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    Had a good dose of rain last night. Lightning and thunder with some heavy down pours. It was nice. We needed a good rinse. Not sure about today yet. Just enjoying a coffee with my gal and see where it leads. You all be safe and have fun.
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    Rain day. Harvest time and make salsa. 103 jalapenos and 32 of the pumpkin looking things. Made 8 pints and yes it is hot. Wife tested, then hit me. No sense of humor.
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    That cars is named Vortex. It’s been around forever. He drives it on a regular basis. Definitely not a show only car. I can’t rember the owners name but he owned Vortex Engineering in Santee. Lived a few doors up from some friends of mine. Little fun fact. In the 90’s Vortex was used in a photo shoot for a poster many of you probably had. Hot rod stopped by a Lamborghini Police car in the dunes. The suppose driver of the hot rod was none other then Roger Norman who is the current owner of Score Industries and he also owns Crystal Bay Casino in Reno and is a big developer in the Reno area. Roger grew up in El Cajon.
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    UPDATE. First trip out last weekend. The front end works really good. Absorbs the ruts 10 times better than the beam. Now I really need bypass shocks in the rear to help with the chop. The steering is so responsive. My first turn the front hooked so good I pulled a Dukes of Hazzard and got the two inside tires 2 feet in the air. Took the first two runs to get use to the faster steering but i love it now. Well worth all he effort.
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    2014 rzr1000 desert works cage, doors, roof,all done by desert works the best cage builder out there in my opinion ok so this rzr has everything thing full stereo glove box sub 6x9 pods 5”pods in back ssv Bluetooth upgraded fox shocks 2.5 front and 3.0 back duel full exhaust trinity trinity fuel management upgraded computer twisted stitch seats 5 point harness steering wheel upgrade side mirrors and even more stuff. Brand new xd Beadlock rims with skat trak paddles and buffs on the front. 18500$
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    Bummer, but I'd powdercoat the wheels black with blue beadlock rings before I'd worry about fixing the wrap
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    Had some great plans for today with the grandson. The rains have put a halt to then for the moment so now we are playing with Hot Wheels. Got some stuff to finish up for next weekends wedding.
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    This is back in the 80’s when I used to get down with all the foxy ladies!
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    Down in Mexico for a long weekend and enjoying some beach cruising. First time I have had this in the sand and holy hell its fun. Got to run it over some good sized whoops and it soaked them up like a champ, really happy with how it has performed so far.
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    I was at the Very first Camp RZR and it was cool..But all my friends that have gone lately say its a Sh!!t show..I know people have fun but BIG crowds arent my thing...On the other hand it will be an experience for You and then you can make your own opinion on if it was worth it or Not...
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    Wolf Designs in Phoenix AZ. Here's a video they just did on my X3.
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    Saw his brother today on johnson in el cajon
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    That’s my friend Gene. He built everything himself. He lost a leg riding motocross years ago and everything he builds is based on his situation. The bedside tilt up so he can get access , the spare tires canaliver down so he can get them down. The hood tilts forward to access the engine. He built a bad ass motor mount system for easy accces to the engine since it’s pushed back under the firewall. He’s still tuning the shocks, as it really needs bigger rear shocks.
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    I have had state farm and have had 3 claims on rails for over 20k each or more. never one problem over 10 years.
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    We had a blast, I clocked all my guys out at 4pm and paid them $50 each hour x 10 guys to finish up and tag team my car, cleaned up some rough areas, smoothed out some welds, added some more wire tabs, camera tabs, reinforcements, etc . With all the mods I have done over the years finally coming to a close. I seem to always have ideas that im testing and never have a finished (or at least painted car) it will be back in a week from getting baked, blasted and powdered. then a 2 week assembly.
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    I hope as many of you can make it as possible....SO MANY have given their time and efforts to make this Happen....YFZ4KT and Sampler are by far the most amazing guys that lead the way to make this Happen...I am truly honored to be a part of their team .....Please bring friends and Family to Honor the Great Men and Women that give us the freedom so we can do what we do....
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    There’s a ton of pics on their website of cv’s. I think the guy from JP whips just had a set done there also. The parts look amazing after that’s for sure.
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    This is 100% accurate! The courtesy here is unreal. It will be a very busy weekend and people everywhere. Camp wherever you see fit. You don't need a 2nd vehicle at all. There will be plenty HD trucks around that would be more than happy to help for as little as a beer or smile. You will have a great time.
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    @jjoseph99 just had his done. Thinking I might get mine done next time they're torn apart.
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    You can try: Xact Dyno 2055 E Rio Salado Pkwy #102, Tempe, AZ 8528 (480) 829-1919
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    I’m keeping mine stock. Lol
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    Justs needs an exhaust. Hehe. It's just the beginning young skywalker. Congrats on the new toy. IMO, Leave it alone for a season. Enjoy the car. Get used to how it feels, how the front end floats and pushes. How the a$$ end comes around. Have a blast. Save all those extras and ask again in April 2019 Just my opinion

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