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    I sold my Bounder last year and did a couple hour walk through showing the buyer every switch, feature, and function. Also had every manual tabbed in a 3 ring binder to make looking anything up extremely easy. Guy called me about 20 times the first month. "How do you turn the porch light on" "Where is the dipstick" "What kind of oil did you use" "When should I do generator maintenance " And so on
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    No F'n excuse to ever say 'I know where you live' or 'karma will get my family and I'. He is 100% in the wrong if he said any of that. If you bought a trailer and are unhappy about some minor detail; take care of it like a man. Get out your tools and fix it...……… BTW, I bought a Huffy in 1978 from my buddy tod and the chain rusted a couple years later. Gonna text him now because 'I know where you live'...…...
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    holy jehosephat! Those are some of the awesomest legs!
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    Those look cool. I wonder how long before those of us with SxS's start mounting them on the roof in place of our LED light bars?
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    I have 6 empty rigs holding spots 4-sale
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    It does have a street legal Ca. license however, if you're going to go the "tow in" route, then the "towed" vehicle is treated no different than any other "off road" vehicle we haul in our trailers, with the exception of the requirement of an "off road" permit. .. because it's a legally licensed on-highway vehicle. Duct tape a flag on your street legal Jeep, you're good to go. That said, if your Jeep is going to see any on-road use, then it's viewed no differently than your motorhome and requires the standard recreation permit. Bottom line, it's one or the other...
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    I guess so. Seems odd college kids need a written contract to kiss a girl or have sex, but big corporations just need to tell you they're recording their CSRs boning you.
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    They notify you at the beginning of the call. Continuing with the call is consent enough, it appears.
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    "This call may be recorded for quality assurance."
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    You just need to do it like all the big guys do it. Answer the phone by saying "Hello this is Legit Bug Killer, this call is being recorded for all kinds of purposes. How can I help you today?"
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    Bump for three alumicrafts at the top of list lol
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    The white YXZ Yamaha is a Tubeworks Kit. I was told at the Sand Show the kit was $11K for everything but rear seats. The actual build looked pretty simple if you can weld. The kit comes with a jig, so you know exactly where to cut the car into two. It’s six tubes. Then you stretch it, slide the tube sleeves in place, and then the new center section & cage gets put between the two halves. Bolt the front & rear sections to the new center section and then you weld it back together. If I’m remembering right there are only 6 tubes to weld as your just welding the center section back in. The cage is fully welded. Was told all the fab can be done in a day and the car fully completed in a weekend. You get a new longer drive shaft, plug & play wire harness extender, so no wires to cut or splice in. Longer shift cable & radiator lines. New longer center consol, rear doors & door skins and lower rocker panel. Basically everything you need minus rear seats. Honestly its a pretty bad ass kit. The cage actually ties into the front shock towers, fixing a Yamaha week point in the original design. And those who keep trying to dog the UTV saying the buggy is so much better for the price of these UTV’s. Well that’s all opinion. I think spending the kinda money many do on our toys is pretty ridiculous. I’ve had buggy’s, a pre-run/chase truck, still have my Baja Bug Prerunner and have a UTV. I can say the UTV has been way more reliable and maintenance free. Haven’t done a CV in forever! The poor Prerunner just sits covered up. The UTV goes more places, can be used in more places vs a buggy or my Baja Bug. In fact look at what a bunch of the top Trophy Truck teams are pre running the Baja 1000 in. BJ Baldwin, the Herbst clan, Rob Mac etc.. are all prerunning in UTV’s. They all have Alumicrafts, and luxury pre run trucks in their garages.
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    Kid rock has become one of my all time favorites.
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    Yes, buyer beware. But I’ve checked out stuff that the seller outright lied on, and I was only saved when I stopped to really take a look. Had I not noticed and bought it, that doesn’t mean the seller wasn’t an ahole. That being said, based on what I’ve seen from you here, I doubt that’s the case, but I couldn’t pick you out of a lineup of 2 fellers, so I don’t truly know. So far you’re doing it right, just trying to stop what happened below to me from happening. Hell, blowing the guys phone up is most definitely not going to talk him down from the ledge with you. Oh, not defending him, just saying not to pile on because you never know. I had a deal go south at work, vendor took it personally and enlisted his buddies to blow my phone up with Craigslist ads. I’m sure to them, I was the ahole, but if he wasn’t their buddy and they saw the continually missed deadlines with no communication (delivery took 5x longer than promised) combined with shoddy work when it finally arrived they’d probably regret doing it. Again, not saying this was the case, but none of us have any idea what happened with this deal, what was promised, or what the other guy’s gripes were. Not accusing anyone, just saying that blowing his phone up or doxxing the guy like often happens on the Internet shouldn’t happen without knowing the whole story. No sense going to war without knowing who the combatants are.
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    are u going to stick ur finger in the turbo when u first start it ?
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    Especially in these times were ever PUSSY that cant man up face to face pulls a gun and shoots unarmed people
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    The law is called 'Making a terrorist threat' if he has in fact threatened you with physical harm or death. Even dumber if he did it in text or VM. If so, I would immediately report it. Also, you can legally record an incoming calls he makes to you. Oh .. and it's a felony. abc
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    Your right,there is always 2 sides to a story. But it's the buyers responsibility to inspect what they are buying? Like I said I was as transparent as possible.
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    Some folks have buyers remorse, nothing you can do or nothing you should do for that. Report it to your local Police Department, not sure what they would do...but at least get it documented. More important question, are they a GD Member or some nut off of Craigslist
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    Drink a beer, close your eyes, tack weld one side. Drink another beer, close your eyes, tack weld the other side. Send it to the chrome shop. Done. Quit overthinking stuff.....
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    I see this problem on 50% of the cars that come into my shop: There are multiple holes in the starter nose cone so you can clock it differently. most have no idea that if you don't silicone up the rest of the holes sand can go through these holes and get into your clutch area! every time I see a lot of clutch material--I know why it happens. Its worst with rear engine cars of course!
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    No China's boom is due to it's massive involvement in intellectual property theft, counterfeiting, etc. .. but we (the US) is partially to blame because we moved all our manufacturing there and they became part of the WTO in 2001. Huge mistake. I HATE China! .. It has dire effects on my business. I'd do 10 x to 100 x in $ if they weren't counterfeiting most of the items I sell. abc

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