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    While we're on the subject of mystifying technology, they have these little knobs on the front of the toaster. They control how dark your toast comes out. Apparently, you don't have to burn it, you can get it in whatever shade you want. Who knew!?!?
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    Ouch. BLM would issue citations to the bike riders saying they caused it.
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    Celebrated my daughters 21st birthday ALL weekend.
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    This is a great cause and really gets you in the feels.
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    I can get you his number if you REALLY want it but you may want to search the threads on here. He is extremely hard to get stuff from. My buddy has had a chassis in his shop for almost 2 years now and the guy has not touched the thing cause he is "too busy right now". He now has lawyers involved because Dave is a FLAKE
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    Working on our 4th year of a no DTV - I do not miss the $165/month So far that's what like $1980/yr?? or $7920 over these past 4 years... whoa that puts it in perspective.
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    wow, you were able to answer all my questions, doubts, and fears all in one post! thank you for your expertise sir!
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    No. The centerline of the input shaft to the pinion shaft/CV flange is wider in the PBS/Mendeola (Now calling them a Weddle) sequential. The 2D uses VW based shaft centers (approximately 64 mm) and the sequentials use Porsche later model shaft centers, which are 85mm. This increases the distance from the center line of the crank/input shaft to the centerline of the pinion shaft/CV flanges about 3/4". Almost Correct. Same motor mounts/trans mounts = about 3/4" lower CV flange location from 2D to PBS. The Subaru bell housing throws many other specific factors into your application that don't really apply to someone keeping the VW adapter plate. Trans mounts and engine location all become quite a bit different. This is correct. If swapping transaxles, be prepared to cut out the trans mounts and start over to place the trans in the best location pertaining to the CV flange location. Correct. This means if you leave the crank/input shaft location in the same location in the car, the CV flanges will then be placed about 3/4" lower in the chassis. If you want to keep the CV flanges in the same location as where they sat with the 2D, you will need to relocate the engine approximately 3/4" higher in the chassis. This is the recommended way to retain your existing suspension design and keep the bottom of the trans above the lower rails of the chassis to prevent it from dragging on the ground. Something will need to move for either trans swap, that is guaranteed. Either keep the engine in the same location and lower the CV flanges. Or keep the CV flanges and raise the engine. Those are the 2 options. In review, be prepared to move either the engine or the CV flanges when swapping from a 2D trans. There is no way around this to do it properly. If you are swapping in the PBS, you can use the same chassis cross members/mounts as the 2D. But, you will lower the CV flanges in the chassis as well as have a bit of trans case hanging lower than the 2D, think about bottoming the trans case when suspension in compressed. If swapping the Mendeola (Now calling it a Weddle sequential) sequential, it would raise the engine approximately 3/4" but would keep the CV flanges in the same location as the 2D, as well as the bottom of the case.
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    Please no pictures from 5 years ago. Thanks
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    You two figure out the logistics l. I’m selling as a package
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    Well hell, I just realized I needed to scroll down to the media selection on my mac. Didnt even know it was there.
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    I just went to photos and loaded this one.
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    I accidentally bought a knock off gone and it lasted one week. The real Switch-Pros is backed by a great company and the Bluetooth controller is excellentThe real Switch-Pros is backed by a great company and the Bluetooth controller is excellent. I would not trust anything knock off Glamis
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    Start with the simple first 1. Battery voltage 2. Alternator output voltage at alternator and battery. 3. Check for any loose wiring at all of those connectors.
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    That sounds like a great family trip! Supporting your kid and at a bonus they kick butt!
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    My Last car used 930/30's from RCV (through Jason Alper) with Fortin 300M cages and I ran it 3 seasons with over 850HP (supercharged) and the car was 1990 Lbs wet - faster than 934's due to light rotating mass - Axles were about 800 and CV's were 200 each... using good grease and good CVs, I never had one problem. You really don't need 930/30's until you get over 500 RWHP on the car if the CV angle is good
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    4 days in Vegas for Ice Hockey, team swept their opponents...was a pretty dam good weekend.
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    I have one but it's a different brand , I love it .I have a little 3 gallon plastic gas marine tank and it will last me for 3 days running it about 8 hours a day.The only thing i did different, was I put a 90 degree fitting on top of the cap so it doesn't fold over. Johnny
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    Fuel line hose clamped onto the cap. Remove the fitting and spout from traditional 5 gallon water/gas jug cap. Run fuel line into gas jug, one jug for each generator. Generators will run all weekend if you’d like.
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    These have treated me well since January of this year. I can definitely see where if you tore the gasket it would create a problem, but so far no issues. And it's nice being able to enjoy the campfire without having to worry about gassing them up... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06VTS928N/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    I have one of the aluminum ones, but have yet to try it. A fat o-ring would probably work too.
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    This. Most guys on track will see 280*+ with Vettes and Camaro without oil coolers, which is asking a lot of the oil, especially since a lot of guys don’t run synthetic. Duning isn’t much nicer to a motor...
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    Because the people that leave their broken bottles in the sand, obey the no glass law. Just like a mass shooter obeys all the gun laws and laws about killing people. How do you keep them in one piece?
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    Just finished a PBS s4 from a 2D in my HRT. Did all the work my self. My bank account is drained. Car is a 2 seat 3.0 Subaru 510 HP to the wheels. 2100 LB with two people in it. PBS 10K 1100$ for new R and P because it was geared for a big v8 Cables 300$ in including a new throttle cable. Shifter 500$ New clutch, thro out brg fly wheel 1500$ New input shaft because I took the LS bell housing off and put and outfront made for a Subaru. 400$ Material for new rear cage misl brackets and such 600$ Way lucky and was able to keep my trailing arms. Five months of work. And before I started this job I put all new 934 cv's on Four used from the buggy shop in Yuma 2000$ Four new ones from Alps for back up's 2500$ Two new axles 1000$ And bought two used 934 axles for spares. Over 19K invested and this dose not include any shipping and such. I would not take anything for this set up. It is so nice to shift without a clutch in a hard turn or when transitioning from the flats to a hill. Hit the bottom of a hill in second and then hang third on boost the rest of the way up the hill. Good luck with your build. It is very in-lighting.
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    lol, yer killing me...... Here's what is not cool, you chiming in about bottles. Not my first Rodeo. is that your quote...Don't worry about what I have? ha ha
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    I have owned lots of cares, even built a number of them... there is always one or two you connect with, wish I kept them... My last car was an extension of me driving it.. Good 930's are very reliable if the CV angle is kept under 24 degree and preferably 22, this is where a good fabricator can make or break the trans upgrade
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    beyond what you have said... New Clutch or at least a clutch plate with the correct "hemi" input shaft splines in the clutch disk hub - if your clutch is a KEP they will rebuild the Flywheel, pressure plate, and replace the hub in the clutch disc with the correct splines. 6 quarts of the recommended Swepco Oil While you are at it $1500 more for an oil cooler is a good investment If your car is fairly light and has reasonably sized tires , good 930's should be fine. going 934's the right way is about $5K assuming you need to rework the trailing arms
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    It's a prerunner thing. If there are 3 of us in the car it's nice to be able to mark up your section and make your own notes. Plus it gives my daughter something to do when we are in Glamis.
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    ^^^^ What's better than one gps?
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    In my business, you always want to filter hot oil then cool it before it enters the oil galley. Coolant temp can be stable but oil temps high. Average oil temp it 30 deg warmer then coolant but this is sump temp. Shear temp at the bearings can be much higher and with oil break down around 270 it's a fine line.
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    Hi should be let’s get together. Get yer tires/spacers done? Better looking morning today and yesterday dunes were great. H
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    Congratulations Seems like you are happy with it. You did a ton of work and it paid off
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    So i ASSUme u didn't see his company logo and name before he Delated it ?
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    Yeah been stupid hot here. Thats what Coors light is for.

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