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    So two years ago my wife and i decided to have a third child (okay, my wife decided). We well, and well, the day came we were expecting our third. So at 16 weeks we went for our first sonogram. We were chatty with the woman doing the work and all was well, but i noticed her demeanor changed, and from my medical background i could tell she was concerned with what she was seeing, and taking lots of measurements and photos of a particular area. I asked her, “you see something wrong dont you”. She responded. I see something yes, but im not a doctor im not allowed to discuss it with you. *u*k! 3 days later a specialist called and said somethings wrong, we need to see you next week. They wouldnt give any info over the phone, so after the longest week, we went and saw the specialist. She told us our child, she now tells us is a girl, and she has a very large mass in her chest. They cannot see what is feeding it, but given that and its location they are pretty sure its a condition called CPAM (congenital pulmonary airway malformation) and at my daughters age its one of the largest they have ever seen. Now lots of cpam are no big deal, but the problem with out case is it grows more than the child generally and ours is so large its going to take up all the space for the right lung and push the heart over and cause a condition known as hydrops, which is generally pulmonary edima, or fluid build up in the heart tissue which is generally always fatal in a fetus. At that time the doctor, specialists and experts in the field and suggested we terminate the pregnancy (abortion). This was never going to be an option with me. My daughter will have every chance at life i can give her. Regardless of beign a potential “burden”. So with the decision made, we had weekly visits at kaieser in clairemont mesa (50 miles from home) up until birth. To the shock of all the experts and doctors the mass never grew exponentially. It grew at the same rate as my daughter which saved her life, but was still a problem. She truly is a miracle because the docs from kaiser, ucsd, and usf working with us said its extremely rare. My daughter was born on thanksgiving. They did xrays in the delivery room and all was well, but ya of course it was still there. Not knowing how thia would effect her made the first week home and the first cold a little bit of a nailbiter, but generally. She seems like a normal kid if not a super strong kid. At 6 months we met with the surgeon and he took sonograms and was concerned because the mass was very large (1/3 the size of her right lung) and it was putting some pressure on her heart. He was concerned so wanted a specialist from ucsd to assist him so the surgery was scheduled and the month wait took for forever. The day of surgery came (aug 3) and we had to watch her beign taken away and what we were told would be a 6-8 hr wait began (they were taking the medial lobe and likely the lower lobe of the right lung). To our shock two hrs later the surgeon walked up to us, uhoh, but he smiled and said damn, it all went so much better than we expected. He did have to make a really large incision (3.5”) to remove the mass because it was so large, but he was done, he got it all, and only had to take the medial part of her right lobe. A week and a half later we brought her home. And last tuesday i met one final time with the surgeon and he looked at fresh xrays and gave my daughter a clean bill of health. The biopsy showed it was benign and was infact cpam. My daughter Fallon is the strongest of my three kids, and this kid never has a bad day. She never cries or fusses. From day one she sleeps through the night, she started walking on her 8 month birthday. She truly is so happy to be alive, and i am so thankful the idea of aborting her was never an option in my mind. The mass is the black spot, you can see it is pushing the heart over In baby jail waiting for surgery post op in recovery
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    Let me set the record straight on Duramax diesel exhaust aftertreatment and how it works. All of the diesel engines on the marketr right now have very similar systems. What was stated in the quote above is innacurate. This is aftertreatment in a nutshell, there are too many things to even begin to discuss. DEF is metered very precisely into the front half of the DPF unit which is called the SCR (selective catalyst) to reduce the NOX (oxides of nitrogen) content of the exhaust gasses, the ECM uses input from 2 NOX sensors and fuel usage data to determine the correct dosage. The rear half of the DPF unit contains the actual filter which removes physical particulate matter from the exhaust gas. When the ECM determines that the DPF has accumulated about 30g of soot through a series of calculations based on fuel usage and pre/post DPF air pressure sensors, it will initiate a regen event to incinerate the soot from the filter. Incineration has been accomplished a few ways since 07. In early DPF equipped diesels the main injectors would do what was called late post injection, in which the injectors would fire multiple times during the exhaust stroke to supply unburnt fuel to the DOC (diesel oxydation catalyst) so that it would consume the fuel and get very hot, the exhaust gasses would then carry the heat to the DPF where the soot could be incinerated. In 2011 an indirect injector was added in the turbo down pipe to supply most of the raw fuel, the late post injection method was causing oil dilution issues. The DOC can get up to 1250f during a regen event. DEF is not a hydrocarbon and therefore will not cause combustion, it is only used to chemically reduce NOX emissions. A tech sometimes has to perform a stationary manual regen for diagnostic purposes, during a regen many things are happening and all of the sensor data can be veiwed on a scan tool. The 4 sensors we look at the most are the 4 exhaust gas temp readings, they are located before and after the DOC and before and after the SRC/DPF unit. When the exhaust gas temp sensor 1 reaches about 550f the indirect injector becomes active and temp sensor 2 will rise at a very fast pace to about 900-1000f, the other 2 sensors further down the line will slowly rise due to the heat that is being generated. After about 20 minutes sensors 2 3 and 4 will all be about 1100-1250f. If temp sensor 2 does not rise after the indirect injector becomes active we can determine that the indirect injector is not functioning, if temp sensors 3 and 4 rise but 2 stays equal to 1 that indicates the DOC has been compromised and the fuel is being consumed in the DPF, which is bad bad bad. DEF usage is independant of regen frequency because they do 2 different tasks. Regen frequency is completely dependant on fuel usage, DPF pressure differential values, and calculated soot mass. DEF usage is dependant on fuel usage and pre and post NOX sensor values. Pure water will result in zero NOX reduction and trigger a poor DEF quality message to be displayed. After a few increasing levels of speed reduction, 5mph is what you will end up with. DEF is specifically 32.5% urea and 67.5% distilled water, the ECM's calibrations are not very flexible with this, it has to be this exact concentration or NOX reduction wont take place. It takes us 3 or 4 hours of time to repair a vehicle in this condition and is not covered under warranty. If anyone has ever wondered why diesels use an EGR valve, it's because NOX is produced at high combustion temps and the cooled EGR gas will cool the combustion chamber enough to reduce NOX formation. Modern diesel engines make so much power they burn a lot of fuel, the manufacturers had to install all of these devices to get them to meet EPA standards. Other than having some dependability issues these emission systems do work. It is not uncommon for diesels to have issues with their indirect injectors and/or their DOCs and allow excessive soot to build up in the DPF. I've seen upwards of 90-100g of soot accumulation, when that happens a code will set and the vehicle will need to be serviced. Once we get the system repaired a very very long manual regen must take place, sometimes up to an hour. It does burn a lot of fuel to do this. Anyways I just wanted to share that, there is a lot of misinformation that floats around the internet regarding what DEF is and what it does. There is really no reason to ever disable the emission systems on your pickup truck, the air that you are polluting is air that we all have to breath. Diesel emissions are very clean these days. I don't get peoples total disregard for the air we breath. FWIW, DEF usage is approx 1% of fuel usage on average. Party on Garth!
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    I've got mad skillz too yo.....
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    I think your screen name will keep you busy...
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    Maybe Nike recognizes that the new american sport is politics and virtue signaling. Kapersuck is their new poster boy. Just wait till they come out with pelosi pumps and Air maxines’s
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    If we could find someone with half a brain that could run a tool and not break it, not go home because its hot, and remember anything they are taught, it would be a start. then you gotta convince my wife im really effin busy, and house remodels, replacing furniture thats not broken (with ikea 200 piece do it yoreself boxes) can wait till after i finish riding this trump train non stop work wave just glad that last tuesday i sat down with my 9 month olds surgeon after ct and xrays and was told my kid has a fresh start. No more mass in her lung (they removed it all and its not growing back from what they can see) and from here on she had a clean slate as a normal healthy kid
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    After 6 years of starts and stops I'm finally getting my shop built at my house! It will be nice to be able to work on projects at home now at my pace! Already bought a 12,000 lb lift from one of my customers and that's just the start!! More pictures to come...
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    Taya Kyle, widow of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle Your new ad with Colin Kapernick, I get the message, but that sacrificing everything thing…. It just doesn’t play out here. Sacrificing what exactly? A career? I’ve done that both times I chose to stay home and be with my kids instead of continuing my business climb… and it wasn’t sacrificing everything. It was sacrificing one career and some money and it was because of what I believe in and more importantly, who I believe in. At best, that is all Colin sacrificed… some money and it’s debatable if he really lost his career over it. Maybe he sacrificed the respect of some people while he gained the respect of others. Or maybe he used one career to springboard himself into a different career when the first was waning. I don’t know. What I do know is, he gained popularity and magazine covers he likely wouldn’t have gotten without getting on his knees or as you say, “believing in something.” I’m also thinking the irony is that while I am not privy to the numbers, it’s likely he gained a lucrative Nike contract. So yeah… that whole “sacrificing everything” is insulting to those who really have sacrificed everything. You want to talk about someone in the NFL sacrificing everything? Pat Tillman. NFL STARTING, not benched, player who left to join the Army and died for it. THAT is sacrificing everything for something you believe in. How about other warriors? Warriors who will not be on magazine covers, who will not get lucrative contracts and millions of followers from their actions and who have truly sacrificed everything. They did it because they believed in something. Take it from me, when I say they sacrificed everything, they also sacrificed the lives of their loved ones who will never be the same. THAT is sacrificing everything for something they believe in. Did you get us talking? Yeah, you did. But, your brand recognition was strong enough. Did you teach the next generation of consumers about true grit? Not that I can see. Taking a stand, or rather a knee, against the flag which has covered the caskets of so many who actually did sacrifice everything for something they believe in, that we all believe in? Well, the irony of your ad..it almost leaves me speechless. Were you trying to be insulting? Maybe you are banking on the fact we won’t take the time to see your lack of judgement in using words that just don’t fit. Maybe you are also banking on us not seeing Nike as kneeling before the flag. Or maybe you want us to see you exactly that way. I don’t know. All I know is, I was actually in the market for some new kicks and at least for now, I’ve never been more grateful for Under Armour.
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    He is the new Al Bundy.......... Sucked at Football, Now sells shoes for a living.
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    WITH REAL AMERICAN MADE PLASTIC STRAWS! Notice the yellow arrow pointing towards the straws.... like they are giving the Liberals a finger
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    I didn't know Weekend Warrior made flatbed trailers.
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    Good, Then I don't have to wait in line for some Liberal A-Hole asking if they make a SOY based non burger with brustle sprouts and stink weed and that they are offended by the term Animal Style! GTFO
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    Marlboroman here. Just a little FYI. We have been a long time sponsor here at gd.com but have not posted much under our business screen name recently. Though it appears we are new here with our "grunt" status, we are not. I have been around gd.com for a long time. Been shredding the ISDRA dunes since 1979 and call Gordon Wells my second home for many years. We are also business sponsors for the American Sand Association and CORVA. We are located in Yuma, AZ. Give us a call at (928)580-9999 or email us at sales@rzrwerks.com if you need anything for your UTV/Side by Side. We offer very deep discounts for gd.com members. Thank You, Marlboroman/RZR Werks.
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    speaking of exhaust............................................ Daughter: Dad there is something my boyfriend said to me that I don't understand. He said that I have a beautiful chassis, lovely air bags and a fantastic bumper. Father: Tell your boyfriend that if he opens your bonnet and tries to check your oil with his dipstick, I will tighten his nuts so hard that his head lights will pop out and he will start leaking from his exhaust!
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    Oldest son starts his Junior year at LMU. He moved into a house off campus with two other frat brothers. Needless to say, there is a beer die table in the back yard. I have little to worry about with him . He is an accounting and entrepreneur major and carrying a 3.75 GPA. He was just recruited by Deloitte this last Summer. He has his eyes on the prize. My youngest son starts as a Freshman and UC Santa Barbara in a few weeks in the Computer Engineering program. He has been doing a cyber security internship all summer but is looking forward to experiencing Isla Vista. We will see how this goes. I think he will do fine because he is crazy smart. He had a 4.6 GPA and scored a perfect 800 on the math portion of the SAT but lacks the common sense to remember if he has shoes on his feet before leaving the house. Proud of my sons
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    He only chose that screen name because "Balls Deep in a Puerto Rican Midget" was to long
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    My neighbor Chuck across the was given this as a surprise from his 3 sons. It's basically an electric mobility scooter but all custom. Cost is $3,000 The guy does other body's too.
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    They should release him ......... And announce the time and place.
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    I have #2 cut paddles now. About 6 seasons old. Just curious how worn they are compared to a new set. And for the confused yet commenting members: Here ya go!
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    1) Compliment more than you criticize. 2) Contribute instead of complaining. Quote: Dan Reeve 08/19/18
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    I think our generation (assumption, but basically kids born in the 70s and 80s) were lied to, and the millenials were completely fleeced. We were all told to get degrees and get a nice white collar job. Er. No. Other than real degree programs that resulted in real applicable knowledge (engineering, computer science, medical, basically any degree program that existed before 1980), there is almost zero value in a degree. Those “idiots” who learned a trade are all making great money doing a job they can look at with pride at the end of a day (instead of mindlessly pushing paper around). So yeah. We were lied to, and the whole country is gonna pay dearly for it when the labor shortage blows up in our face. It will be compounded when the population finally pulls its head out of its ass and realizes that $150k for a Transgender Studies degree is a waste of money and the education bubble explodes. Part of me will find it incredibly hilarious.
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