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    a friend of mine was looking at a rail with stock injectors stock throttle body, and stock fuel rails so I thought this would be funny it is really easy to make HP, you start off with a completely stock pullout LS1 (365hp) then you list it on craigslist, (400hp) then that person takes it and adds coil covers (410hp) that person sells it and now it is (450hp) now the last person buys it puts it in a buggy and sells the buggy running and now you have a (500hp) LS1 LOL
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    I had a boss from my internship at continental airlines take me to lunch about 20 years ago. He laid it out in plain math how I could not afford to wait when it came to saving for retirement. Starting early is key, then by the end (45 years later) due to compounding interest, saving just a few thousand a year multiplies by hundreds of thousands a year. My companies 401k is decent (51% match), I'm able to put $27k into my retirement every year. Do this math on a calculator. Start with $2000. Multiply that by 1.1 (a 10% increase). You end up with $2200. Now add another 2000 to it, and multiply that figure by 1.1. Do that 45 times. You'll be shocked at the answer. And the crazy part is how it starts compound huge right at the end. It goes from a million, to 1.5 million in a matter of 5 years. Now, go back and do the same math but use $3000/yr. I have no idea why they teach cursive in school instead of personal finance.
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    it is really easy to make HP, you start off with a completely stock pullout LS1 (365hp) then you list it on craigslist, (400hp) then that person takes it and adds coil covers (410hp) that person sells it and now it is (450hp) now the last person buys it puts it in a buggy and sells the buggy running and now you have a (500hp) LS1 LOL
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    What have I learned in 59 years on this planet? 1) Love the the people in your life that truly have your back no matter what! Not because of what you can do for them, but just because they want you in their lives. 2) Take care of those people and do your best to make them proud. 3) My children and grand children are absolute gifts! I could not be more proud of all of them! (4 My wife means everything to me! My partner in crime! The voice of reason, the calm to my storm. The one true thing that when the world is falling apart, she is always there to help me through it and never waver on how she loves me! )5 Have fun!!! Do the best with the time you have! Work hard, love your life, but have fun!! It's all ends way too soon!!
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    My son, Jacob, and I had a fun President's Day trip. It was different from our normal trips. It was just the two of us and we focused on his photography. This meant taking the truck to Olds and the Drags everyday, so that he could try to capture the action. Here are some of his favorite shots from the first pass he took through the photos. He took over 15,000 photos, so it will take him several days to go through them in detail. Once that is done, they will all be available on his website. I'll reply to this thread when they are all on his website. A few things have changed since I posted his New Year's pictures. On the advice of some of the members here, he opened an Instagram account (@j.nuibe.photography), so you may have already seen these posted there. Since becoming active on Instagram, he was noticed by the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA. They asked if he'd be willing to come in as a volunteer photographer before museum hours and take some photos they need for their website redesign. In addition, he's taking a stab at selling his photos from his website. We'll see how that goes. His site is http://nuibe.smugmug.com. The President's Day content won't be on there for a few more days, but all of the older stuff is there. BTW, these are fairly low-res version of the originals...
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    So....I ran out of room in the enclosed and I'm at maximum legal length with the motorhome. I can't pull a stacker and I don't have the height clearance on the side of the house for one anyway. I know it's been done before but I figured I'd post anyway in case someone was wanting to do the same thing. I whipped up a rack for the back of the enclosed last week. Right now it will hold a powerwheels ride on monster truck for my son...but eventually his quad will get bigger and will have to go on the rack. It cost me about $350 for all the metal and hardware and took about 8 hours to build...including running around town getting supplies. I used it on our Glamis trip for Presidents day and it worked great. I'm going to have it power coated black in a week or two. The arms use quick release 3/8" hardened steel pins like you use for the foot on a trailer hitch jack. When it's in the up position, the tabs on the rear door catch the two tabs on the rack and a pin slides through. It drops all the way to the ground and doesn't interfere with the rear door. I didn't weigh it but I can pick it up and move it around pretty easy by myself...I'm guessing 80-90lbs. Here's a couple pics. Parts list: Metal - Competative metals in El Cajon, CA. Bushings - Kartek Pins- Amazon Lights- Superbrightleds.com Ratchet straps - Home depot ~jw
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    Here I thought Rockwood was a nice respectable human being..... then I noticed on the way home from Glamis the other day before entering the town of Brawley..... Rockwood graffitied his name on water passages or you might call them bridges for irrigation..... give a kid a can of spray paint and look what happens! I really wish I would’ve taken some pictures on my phone.
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    I've looked into the rental property idea and it can be done, but you have to be careful. For example, houses in CA are so overpriced that you won't make a whole lot after the mortgage, and PITI. My sister has 2 rental properties and is buying a 3rd. The problem is she keeps renting them to friend and charging them $500 - $800 below what the rent should be and hardly making squat after mortgage and PITI. OTOH, I met a civil servant in HI who was buying 3-4 properties a yr near OK city, OK. These were all 3 BR, 2 BA, 2 car garage brick homes with nice yards he was picking up in foreclosure. He had a RE agent scouting these out for him and inspecting them, taking pics. He was winning bids on these houses in the $30k - $32K range and putting only $1K down payment and he was pre-approved for financing. The agent handled all of the repairs and painting for almost nothing ( example: a used dishwasher for $40 and installed for $40!) So his mortgage was really low, and he was renting only to the Air Force people at the nearby AFB and they were renting from him for about $1,000/mo over his mortgage, less than $300/mo. His goal was to have 30 properties, all managed by this agent at 5%, by the time he paid off all of the properties (30 yr loans but he was throwing an extra $100 mo. on the principal, so he was going to pay them off in less than 15 yrs) he'd have no payments except taxes with an income of roughly $1500 - $1800 per mo. x 30. That's an income of $45,000 - $54,000 per month. Not too shabby. But it all boiled down to careful research, buying solid, very under valued homes in an area with guaranteed Air Force renters, who are very easy to get the rent money from (they don't want a call to the command) and they aren't generally going to tear up the place.
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    I did not transport this car so I don't know if it went to the shop or not. He told me he had someone that would do it for $100 less then the price I gave him. I guess when you drop $199k on a car you gotta save a few bucks where you can.
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    I recently pulled the trigger on a Desert Dynamics car a couple weeks ago that had a blown up turbo'd 350z motor in it and the previous owner decided to toss in the towel on the rebuild. The car was in rough shape when I went to look at it but I decided that since my last car was as dialed in as I could get it, I was ready to start turning wrenches. The frame and bones looked promising so I took a shot on it and got started. The plan of attack is to take the car down to frame, clean, inspect, fix anything that needs fixing, weld up new seat brackets for rears, new engine mounts, etc. Paint the frame and arms with Steel-It. The 2D has been dropped off at Rancho to be freshened up. Replace the 350z motor with an N/A LS1 (possibly with 243 heads and a cam, or just stock, haven't decided yet) and a new CBM 9" single disk 6 puck clutch. Starting the process of putting it back together and taking my time to do everything as well thought out as possible. New wiring, new bolts, new seats, etc. I'll eventually have the shocks rebuilt but I probably won't have the cash flow to make that happen for a little while. I also would like to get a hood, windshield, and new dash made for it eventually as well. It'll take me some time to get it back together but I'm looking forward to the process. How it looked the day I bought it: After the rebuild I'll get the panels and wheels powdered. But I may do a wild wrap on it at some point. Here's a quick and dirty photoshop Idea i tossed together:
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    No...according to the vehicle code section that I read....anything like a bike rack that is not a part of the vehicle does not count toward total length. Of course...like every other law it's up to interpretation. This thing pops off with two pins/bolts much like a hitch mount bike rack. That's what I'll be telling the judge...LOL ~jw
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    Don't wait on college, I have 2 currently in college with another in 2 years, no way I can retire until the youngest is out and I am only covering half of the cost. The cheapest 4 year college will cost you near $24,000 a year with housing and tuition and so forth. It is not the tuition that is the killer, it is housing, plan for that. For myself, I have tried to diversify, my wife and I have 2 401k's, now she is working on a pension with the state (she changed careers after 20 years). I have one rental property currently and plan a couple more. My current house is part of my retirement plan as well, when the kids are gone, I won't need a 3300 sq ft house, time to downgrade in size, hopefully the house will be close to be paid off. Downgrading has a couple benefits, less maintenance, less water/electricity and so on. Plan early, I am late to the game due to working as an independent contractor for a long time and not being diligent.
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    Look into a 529 plan for your daughter for college or get ready to write a check ea semester for about 18-27k depending on the college . Ask me how I know
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    Ok...I'm probably WAY different than your situation but.... I retired at 43. I have been retired going on 5 years now. First and foremost...plan to retire with as little debt as possible. Make that plan and stick to it. I retired with only a house payment...which I refi'ed down to the lowest rate I could. I made all big purchases and expenses while I was still working and paid those off prior to retiring. Think ahead. If you need a new car, home repair, new toy, whatever. Buy it and have it paid off before retiring. If you think you need "X" to live on, you're going to need more. Try it right now. If you can figure out what you think you need to live on, plus a little more, then try living on that now and see how much you need to adjust. I guarantee you will find you need more. Don't forget taxes and unplanned expenses....and putting away a little for unplanned expenses.
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    Put money away now, instead of waiting til your 46 like I did...
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    I just want to thank all of you guys, Andy it was a fun build I really enjoy using the Cnc plasma to come up with fun ideas, Dumont was also fun times with everyone, sorry I could not hang out as long had to make the wife dinner, at the end of the day at the dunes she has to come first, so impressed with the paint Andy wow what a change
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    Mini splits are killer and the way to go. install is very easy and very cost effective. can buy on ebay for the price of a window unit and set it and forget it. can get up to a 23 seer.
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    It’s kind of a do it now and save In the future type of thing.
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    My garage has central air. But most everyone I know just take the batteries out of their stuff and store them inside a house closet (on a piece of wood) during the summer months. Someone mentioned Mini-split. They are the way to go. Swap cooler will surface corrode aluminum. Edit: Swampies can be ran 24/7 as long as there is enough venting on the building to let the same amount of air escape. They're only bad news during the monsoon months. They pump tons of moisture into the building.
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    Lol. I’ll refrain for the same reason I don’t take up offers to drive a buddy’s long travel: don’t want to know and have to buy. Ignorance is bliss.
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    CBM is building my new HP Wars motor. An RHS 2000HP monster on C16. Get ready to see a lot of Tatum tail lights!
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    I was kicked off of here as a board sponsor. But you knew that.
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    When I did mine I was surprised at the difference it made.
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    Ductless mini split and bucket of water
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    on a swamp cooler if water line brakes that feeds the cooler .... well u know what will happen
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    What if you put some buckets of water in while your gone in the summer. Like some people do in their trailers to keep some moisture in the air.
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    Alper does good work...and he gives GD's members pretty good deals on stuff. He has an account with Grey Area. I got some Grey Area Midboards from him two years ago and they work great. I'm assuming the front hubs would be good also. ~jw
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    Epic! That read like it was told from J Peterman on Seinfeld!
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    2 for me. Been down the 4 seat road before and didn’t like it. Having the extra seats always meant the extra people asking if they could ride with me. “But you have 3 open seats, we can’t just pile in with you?” “We’re tired from ridin the quads all day” etc. Hell to the no. God forbid something stupid happens out there and someone gets hurt. You’ll find out really quick how “good of friends” you were with Jimmy’s brothers cousin-in-law when a lawsuit comes at you. I have 2 seats now. When I have someone in seat number two it’s called “precious cargo.” Usually my gf, or a good, good friend. My driving changes drastically. We still have fun but I really tone it down and just cruise. Yes, anything can still happen, but compared to when I’m solo- it’s night and day driving styles.
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    I used two blue sea panels. One is constant hot, one is ignition hot powered by a 100 amp solenoid 100% duty cycle. All high draw devices are powered thru weather proof relays. All wiring is TXL. All connectors are either weatherpack or deutsch. All terminals are non insulated then glue type heatshrink with heatshrink labels. The harnesses are covered in braided sleeve then the ends are heatshrink tight.
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    very cool. looks great. with the lack of rain this year coyotes are going to be especially bad this summer.
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    The 5 speed gears can handle much more power than most people realize. Without putting a "hard" number to them, I usually say they can handle upwards of about 800 HP in a typical sand application with a "not super aggressive" tire.
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    I have seen this is person and it is exactly what he says it is. Like a brand new car but better!
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    This car is insane. Wish I had the paper to pick it up
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    wow!! Car is really nice - what a transformation! - basically a new funco - GLWTS
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