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    Ok here we go! Devin, first I was in no way “slamming” Polaris. And in fact I do appreciate that they’re investing in the dunes by purchasing the store. Second, even if I was slamming them I don’t see how that makes me or anyone else “hypocritical.” Third, now that you’ve opened this can of worms. My first trip to Glamis was memorial weekend in 1974. Yes, 1974. I have seen the changes over the years and perhaps I long for the old days when the place was waaay more laid back. No overzealous rangers, smaller crowds and less rude ass campers. So with that being said, I remember watching Crusty Demons of Dirt in 1995 (on a VHS tape no less) and the guys were at the “trendy dunes,” and even THEN I was like oh shit here we go, this place is going to blow up. Then there were the party’s at the pit (competition hill) where assholes were digging trenches so you would wreck or get stuck, burning OHVs to the ground and it was one big effing mess til the law clamped down. So if anyone ever wonders why there’s such a HUGE presence of LEOs and BLM at the dunes this is one of the main reasons. Since you didn’t ask, my opinion on camp rzr? It’s awesome that they display the vehicles and offer test drives and will repair your cart on the spot. But. Live concerts, a big party and a a fireworks display? If I wanted that shit I’d just stay home and go to Disneyland. I go to the dunes to escape that crap and in fact refuse to bring a tv along. This type of event brings in non-duners that makes the CAMPING turn into the shit show as I referenced with that image. Some of those people dgaf and trash the place leaving it to the folks that are truly passionate about the dunes (dare I say LOVE the place) to clean up after them. Many people enjoy the event, it just ain’t for me. There was a day when guys built their own sand cars, and the only thing to finance was ATCs/odysseys/dirt bikes. Now anybody with a few thousand dollars down can get into a cart with amazing long travel suspension and an automatic (gasp!) trans. Easy to drive and easy to wreck. I think they’re awesome and will buy a Textron XX 4 seater when they release them. I’m just not a fan of the commercialization of Glamis, but there’s no stopping it. Now get off my lawn!
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    After looking at the video I believe a cheap Chinese heim joint was the culprit in that accident!
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    Saw this on instagram, grabbed a screen shot. Funny chit but it’s the truth...
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    It kind of is if you think about it lol
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    I seriously had no idea that everyone was cool with being behind a vehicle going well under the speed limit. I guess that's why SxS owners think they are so fast. So I have decided to go along with the rest of the sheepole and just be happy to be in line waiting like the rest of you all. So I'm turning over a new leaf. I now drive 15 -20 miles an hour under the speed limit, I sit at green lights for at least 30 seconds or more while I texted, and I drift into other lanes as I get caught up on Instagram. All this means that I have move to a SxS. I even have an appropriate vehicle to drive out to my ghost camp in Pad 3. Poule and I should blend right in at camp RZR.
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    The bummer about this entire thread is that this is exactly the battle that we are trying to win against the campfire mechanics and word of mouth type of marketing that prevails in this industry/hobby/sport. We knew that taking on this entire program was going to be a lot of work, and we knew that we were going to have to invest a lot of money into it to fix all of the inherent issues that caused so many people to have problems with these units that left a forever bad taste in their mouth. I think we are finally starting to make some headway into changing people's minds about these things. We have gotten a lot of really good, positive feedback from customers about the changes that we have made. Many of those changes you will never notice, but are simply there to prevent a failure, and that to us is the key selling point to the work we put into them. Unfortunately, there were so many inherent design flaws with these sequential transaxles through each generation of changes that in many cases, it does cost what some might consider to be an arm and leg to upgrade these things with our new parts and make them right. I have seen customers try to nickel and dime their way with these upgraded parts, trying to make old and new parts work together, and that typically never tends to work out. We have literally made changes to every single part drawing to fix each flaw that has been an issue through the years. These sequential transaxles are certainly not a "perfect" unit, which is why we still push the Albins for those who want or need the best transaxle. We refrained from changing the name from Mendeola to Weddle for the past years because we were still uncertain on whether the changes we made to these were going to make the grade in the court of public opinion. We have now made the decision to start rebranding these units to use the Weddle name as new parts get made, next Sand Show (2019) you will probably see the Weddle name in the castings and in our marketing materials. In closing, the biggest variable that determines how any of these transaxles hold up is who's foot is on the gas pedal. Anything can break, these vehicles are toys and they are driven as such. They are not driven with the mindset that this thing has to be able to get the kids to school or make it to work the next day. If you drove your daily they way you drive these toys on a daily basis, I guarantee you that vehicle will be at the dealership/shop on a very regular basis. Horsepower costs money. It costs more money to get that power to the ground reliably. There is a reason why race cars cost more money to run than they make. If you want to drive it like a race car, then you have to expect a race car level of prep cost.
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    It was really really hot on Saturday. At least 95 degrees, which meant ride early and hide from the heat for most of the afternoon. By Friday night lots of SXS owners had converted to 3 wheels as they quickly discovered they are not Robby Gordon and their SXS is not built like a Trophy Truck. Joe Fab was making a killing repairing what Polaris and Can Am did not have time to fix. Dunes were fairly empty other than any area near Olds. Got in some good runs even though we are stuck behind a sandrail going well under the speed limit. LOL! Olds was a complete mess Sunday morning littered with beer cans (Coors Lights, Bud Light and Modelo being the primary choices). This seems to be typical for any big weekend. Quite disgusting how people are such pigs. Sand Psycho will be happy to know the SXS chatter bumps are back. I was happy to find out the shock tune Ed "The Suspension Guy" did on my X3 ate up those chatter bumps and I did not feel a thing. Overall it was a fun weekend and nice to be back out in the dunes. Did not get as much riding in as usually just because of the heat. Can't wait for the cooler weather during the day time.
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    True , every one of us was a rookie at some point. Here is where the difference lies. When I was a rookie I had a few friends who were not. They taught me good dune practices. They showed me how to ride better , how to read the dunes how to make sure that I was not a burden to the rest of the group, They even made sure I could maintain my ride so that once in the dunes we could ride and have fun, not work on my ride. Camp Cluster EFF not only doesn't do this it does the opposite.The rookies are all in one big group they don't see proper dune etiquette, they see complete chaos, so that how things must be complete chaos. Fireworks are illegal, but Camp Cluster has them ( even though they are professional and have a permit) so I guess I can have them too Camp Cluster had loud music, No problem with me bringing out my system, just doing what I saw them do. Don't worry about knowing how to work on your stuff just bring it by we will fix it for you. Don't even get me started on the black bag project........ Sure it is a nice thing that the people are doing but how about a Clean up after your PHUQUING self project. Instead of cleaning up about these douche bags throwing trash down lets teach the idiots to pick up after themselves or get the Phuque out of Glamis.
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    How fast is it with those lightened axles? Bet the cvs will last way longer too.
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    For years and years I aligned my front end by measuring to goofy stuff clamped to my hubs like angle iron or using old crappy wheels. I saw the plates that LRS used and I decided to have a set made. I made them out of steel so my level would stick to set my camber. I also had relief cuts mad at the top and bottom of each side to hold a pair of tape measures so no more measuring back and forth with a helper. I'm very happy with how well they worked.
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    We’ve had a pretty good amount, I’d say about 50 kids. I sit outside in my driveway with a fire pit, music and a beverage.
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    We had our Annual Bartley Halloween Party! This years theme was 80's Hair Bands. My wife dressed more as 80's Punk..She looked killer. Good times, it's a lot of work! We may take next year off though. I didn't take a lot of pics...I'm still waiting for more to get sent my way. We always do a contest and Cheryl and I give out a $25 gift card to the winner of the best costume. We are not included because...well, it's our party! I guess people didn't care this year and voted my Dee Snyder/Twisted Sister costume the Best! So we gave it to 2nd place, Roxanne, Day of The Dead. We had a small party this year only about 30-ish showed up. Kind of glad...my wife is a Rockstar when it comes to our party's. So much work goes into these...we finished about 10 pm last night putting everything away. I'm beat...
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    Having experienced my first Camp Razor, I have some suggestions for Polaris. Maybe they could hire some water trucks to keep down the freaking dust? Maybe they could hire some dudes to to patrol the dunes in some sort of mobil repair vehicles to help out all the busted down SxS guys so the rest of us can spend our time riding? And maybe they could create a "Good Citizen of the Dunes " award for the weekend to be given to the person who fixes the most busted down vehicles. For last weekend, I nominate Rockwood. Seriously, the dude spend 5 times as many hours fixing other peoples crap as he did riding the dunes.
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    I went this weekend, but not for Camp RZR. Last minute trip for us and a short one as well but it worked out because I transported three cars so it paid for itself too. We got to Pad 2.5 Thursday afternoon and camped with some friends. I prep 5 cars in this group so it was good to be there for the shakedown after all the work I've done to them in the off season. We duned all day Friday and ended up at Olds around 2pm. Lots more SxS's then I'm used to seeing but not nearly as many as Tday week. We hit all the major stops and saw plenty of SxS's out there but again not nearly as many as Tday week. Hardly saw any SxS's out in the dunes at all really. The drags on Friday night were packed with SxS's and a lot of them were making passes (which seemed to take forever) but we also got to see Aaron's new Tatum and Racer and Jeff Pont's two Funco's make a few passes. Good to see Pont driving the car again. Blackzilla was there too and I never saw him line up next to anyone, but saw on IG that it happened at some point. We left Saturday morning and took the RV over to GDS to store it for a while (aka NOT ghost camping). Looked like a total shit show at Vendors. We passed by around 10 am and there was no wind so the dust was super thick.
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    Well... I won $500 bucks... I'll take it!!
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    Dancing shoes on, ready to run.
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    So this will sound goofy but seriously take the time to talk to your parent/grandparents about the current scams going around. It used to be that we had to talk to our kids about....drugs....gangs.......etc but times are changing and some of us probably have parents/grand parents that are in the late 60's and older crowd. These are the people that are most vulnerable to falling for con jobs. My mother is terrified about loging on to an open wifi connection because scammers can get her info but damnit if she wont answer the phone at the drop of a dime. Con artists know this and spend their days dialing for dollars. You dont realize how many elderly people fall for these scum bags and people always say my mom/dad would never fall for that. My mom called me last night in a panic because she got a call from a "hacker" who had all her info including SSN, bank account and credit cards and if she didnt buy a gift card and call back with the info they were going to publish it online and ruin her life. My first question to her was if they had all the info why in the hell would they need her to go buy gift cards when they could just drain her account. It wasnt a life altering amount they wanted either, just 500.00. Small enough where if she fell for it no one would waste time trying to track it down but still enough for me to want to find them and give them a pavement facial. Over the years I have seen elderly send/transfer/wire con artists 100's of thousands of dollars with almost no chance of recovery. Take a few moments regardless if it is awkward to remind your elderly loved ones to A) quit answering the damn phone and B) never send money to anyone no matter what they claim will happen. Sorry just wanted to share.
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    If Polaris wants to "donate" to the dunes, how about the pony up some of the the high priced attorneys the have on retainer for a SH!T TON of pro bono action lead by the ASA.
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    So I believe that you could apply that to any business out in the dunes bottom line is there for a profit to pay the bills keep their stockholders happy so what’s the difference whether it’s a small mom-and-pop vendors or a organization. ..The bigger organization has more money to spend on keeping the dunes open and supporting keeping the dunes clean and open future generations something to consider.
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    https://www.foxnews.com/auto/1000-hp-dodge-hellephant-v8-is-ready-to-resurrect-your-classic-car Dodge has summoned another monster from the underworld. The latest is a new 1,000 hp engine called the “Hellephant” that’s based on the brand’s Hellcat supercharged V8 and will be offered as a crate motor for custom car builders next year. (Dodge) Its name is a tip of the hat to the original “Elephant” 426 Hemi V8 from the 1960s, and the new engine features an aluminum block with a bigger bore and stroke than the 376 cubic-inch Hellcat’s that brings it up to a historically appropriate 426 cubic-inches. (Dodge) The engine mixes parts from the engines found in the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye and Demon with its own high-lift cam and forged pistons. A package that includes a power control module and all of the wiring and sensors needed for installation is offered with it, and a front end accessory drive kit is also available to make the process as easy as possible. This is assuming you have a pre-1976 car to put it in, as it’s not street legal in anything newer than that. (Dodge) To introduce the engine at the Specialty Equipment Markets Assocation (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Dodge dropped the Hellephant into a heavily modified 1968 Charger it’s calling the Super Charger. The classic has been updated with a stretched wheelbase, fiberglass fender flares and hood, and a modern six-speed manual transmission. The Charger’s signature hidden flip-over headlights have been replaced with a fixed, full width grille with a set of Hellcat headlights peering through it for a menacing look. (Dodge) Pricing for the Hellephant and accessory kits hasn’t been announced, but the Hellcat-based Hellcrate motor with its measly 707 hp started at just under $20,000 when it was introduced at SEMA last year.
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    I melted a 4L80e and THEN got a cooler. Don't do this. It is not a good way.... With a class C, you are restricted for space, but get the largest cooler you can possibly fit in there. Many people will tell you to get "the correct size". I can tell you that when you have a motorhome and are pulling a trailer, the 'correct size' is the biggest you can fit in there!
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    Had a good time. New ride worked amazingly well, nothing broken, and everyone had fun. Even went to the concert Friday night.
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    While Conrad does have some excellent points, his concern about the exploitation of glamis started long before Polaris came along, and in fact Polaris really isn't doing anything to exploit glamis itself, it's just bringing it's event to one of the places where a lot of their customers use their Rzrs. If we're really worried about too much exposure and too many disrespectful, litterbug newbies, we have to ask ourselves: how many people are watching youtube videos and deciding to check it out based on how much fun they saw in the videos? While Camp Rzr can be a cluster fluck for those who yearn for days of old when we didn't have to buy passes or deal with too many rangers, again, Camp Rzr and Polaris aren't to blame for either of those problems. I don't like big crowds and I'd recommend anyone who doesn't like them either just do what I'm planning on doing: stay away from it. There are plenty of people who will enjoy the event, more power to them! No sense in hating on them or the event, just go dune or play in the dirt somewhere else that weekend.

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