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  2. kofire

    Aftermarket seats

    I ordered the Berts. Thanks a lot everybody
  3. OK, since no electrician types have commented on this, I'll give it a shot from a non-electrician's understanding. First and foremost... "start-up" load for a compressor's electric motor can be 3 times the running load requirement. While you don't give any specific info on your compressor other than it's "big", just for sake of discussion, the compressor I have in my stacker is an oil lubricated, belt driven compressor capable of 7.4 SCFM @ 40psi/ 5.8 SCFM @ 90psi with a 25 gallon tank. It's utilizing a 1.8 HP GE motor. It's capable of providing a non-stop supply of air more than sufficient to blow out the trailer, sand car, neighbor's sand car, air up motorhome tires, run air impact tools, etc. According to the experts, your typical 2 HP electric motor on a compressor requires approximately 2800 running watts and 7700 start-up watts... obviously, your 4000 watt Onan isn't gonna cut it. FWIW, I'm running this compressor off of a Honda EU7000iS however, I can't have any other significant loads on the generator during start-up... if so, generator can't cut it, overload protection kicks in and disconnects power. Additionally, if I've been running the compressor for a long period of time and the motor is hot, sometimes it can be tuff to get going again. Your generator could probably run a compressor with no more than a 1 HP motor as the power requirement drops to approximately 1600/4500 watts run/start-up respectively... even though the start-up requirement is a little higher than the output of the generator, for reasons this layman doesn't fully understand, my generator seems to be able to handle this momentary power requirement surge. One solution aside from going to a smaller compressor is if your Onan produces 240 volts, rewire your compressor motor to 240 volt. Most larger oil lubricated compressor motors are 120/240 volt... doing so essentially cuts power requirements in half. I haven't done this yet to my compressor as I like being able to power my coach off of the trailer generator (utilizing the one 50 amp/240 volt receptacle), not having to run the diesel generator up front, particularly nice if you're hanging around out on the patio side of the coach. I literally can't hear or feel the Honda back in trailer when it's running. Disclaimer... I'm not an electrician or an electrical engineer, so the above info is based on my limited understanding of all things electrical and personal experience... I know just enough about electricity to be dangerous.
  4. MeterTech

    Need air compressor advice!!! Which to use with a genny?

    My Honda 2000 runs this no problems! Question, the compressor you currently have, is it single phase 110VAC? I can't imagine an Onan 4000 having any issue firing a compressor!
  5. Today
  6. Yeah he put 6 volts in it. I tapped the post with the connection and it sparked. Dont know if that helps. Thanks for the input.
  7. matt86m

    Anyone have an aluminum boat for sale?

    Thanks Kevin. I Mohave CL is one I look at all the time
  8. Hard to say. It appears you have 6 volt batteries there. Trailer would have come with a 12 volt battery (S). White wires in rv's always confused me. With the 6 volt setup I wouldn't base the connection on wire location or reach now. Sorry it's no help. You need to trace it or use a multi meter to check continuity.
  9. Picked up my brothers ww yesterday with him. Saw this connection hanging. Electrical is not my forte by any means. He probably forgot to hook it up when he changed the batteries. Looks like it routes straight to positive but dont want to fry anything. It comes out of this silver box on the tongue. I am correct in thinking this is a positive cable right? He says on the last trip it was hanging and everything in the trailer was working fine..
  10. BadnBlack

    Fuel Injection for a Big Block

    Not a thing. Been trying to sell this buggy for quite some time and everyone seems hesitant because it doesn't have fuel injection.
  11. spize909

    2016 Beta 430 RS enduro

    ..........he goes to the desert less then you do!
  12. spize909

    Need air compressor advice!!! Which to use with a genny?

    This will work no problem. Light and easy to use. We've popped my 1300 plus x 15 paddle back on the bead out in the dunes with just the tank full of air. That Makita Stugots posted would put out more air though.
  13. No problem. Just don't ask for pics!!!
  14. No. Getting rid of stuff we don't need or use. There's a LOT more coming...
  15. Intro2Rhino

    2008 Chevy 2500 4x4 crewcab shortbed

    Mileage and motor?
  16. endobear

    It's Saturday 11/17/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    Replacing the windshield wiper motor in the wifes Acadia. Fixing the damn mail box post that my wife slid into and snapped while driving my truck yesterday in the snow.
  17. Dirtywhiteboy

    Need air compressor advice!!! Which to use with a genny?

    great suggestions gentlemen, glad to know they work on smaller genny's.
  18. 1slomofo

    Aftermarket seats

    going to have to go check those out at berts! looks good to me.
  19. cola

    Monster Manx NA LS7 Fortin FRS5

    15' 3" bumper to bumper.
  20. realbadlarry

    2016 Beta 430 RS enduro

    its like a ktm, but Honda colors.......nice....
  21. 2005 Predator Sand Car For Sale (Fresh Fortin 5-Speed & Supercharged LS) Fresh Fortin 5 speed – Just refreshed by Fortin 2" hollows with rpb hubs and willwood brakes all 4 corners Redline ls1 with supercharger New rpb rack with electric steering Coilovers and bypass all 4 corners Fully prepped for season and ready to roll Full 5 seat car Suspension is dialed in runs like a caddy Posting for a friend that just bought a 2 seater Call or text Pete @ (858) 342-6551 $35K
  22. mxracer458

    2016 Beta 430 RS enduro

    really nice bike. great dual sport
  23. Sand Shark

    Aftermarket seats

    That is what I ran in my XP1000. Best deal out there and just as comfy as the rest. OP - If you insist on a name brand I would look at the Beard Torque seats or the Simpson seats (formerly Twisted Stitch)
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