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    Finally back in a 2 stroke. Thanks @Fireballsocal Ben for the ride. It was good finally meeting somebody I’ve known for 20 years! Haha. 86 250r. All stock. Gonna our suspension on it, maybe a 310 or 330 kit and rip some dunes.
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    Found a pic of mine with my 8 year old on it probably 1 1/2 years old than.
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    Hole E Sheet. Unbelievable. I have never been able to put my foot into it thru the woops. Now it's a breeze and handles even better. Having the ability to set air bag psi on top of this is great. More speed and confidence thru the wooped out transitions is a blessing.
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    My daughters 14th birthday is today. Celebrating this afternoon at Boardmanville and watching Super Cross.
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    Cracks me up, The liberal "artists" that are standing up for these terrorists would be the first to have their heads removed in a public setting by the people they are standing up for.
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    No particular order
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    I think it’s funny that some think the drags is only for “the big dogs” the whole place is for everyone to enjoy themselves and the variety of people and vehicles running down the drags is what entertains me the most. The drags may has well be about wallet size if it’s not for everyone.
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    While I am one of those people myself that prefers to take a hands on approach to these types of things, I have learned (specifically while working here at Weddle) that there are certain jobs left to the pro's. I will not discourage anyone from tackling any type of job on their own, as long as they are starting with the knowledge that it will certainly take far more time and usually cost much more money compared to just taking it to a specialty shop to begin with. This type of job will almost never save you any money or time, and almost always becomes far more of a headache than you think. I can't tell you how many conversations I have had over the years that mirror this exact thread where the customer has taken on the job themselves and either spend weeks or months on the phone with me while we rebuild their transmission over the phone. More often then not, something was not done right and the transmission does not work properly, then they need to pull it again and either try to fix it, or take it to a shop and have it gone through professionally. Or worse, something breaks and causes a lot of damage. All of this HAS happened. Regarding a jig, you will NEED a specific Mendeola shift jig. You cannot use a VW Type 1/Type 2 jig without modifying the bores to accept the larger MD pinion bearing carrier. The jig itself is based on the Type 1, but requires the larger bores. The jig is used to properly adjust the mainshaft shims and shift forks. You cannot properly adjust these without the jig, and there is no way to mark them where they were, that is assuming they were properly adjusted in the first place, or did not slip on the rail during use. Forks are adjusted thousandths at a time to get them right, it's very much a "feel" type of adjustment. Best of luck to you on tackling the job, I am happy to sell you any of the parts you need. Keep in mind that I do not have any Mendeola shift jigs, you can use an old worn out/broken case with the sides cut out to adjust the forks, or modify a Type 1 jig.
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    Happy birthday to one of the nicest guys in the dunes!
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    Did a day trip to Glamis today. Had 17 vehicles go from the washes to duners diner and back. I wanted to chew some more dunes up rathher than go to the diner. But I was in Glamis so I cant complain. Chores and hanging out with the family tomorrow
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    Wife’s going to Laughlin to see KISS. And I’m going to the golf tournament.
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    Added one of these bad boys to the trailer yesterday for more security. Probably the beefiest tongue lock I’ve seen yet. No way to penetrate it and locks your chains inside of it too so the trailer can’t be drug by those. Just another obstacle for thieves. Thought I’d pass along, it’s from Proven Locks
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    Locals tip ask for a side of their cream cheese frosting or order a cream cheese donut with it the Strawberry or peach. Soo good
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    Hmmm, the evil twin to my car. GLWS
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    My wife works with a guy from iran and i have a customer that fled iran in the revolution (overthrow of the shaw) and most of his family was murdered by this ahole. They are so effing happy this guy has been brought to justice
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    Hey all. Thought I’d come share my latest shenanigans. About a month ago I took my king on its last ride and we decided it was time for a four seat rzr. Unfortunately, our rig was 10 inches shy of fitting it...so I did what any Ron Swanson aficionado would do....I remodeled that sum a bitch.😜 I still need to do an extra upper cabinet, add some wall sticky tiles, and add a bit of paint, but it’s pretty close to done. we had to move the heater, and lost two drawers, but with the foldable leaf and moveable cook top (I poached from the old oven), we actually gained counter space with this. So overall, we are pretty happy. And the best part is, the new rzr fits!
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    It would be a huge difference if they would open Pattons back up all the way to sand highway
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    Wonder if all the typical (necessary) requirements have been fulfilled? Is the speed limit posted? Has there been a traffic survey done? If so is it on file? Are they using radar/lidar? If so, have they been to the approved school to operate the unit? Has the unit been calibrated/certified and is it current?
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    Stealth 3016. 16’ toy storage. Fully loaded 13,600lbs
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    Tires don't carry a load, at least not enough to matter, the air does. If you need to carry the max load the tire is rated for you need the max air pressure the tire is designed to hold. Since nobody can perfectly match the actual load on the tire to some percentage of air calculation type thing it's better to be safe and run the air pressure that best suits the heaviest load you will put on that tire. I see a lot of tires...a lot. About 75% are seriously underinflated and most show premature wear consistent with that under inflation. Rarely, and I mean very rarely, do I see overinflation wear. I say that just to make the point that most of us, whatever our theory may be, are not inflating enough. I'm including light vehicles in that experience, heavy duty and RV people seem to do a little better. To be fair. Also keep in mind that from the time you adjust the tire to whatever pressure you decide, it's losing air from that moment until you inflate it again. If you wait 6 months and the tire has lost 10 pounds pressure, the wear pattern and running temperature will reflect the average of the initial pressure and the last pressure. I over inflate my customers tires regularly, and they usually return to me months later with the tires below proper pressure by a significant amount. Also, trailer tires take a huge amount of abuse. A lower pressure tire, dragged sideways like we do with trailer tires, will wear exponentially faster than one with more air as the stiffer sidewall will resist deforming and concentrating the load on the outer edges. A tire a little overinflated can ride rougher (some think this is a big deal...) but a tire underinflated will wear out much faster, overheats in shockingly pleasant ambient temperatures and is dangerous. I know which end of the grey area I'm going for when I inflate.
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    Somewhat of a belittling statement. You can say that for just about anything- construction isn't rocket science, but did you build your own home? Sewing isn't rocket science but do you make your own clothes? Farming isn't rocket science... you get the idea. At some point you have to decide what your time is worth. I'm stoked to read that the OP is taking on his own repairs. Now that I've read he's a trans builder it makes more sense.
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    tin man Chuck Shumer, Dorthy AOC, scare crow Adam Shiff, lion Nancy Palosie.
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    Smoking 2 tri tips on NYE and making tri tip sliders on Kings Hawaiian rolls......if that helps sway you............😀
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    Oh yeah almost forgot, finally got the countertops installed. One step closer.
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    Mr Wood does great work and his customer service is awesome. 67 closed a while ago. I heard A&B Truck owns those parts now.
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    Is it that terrible to wear a helmet? I don't like the gov't telling me what to do as much as anyone here, but this isn't the hill I'm gonna die on.
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    I love that car, one of my favorites! Grease Monkey is a pretty good dude too!
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    Have a Traeger...the expensive one. Was great the first few months but since then, it has been hit or miss with the temp controller. It detects too much heat and turns off periodically. I have to monitor it for the first hour or so to make sure it doesn't keep shutting off. I still have it but hardly use it because of this issue. Traeger sent me a couple of replacement parts- probe, controller, etc. but I've yet to replace them. I splurged last month and ordered the REC TEC RT-700 and it's been working flawless so far but time will tell how consistent it will be. https://www.rectecgrills.com/grills I picked this BBQ to replace my Char-Griller Outlaw coal/wood burner and so far it's also been awesome. Stainless > *. https://igbbq.com/?avad=160597_e18de9209
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    You could probably detune it then sell the extra parts. Boom, problem solved!!
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    I honestly have no idea who this bitch is. That said, I had to click on your post because I figured it was a rant about pelosi. When Civil War II starts, I hope bitches like this get absolutely no quarter.
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    Some cunts broke into my enclosed last night in front of my house, I left the cut locks to the back door of the trailer on the ground, going set me a lil trap tonight. My dog barking scared them off. Me and my buddy and my pit bull going to sit across the street and wait and see if they come back.
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    Thank you sir I was going to try meet up with you but just like thanksgiving having too much fun Always seems to be not enough hours in a glamis day
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    NOW THAT IS FUNNY!!!!!!!!
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    I've discussed this with my 95 yr old mother, she would disagree. In generations past, there was a hope for a "better" life, now it is a dream of survival. The Social Justice Warriors have demonized all the traditions and values that made our country stand out and become a beacon of hope is a hopeless world. Society has never been this screwed up where the lawless are ignored or championed while those trying to protect us are vilified as monsters and racists. In her younger days the fear was invasion and overthrow by a world foe. Today we are being destroyed from within, freedoms are being stripped away daily, and the end game isn't even hidden anymore. Socialist rule with the State controlling every aspect of our lives is an open Goal of a MAJOR political party. This has Never happened in the US before. Europe uniting and pushing for a one world currency, never happened before. Brexit my end up buying us some time before they become united again. But a One world Government is the GOAL, they admit it now. I hope you are wrong....I'm 54 and I drive around every day for work and see different parts of SoCal....it has been getting exponentially worse over the last 10 years. I used to dream of leaving for retirement....now I will have no choice. I won't be able to afford it. I see lots and lots of older people being forced to move either in with their children or out of state just to survive. Everything is just harder.
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    Mr. Smith, we need to keep his menory alive, that is Justin Smith of Shock Therapy, formerly of Revenge Racing, formerly of Predator Sand Cars. (Stated for search purposes). True story: When all that with Justin was going down (stealing Wayno and Kerins car, selling customer engines, having parts for one car and telling 8-10 people they are their parts, etc.) and Revenge was locked shut, at that very moment Tim Mesic was there in person witnessing the ordeal, Justin Smith was talking to Scott ”Duninrat” who lived in Arkansas telling him that everything was fine and went on to tell Scott that he (Justin) was going to build him a car with a bunch of new “one of a kind” parts from Gear One, Fortin, etc. and the “rumors” on the board was just someone attacking him for a problem from years ago that had been resolved. I talked to Scott and Tim Mesic within an hour or two of each other. Justin is a snake bastard. I’d bolt in square tubing for shocks rather than support that eff*stick. I wonder if Ernie is still carrying Justin’s ball sweat? I’ve stated it before and I’ll state it again, that snake stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from “customers”. I personally talked to most of them. He only clipped me for a couple thousand. To my knowledge he never owned any of that. He can rot. I wouldn’t piss on his ass if his guts were on fire. Back to your regularly scheduled programming....................

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