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    i live in arizona.. we dont do that shit. our clocks stay normal year round.
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    Getting ready for Glamis!!!! What else would you be doing if you’re at home and not at Glamis??????????? Glamis Life Baby......
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    Not a damn thing,which is a very abnormal thing for us. Going to enjoy the weekend of Netflix an chill and maybe a little
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    Time change everyone. Fall back. Hate it. Flame on. Oh well, back on topic Helping on the sandrail again. Sunday prep for the departure to Glamis later in the week. You all have fun and be safe.
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    Got trailer loaded, hooked up, water, propane, groceries, and a nice smelling Yankee candle. Heading out soon for some sand between my toes
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    Got the place all gussied up. Having about 40 over for home made Italian meatball dinner. After this weekend it’s nuthin but in “Glamis-mode”
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    WEll finishing Dotting the I's and Crossing the T's for the Ceremony next weekend..Oh and giving Cali all my Money for Fuel...Paid 4.06 a Gal for Diesel...Damn...Well see Y'all Next weekend and Come Get your Vets shirts from me EARLY!!!!!
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    Went to Calico last weekend and finally got around to cleaning the motorhome today. Went and dumped the thing and proceeded to watch these folks wash the entire motorhome while people were in line. Then I demolished my ankle. Took a step off the motorhome stairs and miscalculated the distance. Can’t put much weight on it and it’s black and blue. Tomorrow we’re walking a 5k in support of my son who’s recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Andrew
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    My decades old Jamar disc brake setup had 100% aluminum hats. Decades of re-torquing the axle nut has taken its toll: The axle nut spacer has embedded into the hat far enough that I’m tightening the axle nut against the splines instead of the outer bearing. Machining a hardened grade 8 1” washer to 30mm at work to act as a load spreader and keep the spacer from eating the hat.
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    Came down to Grease Monkeys ? neck of the woods for breakfast at Mi Casa’s , then take a nap
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    Easy their new Zoni ? i really dont mind, less chores required
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    working on the sandrail and toyhauler getting shit ready for glamis sometime mid week
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    Home from Vegas from a work trip.. coop had an extra ticket for sema show so me and chad (hotrnhell) got to hang ou. Drink beers and check out the show We got to hit the pinball museum and play Hours of non stop old school pinball!!! FUN great times gonna finish getting the rig ready for vets today and hang out with the family and go see bohemian Rapisidy tonight with family CC472678-5BAF-4C8E-8BEE-95903B4CD1F8.MOV
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    I've found that 5200 sticks to just about everything it touches.........I dress up like breaking bad to put in on anything.....
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    BTW was it you who said there is no way i could make Thanksgiving? Well....................?? I may run out of time to do the wiring as i wanted to so i might have to strap on my old harness and then do it afterwards?
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    getting everything ready for a G trip next week,,,,,,, the only workday I look forward to...
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    Working(kinda).....One of about 6 saturdays I work during the year.
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    Here's one more option. They have a new powder coat called "Lava Grip" If your powder guy won't get it or can't, give me a shout and I'll hook you up.
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    I would think just a small hole and a screw in barbed fitting, then some 5200 marine adhesive would keep it in there forever.
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    A full day included a visit to the classic "Fish Market" and then, inside the Imperial Palace. I know, how did I manage that? I know a guy that knows a guy. Yes, it rained a bit that am. The Imperial Palace used to have two moats. One Inner, and one Outer. The outer moat has been filled in and built up.. However, the inner moat is still in use.
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    So here’s the story 13 years later. I still own the car and have made 5-7 trips every season since we built it. I started with a Turnkey 450 hp LS changed, to a 550 hp after 2 seasons. That motor blew up but Turnkey made it right with a refund. I put an FRE Zilla compression motor in to follow that. It hit 826 hp on the dinoThat motor is in the car today and is now tuned for e-54. Through all of this the Albins has been the one constant. I’ve replaced the 2 gear sincro once and that’s it. I’ve been through too many CV’s to count, a few cracks in the frame and lots of other minor issues that you expect, but the that tranny had been awesome. If you’re thinking about a build or buying a used car you won’t be disappointed if you get an Albins.
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    <Spoiler> Hiroshima was amazing. Humbling, sad and beautiful. </Spoiler> We had arranged to visit "Ground Zero", the "Peace Memorial" a primary school, and peace museum. The first picture is the "Dome" a civic building that was directly under the blast. The copper roof was melted and the blast went down and out the windows, saving the walls. Three hundred yards from ground zero a primary school was 90% destroyed. Normally, tourists are not allowed here. We did arrange for a tour, let by a survivor and his translator. Concrete saved the walls, but all else was melted. What looks like colored streamers are actually thousands of origami "Dragons" a symbol of peace forever. The diorama was in the basement, and part of the tour. The red ball was where the bomb exploded. The town of Hiroshima was primarily wooden structure, and was completely destroyed. The few items left in the diorama are concrete civil buildings. The man on the left is Ishida-san, plus translator, and was four years old when the bomb dropped. He is one of the few remaining survivors still alive. We moved on to a real primary school, and were given a lesson in origami. We got to fold some dragons. The school requested we not photograph the children, however they were so excited, I just had to snap one. When you enter a school/temple/shrine, it's shoes off. When we left, the kids fought over who got to tie my shoelaces. The boy just wanted a picture.. On to the peace memorial. Yes, we chartered a Limo Van and driver for each day.. Very handy. More tomorrow..
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    I love this pic^^^^^ I like how the rear end bars and lights came out . Super strong too! This bellhousing is custom made and only made three of them (for the sequential trans) I do still make this for the 2d and pbs sequential. This allows the Subaru motor to mate directly with the tranny and no adapter plate
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    ur the first person that ever called me a "genius" thx
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    Added more pics. This thing is ready for the season
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    Dems some ugly Bitches in that BMW
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    That looks a lot like Rialto???????????
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    None of the above. All are very heavy tires. 30" tire would be fine. It can run 32" tires, but you might have to mess with you clutch. Although I have friends running 32" paddle tire set ups on the stock clutch for a 17 XPT. What is your budget? If you want to stay with a 14" wheel then a 30" set up. The CST Sandblast set up in the best of the budget tires. They perform as well as the STU Sandblaster set and a fraction of the price. After that a Skat set up would work well. I would avoid the Sand Slingers, Sand Drifters and those type of tires. The paddle profiles are not great on them. If you go to a 15" wheel your choices get better as far as size and type. STU Paddla 1300 (30" tire) with the desert trac front tire is pretty nice. STU Blackbird is a heavy tire (31"), but work. The new Fullerton tire is also really heavy. 32" CST tire weight wise is not bad. After driving around on the Sandcraft Skats this weekend, I am sold on this set up. The tire profile and the front tires with the center rib performed awesome. They make a 31" tire that would work great on your RZR, but you need to go to a 15" wheel. They can tell you how many paddles you will need for your car and hp.
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    Ok here we go! Devin, first I was in no way “slamming” Polaris. And in fact I do appreciate that they’re investing in the dunes by purchasing the store. Second, even if I was slamming them I don’t see how that makes me or anyone else “hypocritical.” Third, now that you’ve opened this can of worms. My first trip to Glamis was memorial weekend in 1974. Yes, 1974. I have seen the changes over the years and perhaps I long for the old days when the place was waaay more laid back. No overzealous rangers, smaller crowds and less rude ass campers. So with that being said, I remember watching Crusty Demons of Dirt in 1995 (on a VHS tape no less) and the guys were at the “trendy dunes,” and even THEN I was like oh shit here we go, this place is going to blow up. Then there were the party’s at the pit (competition hill) where assholes were digging trenches so you would wreck or get stuck, burning OHVs to the ground and it was one big effing mess til the law clamped down. So if anyone ever wonders why there’s such a HUGE presence of LEOs and BLM at the dunes this is one of the main reasons. Since you didn’t ask, my opinion on camp rzr? It’s awesome that they display the vehicles and offer test drives and will repair your cart on the spot. But. Live concerts, a big party and a a fireworks display? If I wanted that shit I’d just stay home and go to Disneyland. I go to the dunes to escape that crap and in fact refuse to bring a tv along. This type of event brings in non-duners that makes the CAMPING turn into the shit show as I referenced with that image. Some of those people dgaf and trash the place leaving it to the folks that are truly passionate about the dunes (dare I say LOVE the place) to clean up after them. Many people enjoy the event, it just ain’t for me. There was a day when guys built their own sand cars, and the only thing to finance was ATCs/odysseys/dirt bikes. Now anybody with a few thousand dollars down can get into a cart with amazing long travel suspension and an automatic (gasp!) trans. Easy to drive and easy to wreck. I think they’re awesome and will buy a Textron XX 4 seater when they release them. I’m just not a fan of the commercialization of Glamis, but there’s no stopping it. Now get off my lawn!
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    Stop being responsible, over extend yourself get into financial trouble.... Then you will have no problem finding a job. In the meantime should at least become a greeter at Wal-Mart. While it might only give you one day of work before they fire you and have you forcibly removed from the store it will give you years of great memories of the time you stood in a blue vest at the local Wal MArt and yelled at people who really really needed it.
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    Cleaning the shop, lost an engine in my Tatum last week
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    You've already brought it up so you know its in your mind. I think it will bother you every time you look at it and say "what if it didn't have that seam?" I say no seam like 99% of all the other sand cars. It does look good otherwise though!

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