallon fuel cell · Dual fiber optic whips from Quick Light with new quick release bases. Inside: · Custom Jettrim Seats · Full black carbon fiver vinyl wrapped interior, with stitched dash and center console · AEM digital programmable dash · Rugged 35 Watt car to car radio with 686 intercom with PTT · Tilt adjustable wheel · PRP 5 point harnesses Motor Specs: Motor is completely fresh has multiple heat cycles and dyno time on it only originally built by Scott at Heads Up Performance. Just replaced all pistons and rods along with oil dry sump system. Car has 2 power tunes currently with the capability to have 2 additional settings saved in the computer. The base setting is 280HP at the tires on pump 91. The other is a 305 HP at the tires on race fuel. · Hayabusa motor · Wossner turbo pistons · Carrillo rods · Back cut 6 speed transmission · Aluminum Intercooler · Lock up clutch · Larger injectors · Cosworth ECU with 4 position tune capability · HI flow oil drive gear · Tom Pro alternator kit · 930 CV’s · Oil cooler with Dailey Engineering 3 Stage dry sump system with 1.5 gallon oil tank · Nitrate coated crank
  3. JDMeister

    What does $9000, CHP, Ivy league, car chase have in common?

    They need to check his prison wallet
  4. FFaaron

    2016 Yamaha YXZ1000 long travel TURBO

    Also has aftermarket digital water temp gauge
  5. Kraut_n_Rice

    Today's Highway star

  6. T Frog

    Weld wheel EVO Velociti 8

    Looking for a needle in the haystack. Need one Weld EVO Velociti 8, #478 16 x 8.5" ford pattern 8x170 backspace is around 4.5" I have three good ones need a fourth thanks Todd
  7. DUNERDR82

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    Kinda goes for Everything in life right? Cars, trucks, cell phones, furniture, grass.......
  8. T Frog

    Alumicraft -2005- LS1

    This is a great car for the money period, always liked this car, just be patient It'll sell.
  9. Sandinyourface

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

  10. Jake69chevy

    How Long(miles) Will A Diesel Last?

    It was actually a serious question on the 7.3's as I dont know anything about them. I guess I just dont hear about those issues as much. And yes, by all means, what else goes wrong with the 7.3's? What year/model pre 2007 Duramax is your favorite?
  11. jtmoney714

    2” spindle maintenance question

    Races looked good. Guess I’ll leave them in. Bearings are cheap. But I’ll inspect them a little closer. Maybe I’ll just buy a new dust cap. I’m the guy that says well while I’m there I should replace all that. But nothing looked bad worn. Just figured it was bad juju to replace bearings and leave the old races in.
  12. Today
  13. onanysunday

    Smokey Lost The Race

  14. sausage450r

    What does $9000, CHP, Ivy league, car chase have in common?

    Maybe gd.com can pool its resources and get them some zip lock bags, grapes, and sugar so they can make some toilet wine to help pass the time
  15. Chevy1925

    How Long(miles) Will A Diesel Last?

    oh ok, i see what your doing.... Your uncle has an LB7 with well known injector issues. The new SAC nozzle injectors will fix all known lb7 injector issues. i know of NO diesel engine that has NEVER had a glow plug issue and ill tell you this right now, unless is 10* or less for multiple days at a time, a duramax doesnt need them and even then, if you plug the block heater in, they crank right up. Shit, cummins dont even have them. Camshaft pin sheering wasnt done by its self, it had help from something else by either driver error or a mechanical part failing (IE, cp3 and so on). i can name plenty of potential issues with a duramax in any year 7.3 doesnt have issues? ha, lets start naming them off. for one, its gutless. then you got the HPOP that likes to fail and/or stick. valve cover gaskets that die and kill power to injectors, injectors that fail quite a bit if you dont change that oil all the time and use quality stuff, seen plenty of dead turbos, transmission that is actually weaker than the gas version and lucky to go 100-150k on a 100% stock 7.3, shall i name more? I dont care what you drive, they all have issue. Some more than others but when looked at on a grand scale, this is what is stated as to what some believe to be the "best truck". Each MFG has parts of the vehicle that are extremely durable and other parts that are not. this does NOT mean every truck with said "durable part" will last just as long as the next whether from mfg flaws that got missed or abuse or neglect.
  16. onanysunday

    Who is ready?

  17. Wheres Hotboat?

    1999 Ford Ranger XLT 4dr

    I agree, my son is 21, but he's been driving sticks for ever. My daughter got a vintage VW for her first car at 16, I wanted her to always be able to drive a stick, and it also kept her hands busy.
  18. Jake69chevy

    How Long(miles) Will A Diesel Last?

    My uncle also has a 2003. So far with 240k miles, he has had to replace the injectors twice, glow plugs, camshaft (rounded off), and injector pump. For an engine that is supposed to be bulletproof, this just seems excessive. Just wondering if the 7.3 has this many issues...
  19. MGM/FRP

    1972 ford ranchero 500

    1972 Ford Ranchero 500351 engine with a C4 automatic transBody is good, but the paint is a little ruff. There are spots on the car that look like cancer, but it's just flakey paint. The body is actually pretty clean.Clear Nevada title in hand.Car runs and drives but could use a tune up and the alternator doesn't seem to be charging. It has output though.It has aftermarket Vintage Air conditioning on it as well. Car is located in San MarcosAsking $5000 OBO Call (760)802-6040
  20. RacecaR

    Tires Tires Tires!

    PMs sent
  21. fullthrottleguy

    2” spindle maintenance question

    I tend to agree with r3meyer. In my experience the bearing used (assuming they are high quality) get very little use compared to a street truck with huge tires, weight and load, and they last over 100K miles normally. More often than not you can clean the bearings throughly, inspect the races, and re-grease it all and put it together, and preload it. Of course if the preload was off and the races are scoured or worn, they need to be replaced. Doing that is no different than with any hub albeit most hubs are steel not aluminum. Carefully using a punch and hammer and tapping them out works, just do it slowly and tap around in several places. You can also use a Mapp torch and heat them (pin point) in several spots on the race and it will tap out with probably a single tap. The important piece is pressing in the new race carefully without damaging it, I use a press and Bearing tool, alternately you can hammer the the race in using a bearing tool (you can borrow from Autozone). but its likely you will do some minor damage you may have to "dress" I would inspect first and worry later IMO
  22. RK Racing

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    Thank you.
  23. Cookie

    1999 Ford Ranger XLT 4dr

    Perfect car for the 16 yr old son, this is what I made my kid drive for 3 years, stick shift (harder to text and drive). The 3.0 is bullet proof as well, Should sell quickly at this price.
  24. Cookie

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    Don't forget about all the Government protection you get from buying a SxS, IE recalls and safety. I do love these comparisons as well, I have zero issues with SxS's, I actually thought about selling the rail and getting one this year, it would be a wash. The math doesn't work out unless I buy a used SxS . I have a ten year old Rail, valued at $32, and to buy a near top of the line SxS (without all the bolt ons, just cage) you are at $30k, if you want to be able to keep up in the dunes with above average duner's. We are mostly a sand family, not much of a hard pack guys anymore. I do have a dual sport bike that I ride in the mtns in the summer months, I am not ready to sit down all day on fire roads just yet. Now for maintenance, I always love how people think Buggy's are so expensive in upkeep and repairs, they don't have to be. For example, I have owned this car for three years now, roughly 75 days in the dunes. In that time the only things needing repair and replaced, one tire and a tranny rebuild, total cost $2300 for both. Of course oil changes and I do my prep on CV's which isn't hard are not factored. It does take some mechanical knowledge to own a rail, just can't drop it off at the dealer for the most part. I can carry an entire family at any speed I want and I feel they are safer in a buggy that a SxS. This is just my example, everyone has different needs. I don't agree with financing any toy, never have. I truly think this will be the downfall of many people, and in the end could hurt the sport someway? In the end, I don't care what you bring, just enjoy the dunes and do your part to keep it clean and open for the future.
  25. Wheres Hotboat?

    1999 Ford Ranger XLT 4dr

    That's perfect, it gives you a year to trick it out so your son doesn't look like a Gardner. My kid has actually only had it about 3 months, he was going to build it into a pre-runner, but he found and F-150 that is already done and he decided he wanted to go that route instead. He said a crew cab full size, has a bigger back seat for "activities", LOL
  26. Chevy1925

    Paddle tire questions

    running a dune sport 14.50 will be WAY shorter than the STU 33 sand blasters. i would do a 16.50 at min and i believe its still a little shorter.
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