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    Like; hey, hey 78 between glamis and blythe could use some new passing lanes, sure could speed up the permits and environmental impact study if someone where to fund those. In the end he ended up paving a section of road and building life flight landing pads in a few spots along the river. Imperial valley is the model of govt corruption (unless things have changed in the last 10-15 years)
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    Be careful you might just be wasting your time reading my reply.
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    32’ deck 8.5 wide he used it twice $9500 call or text him at 909-380-9073
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    Something to consider, is how youre slicing the meat. Always always always cut against the grain. Never cut on a bias unless its a crappy piece of meat like sirloin, the grain runs opposite the length of the piece of meat.
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    Oh, don’t get me wrong, our air was shit... But it isn’t anymore, so enacting idiot requirements is nothing but a funding grab.
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    The YXZ requires some upgrades to make better in the dunes and trails. The car is geared way to tall and needs a gear reduction kit from either Yamaha or Tubeworks. It makes 3rd and 4th gear more usable in the dunes. The suspension in stock form is not great and even after some shock work they are not great in the whoops. I had a friend with a YXZ and after all the upgrades he still sold it and went to a Can Am X3. He loved driving the car, but absolutely hated the suspension. The YXZ is low on the HP compared to the turbo cars. Even with a pipe and tune, they sound great but still not very fast. The no having a belt drive sounds great on paper, but what happens when you smoke the clutch no the YXZ in the dunes or trails? You are getting towed back to camp. A belt breaks you remove what remains and put on a new one and continue on your merry way. Belts breaking is really more an issue in the dunes then in the desert or trails.
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    Figured I would update this after another full season using these. There is not much to report. This pack just chugs along without me really doing anything. A new positive that at first I thought was a negative is how if you deplete the pack and ignore the warning that you need to start charging, the pack will completely dissconnect. That means the whole coach will go dead. When this would happen with the old 6V golf cart batteries you know the drill. Things start beeping, you have to get up (freezing outside) and go jump start your generator to get things charging again. Currently the battery management system turns on an LED light telling me it needs to be charged. If you ignore it and it reaches critical it trips the main breaker and disconnects. Well whats great about that, is I simply hit the reset button next to the led, and it resets the main breaker. It has a 30 second count down to see an increase in voltage before it disconnects again. These batteries have such a large amp capacity even when low on voltage, that I then just hit the Gen start button and away it goes. You wouldn't even know the batteries were low because the generator cranks over just the same as when they are full. I only had this happen a few times when the heater ran alot at night, and I had heavy inverter use during the day where the solar could not reclaim the lost power. To improve upon this setup I really need to find 120V Converter/charger that will bring the pack up to 15V. Currently the stock 30amp IOTA does not go past 13.5 so I am leaving some capacity on the table if its dark out and the solar charger cant do its thing in time.
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    I made it through........and I was leading. If'n y'all were paying attention you would have seen my flag make that hard whip to the right.....that was a friggin disaster!
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    Everyone does it...... I know a head manufacturer that makes six different company castings and finished heads. I used to work at Garrett turbo charger division and we made nine different brands of turbo in house......
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    You seriously run after your car? I watched my quad roll down a huge dune and I didn't spill a drop!! Nor did I lift my ass up from the sand it was sitting on. Left it there until I needed another Ice Cold Delicious Beverage! Peace
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    @jjoseph99 here on GD makes a great sand jack. I have one of his and it makes life so much easier. Highly recommend. Just roll in and out of the trailer.
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    Start at 15. That should be safe.
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    Looks like one of the wires that are on the inside the trailer had come loose. Good thing i am handy and @Hambone is the shit and has a great technical guy. Fix my own chit with help from these 2 bad asses..now its beer 30.
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    I have had all three carriers and camped from the store to wash 22 and gecko from the pads, hooker point to roadrunner. This is all in the last 3-4 years. I started with Sprint, went to Verizon, then At&t and now back to Sprint. I need to be available for my coworkers and clients when I am away. My opinion from all of this is AT&T had the best coverage. Verizon did well most of the time but dropped off during the big holidays and Sprint was fine if it was an off weekend or I was close to the store. Like I said, I am back with Sprint, but it was for a phone brand choice not carrier choice, but, I am fed up with it already. I will ultimately loose money due to phone purchase and AT&T rates but I will be able to make the calls when I need too and have some options that are not available with Sprint. Like internet searching while connected to a call. Nuisance call blocking (scammers) and I really enjoy messenger (TEXT) app from AT&T compared to Sprints APP. Your mileage may vary. Just my experience. Hope it helps.
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    So the trash talking continues
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    no clue what you guys are talking about but looks to be a complete waste of time and energy.......
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    Got a pic of my first solo chicken dinner too
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    Russ told me that he builds the Revo chassis and sells it as a roller to this company and they finish it.
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    Yes, I bought a set off of e-bay for about $80 or so. I had replaced my original ones with new stock headlights and that was an improvement I could drive with the high beams on and it was like I had low beams on and no one would flash me to go back to low. I changed out to LED's and just driving around the neighborhood to test them made an incredible improvement. If you guys order some let me know and I can provide some tips on getting them wired in right since mine didn't come with any directions.
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    Search is over!! Ended up being 10 miles from me which was the icing on the cake!
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    No Replacement for Displacement..... Still a sowing machine.
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    Don't forget to check the GFCI outlet. The one in our rig shuts down all the outlets.
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    Some weird new body modification chicks are doing
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    They grow so FAST!....
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    Ya I have it on my phone too!! It came out last week.
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    Food and Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure ...had a great time.
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    The whole deal with new RV's has soured me to no end. We've owned a lot of rigs in the last 40 years and I know that a good screwdriver, RTV, and a ton of screws are required in any RV toolbox, but you are right the QC on new stuff is abominable. We bought our first new RV a 2014 Eclipse Attitude 32AK 5th wheel and it was a mess. Never again an Eclipse product of any kind, never from that dealer here in Nor Cal (if they still exist), and never an extended warranty (I knew better) again. Glad yours is fixed hope all the bugs are out. I always hear good things about Cactus, and next time we may make the 650 mile drive to give them a chance There is no industry I have ever encountered as completely fubar as the RV industry, with the possible exception of government.
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    Call Jesse at New Trend 909-357-1801 Keep your money in America
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    This is why you don't bring the wife to the rv show.
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    Quality powder coat in Chula Vista is a great price and people. Bare/raw 4 seat frame satin black 750$
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    No. Most get promoted for incompetence.
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    It's all some of us losers can do...LOL
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    Duners like to get the most out of their equipment. There's a reason they put a steering wheel and not a rudder in these things... Oh, and be glad the transmission Gods were angry....otherwise, I can assure you 3 subi's would have had you in your rear view mirror...LOL..
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    no worries...it's "other peoples" money. And there's a never ending pool of that, don't cha' know!
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    those damm turns. turns. lets go straight and see what happens. lets do it next season when i add a couple more hundred hp.
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    Sorry bud, I dune. Have fun at the drags!
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    now you guys know I dune. I haven't done the drags in a long time. just saying every 100ft a turn I just need a little breather room. its ok next year my suspension will be dialed and I will try my best. its on suckers.
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    Don't know what you are talking about the last subi was last and second to last. then honda then V8 love.
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    Hmm..oh well, matters not, I plan to add a few cylinders to mine over the hot months anyway...

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